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Rosie's World Daisy's Funky Car

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Brand: ELC / Type: Car

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    1 Review
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      06.05.2011 00:13
      Very helpful



      Nice toy, useless accessories

      My 2 year old daughter received this either for Christmas or her birthday last year, I can't remember which. She has a love of cars, so the buyer obviously thought this was a great choice for a girl who loves cars, and it wasn't a bad choice because she does play with it quite regularly...but perhaps not in the way it was intended.

      **Just Too Funky***

      Rosie's World Daisy's Funky Car is a pink plastic vehicle which comes with a Rosie's World doll (you know the ones, they have massive heads and lots of hair - see one of my previous reviews) and a picnic basket. The pink vehicle resembles a jeep with space for two passengers at the front, and some small boot space I suppose for the picnic basket. The car is decorated with pink flowers and plays a lovely girly tune when you press a small button located in the boot; the headlights and rear lights also flash when this music plays. If you push the steering wheel you get the sound of an engine starting up and a horn beeping, and again the headlights flash.

      The car is pretty well made; it feels robust and hasn't fallen apart yet despite rough play from both my daughters. The wheels spin really freely and it easily moves along carpet, laminate, concrete; and sand surprisingly. The wheels spin so well that it is possible to push the car and it rumbles along on its own for quite a substantial distance, I am actually really impressed with the wheels!


      The doll is an added extra that we could do without, she has moveable limbs and head, and comes dressed in removable clothing, which is very difficult to remove and put back on again. She also wears a sun-hat head band type thing which is virtually impossible to put on her head so that it stays in position (that dratted hair!) It is also quite difficult to sit her comfortably in the car. Needless to say this doll was cast aside long ago, in fact I do not even know where she is, I have not seen her for months.

      The picnic basket I initially thought was a pointless accessory; that was until my daughter discovered that it opened out and was full of little treasures. Inside you will find a tiny blanket, some plastic food, and cutlery. The cutlery is positively tiny, I cannot remember the exact quantity but I think you get a couple of knives and a couple of forks; these have been lost several times over, although they do keep reappearing every now and then. I have frequently caught my 2 year old pretending to eat with the fork, but it is so tiny that she could swallow it, and this frightens me.

      ***Play Time***

      Both my daughters (aged 4 and 2) do actually play with the car quite regularly, although they do not use the doll at all. My youngest plays with it most frequently and uses it to transport her Puppy In My Pocket toys about the house, the baby dogs often get stuck in the foot wells of the car, and I know if she is missing a dog I can usually find them stuck in there. It's not just a dog transporter though, she also uses it to transport her other cars around; the boot space is just wide enough to fit a small matchbox sized car in lengthways, although they can get stuck and this causes tantrums, and she puts a car in each seat too.

      The fact that the car has an open top and a lot of space for putting small toys in is a major advantage of this toy because it adds to the enjoyment factor. My kids are not particularly girly girls, so something that comes with a doll and a picnic basket is never going to be in their top ten favourites, but the car being the way it is has won them over and they can integrate in with their other toys. It often something I have to clear away on a night so that proves it gets played with rather a lot.


      Well the car is great despite its pink floweriness, my children love to play with it, and it has survived many expeditions around the house and rough garden terrain. The lights that come on are a cool extra feature and the music is non-irritating. However, the doll I find extremely irritating and am quite glad it has disappeared, and I find the contents of the picnic basket slightly worrying and a choking hazard.

      What really irritates me, and I'm sure I've mentioned this before in other reviews, is why toy manufacturers feel the need to turn everything pink if it's designed for a girl. My girls, although they love the colour pink, do not require every toy they own to be pink, flowery, and covered in fairy dust! Thank you very much!!

      I suppose I recommend the toy because my kids do enjoy the car, but I am not giving it 5 stars because half of it has gone missing and was never played with in the first place, and I think £16 is quite expensive for what you get.

      Requires 2 x AA batteries (provided)
      £16.00 from The Early Learning Centre
      Recommended for ages 3-8


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