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Postman Pat SDS Vehicle & Accessory Set Ted Glens Truck

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Manufacturer: Character Options / Type: Toy Car

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    2 Reviews
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      20.08.2012 11:32
      Very helpful



      A great toy for a postman Pat fan

      **The truck**

      My youngest son loves postman pat and although this was initially brought for my oldest son when he went through the postman pat stage but it has been adopted by my youngest son now. There are different variations of this toy we have the one that is supplied with sounds, a ladder but no Ted figure. My son was a little confused why he did not receive a character to drive the car but as he had some from his other postman pat sets this was not too much of a problem and they are compatible with this truck.
      The truck is an exact copy of Ted Glen's truck on the TV show and comes with ladders for an accessory. These just sit in the back of the truck there is nothing to hold them in place and they have been lost now at the bottom of a toy box but they were well made and provided a little extra fun for my son's.

      One of the best features of this truck is on the top there is a small button that can be pressed and the child is rewarded with either the postman pat special delivery theme tune or some well known phrases from Ted himself. These include Oh steady on and ohhh crumbs and my son absolutely loves this. This button is a large square and very easy to locate and press even for younger children just exploring. This truck has movable wheels and when the truck is pushed along it travels quite far it does work on carpeted floor but as you would expect it travels a lot further on wooden flooring. There is also a small crank on the front of the truck that when little one twists it around in circles it makes a clicking noise which again both my sons really enjoyed.

      **In play **

      My son was a little disappointed that no Ted figure was supplied with the set but he decided postman pat was going to drive the truck and there is a small part moulded in the driver's seat for him to sit comfortably. There is space for another character in the passenger sea but this has nothing to hold them in and so without the doors they tend to fall out while they are making deliveries. Also you have to prop their feet up as there is not a lot of room when two characters are inside the truck.

      The back of the pickup truck used to have a part that flipped down to allow for easy loading of the truck but unfortunately that has been pulled off during the three years of play. It did last really well and was only recently broken of the truck but as they work on hinges there is no sharp edges and it could have been clipped back on but after 100 times of putting it back on to the truck mummy got a little fed up and got rid of it while the boys were sleeping. (Bad mummy I know.) Also the doors of the truck used to open and closed but my youngest son recently pulled them off too however this does not make any difference with play. My son actually prefers the truck with the doors off as it means he can get his characters in and out easily.

      My son does use this with other parts in the special delivery postman pat line but this is a toy that could be used on its own quite easily and it is a fun toy without having to go out and purchase a lot of toys from the same range. They like to make up scenes from the postman pat TV show and basically drive the truck around my front room again and again. It really helps that the truck is an exact copy of the TV show as it means it is instantly recognisable and as it includes Ted's most known phrases they try and make stories up based on them.

      Even with the doors missing, the fold down ramp at the back of the truck missing and three years of use from my two boys this toy is still going strong. It can be wiped down because it is made of plastic and it fairs well against the many times my children have dropped it on the floor or crashed it into the wall.
      One thing to mention is when we purchased this truck the batteries came with it and we brought it over three years ago for my eldest son and he did play with it a lot. Now my youngest son has began playing with this truck every single day and the batteries have still not run out and there is no slowing of the voice so it is not a battery eater in the slightest.


      This is a great truck that has lasted a lot of play and is certainly worth the £10 we paid for it. The batteries last really well and it has a lot of different features to keep little one entertained. We brought this from Tesco but it is available on Amazon, play and other online retailers. This really is a perfect toy for any post pan pat fan and especially if they enjoy the character Ted Glenn. It is suggested for an age range of three years plus but I think it can be used before this as my two year old son is currently playing with it now. The doors are not small enough to be a choking hazard when they come off but of course if a younger child is playing with this I would keep an eye on them just in case.


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        04.06.2012 15:30
        Very helpful



        a good little truck set

        Ted Glen is the resident garage owner in Greendale (where Postman Pat lives).

        ~Ted Glens Truck~

        There are two variations of this truck available which are identical except for one aspect. If you are lucky enough to find a battery operated truck, it requires 2 x AAA batteries (included for try me purposes) and a little button when pressed, will play the Special Delivery Service theme tune and character phrases. Most retailers offer the regular Ted Glen truck which doesn't require batteries. I will be reviewing this truck.

