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Toy State Road Rippers Secret Service SUV

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Brand: Toy State / Type: Toy 4WD

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2011 07:16
      Very helpful



      A nice car.

      Due to my son's birthday being two weeks after Christmas, I find that holding back a few toys means he has something to look forwards to, rather than opening them all and getting over faced with everything, hence this review!

      The toy I will now review is - "Road rippers secret service - blue SUV".

      This particular toy was given to my son for his birthday by his uncle, who is considered a man/child too (my younger brother is 31, yet is on the same level as my son!), and as my brother had a real love of cars as a boy, I assume he knew so would Con.

      To look at this is a good looking car, I am ashamed to say I have no idea what an "suv" is, but to me this looks like an off roading car, complete with big silver and very solid looking bumpers, blacked out windows, chunky looking wheels and a sticker down the car door saying "heavily armoured" with the armoured cross out and replaced with "armed".

      This confused me slightly as on the packaging it doesn't give any indication as to what the car is able to do, so when I pressed the orange button on the roof I was gob smacked to see how many different flaps and pats moved and the noise that came out of it!

      Once pressed two flaps spring open on the roof of the car, and a missile launcher springs out, complete with two bright red missiles, at the same time another missile springs out of the foot rest on the side of the car, and the engine also springs out to reveal three machine guns, what little boy isn't going to love something that could potential cause that much destruction!

      As the flaps spring open there is also a selection of three different sound effects that start, either two different shooting, whizzing noises to resemble the missiles launching and bullets exploding, this is accompanied by a a flashing light, that runs through the missiles themselves, making them look like they have been activated and ready to explode from the launcher, the third sound is a very realistic sounding noise that resembles the secret compartments opening and a mechanical whooshing as if the missiles were slowly sliding from there hiding places, though the effect is a bit lost as by that time all the missiles have already sprung out!

      There are also two other light colours that flash on the car, the first being the yellow headlights, and the second being a neon blue that illuminate the underside of the car, never mind my son liking it, I think my hubby would have it added to our Zafira if he could, it would definitely make it seem much sportier anyway!

      To reset the car you simply push all the moving parts back into place, which is shown by a clicking sound, this shows they have been pushed in far enough to stay in place.

      There are no other moving parts on the car, except of course for the wheels, so not only do you have all the excitement of the missiles but also the actual driving movement that my son finds brilliant fun.

      The car is quite sturdy looking and made from a hard wearing and rigid plastic, and has undertaken a far few knocks and tricks (ie being driven off the dining room table!) and has yet to incur any sort of damage.

      This comes with batteries already in the car, and as far as I am aware takes 3 x AA batteries to power it, though the ones it came with have shown no signs of running out.

      If the sound is a bit too much to cope with, there is even a silencing switch under the battery cover, though to me this just takes away a bit of the fun that comes with the car, so I have left the car sounds on, but just make my son either go upstairs (take it from them at night though, nothing more frightening as those noise in a quiet house at 2 in the morning!) or I let him take it outside, again this is a fantastic option, but don't let them leave it outside, the batteries soon get wet and start to leek, rendering the car unusable.

      Price wise this was purchased for around the £10.00 mark, which to me is probably a bit too much, but at the amazon price is considerably more, so do shop around.

      This is a lovely car that my son has really enjoyed playing with, though this would not be suitable for a child under the age of five in my opinion, there are no removable parts to speak of, but plenty of flaps that could potentially be snapped off and eaten or even little places to get little fingers trapped in!

      Thanks for reading x


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