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Melissa & Doug Car Transporter

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Brand: Melissa & Doug / Type: Trucks

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2013 19:52
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      Melissa and Doug wooden transporter

      Another fabulous wooden toy from Melissa and Doug!!

      I absolutely love wooden toys, I think they look well made, classic and will last for years. This car transporter is a beautiful wooden toy that my son absolutely loves playing with. It was bought for him by my brother, his uncle, as a bit of a joke really. When my brother was a little boy, whenever he saw a car transporter on the motorway he used to call it a transformer as Transformers were big back then (the first time round) so we always make fun of him for it so he thought it would be funny to buy my son one.

      What I love about this toy is that its so simple but very effective and definitely very fun to play with as it has quite a few different aspects to it. Firstly we have the big green cab at the front which comes apart from the rest of the transporter. i think this is cool because you can play with just this part on its own if you wish. The cab has two wheels and then the rest of the transformer has four wheels. The transformer attaches to the cab with the help of a wooden peg and a hole and they just slot into each other.

      It's the transporter/ramp section that I think is awesome and really well designed. The ramp has two levels which are attached together by four wooden arms. The arms move allowing you to fold the ramp down and drive all the cars onto the ramp. Its a really simple but clever design and I love how they have thought it out. The ramp moves down really easily, it's not stiff or easy to move and my little boy can move it perfectly himself. There are two little bits of wood that acts as a stoppers once you put the transporter up so it stays in place when you are ready to drive off and deliver your cars!!

      The transporter also comes with four little cars to transport as what would be the use of a transporter without any cars?! There is one yellow, one red, one blue and one green car. They are all brightly coloured and I love that they are four different colours as I often ask my boy to get me the "insert colour here" car and he can so it's a good way of learning about colours through play. The cars are made out of wood as well and are actually very simple. They are really just the outline of a car, painted with the solid colour and some windows, again, a simple but very effective wooden toy. Each car has four plastic wheels and these really do zoom along the ground quite well, especially on our tiled floor in the kitchen. The red and the yellow car are made to be just a bit smaller than the blue and green car as these two only have two windows painted on whereas the blue and the green car have three windows each.

      When you drive the card onto the ramp there are little grooves carved into the wood so the wheels of the cars sit nicely in these and then do not fall off the transporter when you drive it around. Again, another great design feature that is so simple but a really good idea otherwise it would be quite annoying if the cars kept falling off the transporter.

      It says that this toy is not suitable for children under three but we've given it to my little boy who is not yet 2 and he plays with it perfectly and I am not worried about it hurting him in anyway and there are no small parts to worry about.

      As I've said above this was a gift but a quick internet search tells me it costs in the £15 region which I think is a fair price for such a great toy. All in all a really cool truck that we love playing with.


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