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Toy State Ripp'S Garage Power Wings

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Brand: Toy State

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    1 Review
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      10.12.2013 12:38
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      A really good car that has held my little boys attention

      The car

      My son received this car for his birthday and as he loves anything to do with vehicles I knew it would be a hit. The only place I have ever seen these cars for sale is in Asda and they cost around £7 and searching online other than ebay they seem to be an Asda exclusive. This car requires no batteries at all and it all works on a pullback friction system. There are different variations available in different colours and styles, but we have an orange and silver race car version.

      The car is a very good size and a lot bigger than most other cars we own. It is more the size of a remote control car than a push along one, so this was the first thing that caught my son's eye. Secondly the cars are bright in colour and have all the details a racing car should have. With a great body kit, large spoiler and sporty wheels my son thought it was amazing.

      On the back of the car is the spoiler, and this double up as the way to pump the car up ready to race along by itself. Also on top of the car is a button which releases the cars wheels once you have pulled the spoiler a few times so it can go shooting across the floor. It is made of plastic, and on first impressions I thought it was going to break fairly quickly as it seems to rattle a lot from the moment you take it out of the box.

      Our thoughts

      To use the car you have to push the spoiler down again and again to build up some speed, and then press the button on top to send it racing off. The spoiler is stiff to push down at first but this soon loosens a little, and the button on the top is very easy to press down and set the car off. It is all very self explanatory and my son knew what to do with it from the second we took it out of the box.

      The thing my son loves most about this car is how quickly it moves across the floor. With just a few pulls on the spoiler it builds up a lot of power, and when you press the button it goes flying across the floor. The more you work the car up the further it goes, and it can travel the whole length of our living room with ease. Even with one pump of the spoiler the car still travels a fair distance across the floor, so it only takes seconds to get the race car moving.

      He also loves that he can push the spoiler down as many times as he likes and until the button on the top is pressed the car stays stationary. Imagine if it tried rolling away from him while he was still 'revving' it up that would be disastrous! It also gives it more interaction than just a push along car. As he has to rev it up himself, then push a button to allow it to move it gives him as sense of control over the car and keeps him far more interested than any of his other cars. Just the simple interaction helps hold his attention.

      The age recommendation for this car is four years plus. I can see why this is as the spoiler can be difficult to push down at times, but my youngest little girl at 18 months can still use the car without any problems. The wheels are protected with a plastic covering so there is no way little fingers could be trapped, and I cannot see anything at all that could harm little ones.

      The one thing my son does not like is that the car is nearly impossible to push along without using the spoiler to build up the friction. If he pushed it along the wheels make a horrible clicking noise and it just refuses to travel anywhere at all. He likes to be able to push his cars along himself, so this was the one aspect he was a little disappointed with.

      We have found the car to be very durable, and despite being dropped, bashed and generally chucked around it is still in perfect condition. Some of the stickers are a little worn, but this has no effect on play at all. Considering all of my children use this car, even my one year old daughter, I think that really does represent great value for money. It has been road tested by my children over and over again without any deterioration.

      My son really does love this car and we have found it to be a big hit in our house. We find that the £8 retail price was more than reasonable for the amount of play it has received so far. It is a great size, looks good and the small interaction required really seems to hold my six year olds attention. As far as I can see they are only available from Asda, but if you come across them I think they would make a great present.


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