        This truck is suitable for children over the age of 3 due to small parts as they may pose a choking hazzard. Presented in an open fronted, cardboard box, you receive the truck itself and a removable ladder. The truck is designed to resemble Teds truck in the programme. It is approximately 7 x 4 inches and made from plastic. The truck has a few 'features' which include moveable wheels, a turning handle at the front, opening doors and a drop down section at the rear of the truck.

        ~Price and Availability~

        Ted Glens truck can be purchased online from stores such as Amazon, www.character-online.com and www.play.com. Also available on eBay UK. Expect to pay upwards of £10.00 for a battery operated truck. The regular truck can be sourced for around the £5.00 mark.

        ~My Thoughts~

        It started with one van - that van came with a leaflet which showed the whole Greendale collection of trucks, vans and helicopters. I think we have them all now and my son has his very own Greendale in his bedroom! Yes - my son is Postman Pat crazy (well his Daddy works for Royal Mail so it is to be expected). The range is huge and the trucks aren't massively expensive to purchase.

        We didn't have a Ted Glen truck so I snapped this one up in an Asda toy sale a few months ago for just £2.50! I had intended on keeping it for my little ones birthday but he had been unwell and I wanted to cheer him up so Ted Glens truck has been played with for around 3 months now. He was very pleased to receive this truck and added it to his collection. It required no set up and was able to be played with right away which is always a good thing where impatient toddlers are concerned!

        Whilst this set comes with a little plastic ladder, it is quite disappointing that there is no actual character supplied. Ted Glen himself, is harder to source than some of the other Greendale residents. Luckily, we were able to find one online and received an additional figure when we purchased Ted Glens garage.

        ~Quality and Appearance~

        Teds truck is made of fairly sturdy plastic which can withstand rough play. It isn't the brightest of toys but does replicate the truck that my son is familiar with from watching Postman Pat. It is a good size for a child to play about with and fits on our Postman Pat road set we have. It main body of the truck feels pretty solid though this isn't the case with every part of the truck. The doors come off easily but can be clicked back on (by me not my son) and the fold down part of the trailer isn't the thickest.

        The design of the truck is an old fashioned, builders truck with large replica flood lights and huge wheel trims. There is a little turner at the front which makes a noise and is easy to operate. The trailer is firmly attatched to the main part of the truck and is spacious so that Ted can transport his tools. The ladded is quite thin and is lightweight. It is designed to sit neatly inside the trailer but this doesn't always work out!

        ~Going To Work With Ted!~

        The front of the truck offers a double set but only one character can be slotted in at any one time as there is no foot area for an additional character. Naturally, my son chooses to let Ted drive his own truck to his building jobs. Teds truck is often found parked up next to his garage but is often seen out on the 'road'. The regular figure fits neatly inside allowing the door to be closed. My son can do this perfectly fine now but at first he struggled to negotiate Ted into the correct position - it is also worth noting that the open window at the front is wide enough for Ted to jump through if he loses his keys for the door!

        Whilst the actual features of this toy are quite limited, my son uses his (very active) imagination to play about with it. The truck itself has 4 sturdy wheels which turn effortlessly allowing this truck to be easily pushed along wooden flooring, carpet or other surfaces by my 4 year old son. It moves freely and doesn't snag on the carpet. My son is happy to zoom Teds truck along the floor and create scenarios! Ted has transported his ladded from his garage to the post office to fix some lights. He has also transported some parcels for Pat when his helicopter, lorry and van broke down in one day (that guy just doesn't get a break!) so his truck is very versatile!

        The ladder can be placed against Greendale buildings and the Ted Glen figure we have can be adapted so he is able to grasp the ladder without falling off which my son finds quite amusing! I do feel a few extra accessories could have been included to enhance playability. The mustardy brown and green truck doesn't show dirt much but I keep this truck clean by wiping it over with a baby wipe. Ours has suffered minor surface scratches in the few months we have owned it but is still a *whole* truck with no bits falling off.


        £2.50 well spent as I have one happy boy who is simply happy that he has an additional truck in his collection. I don't really feel it is worth paying extra for the speaking version. We have a few of the speaking Postman Pat trucks and they ALL play the same tunes so it would be simple enough just to press the button on one of the other toys. Can you imagine 5 or 6 trucks playing that irritating, squeeky tune at the same time *shudders*?

        Anyway, 4 stars from us - a sturdy and fairly fun addition to our Postman Pat collection and recommended. The ladder is very easily misplaced!

        Thanks for reading :)


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