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Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Rheneas New Coat of Paint

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Brand: Thomas&Friends / Type: Figurines

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    1 Review
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      19.08.2013 21:14
      Very helpful



      a cool new engine!

      ~Rheneas New Coat of Paint~

      Age recommendation - 3years +
      Code - X0765

      Rheneas is from the Thomas and Friends range. This particular engine is a motorized engine which can be used on the various Trackmaster sets. As you can tell from the 'new coat of paint' part of the title, Rheneas is normally a different colour. He is most known for being red but has been given a shiny coat of yellow paint.

      This particular version of Rheneas is from the Blue Mountain Mystery DVD. As well as the actual engine, two trucks are included and some stone. Rheneas is presented in a clear fronted box. Rheneas is battery operated and needs 1 x AA battery to work.

      ~Price and Availability~

      Whilst the regular Rheneas can be picked up for around the £10.00 mark, this version is a little more expensive and harder to locate. I have had a look online and the following websites stock it.

      *www.buythomasthetankengine.co.uk - £16.90
      *Amazon UK - £16.63

      Alternatively, you can find several listings on eBay UK.

      ~Our Thoughts~

      My son loves Thomas and Friends. He has a few Trackmaster sets and therefore also has a large collection of engines to run on the tracks! He received some money at Christmas and I asked him what he would like to spend it on. He had mentioned an engine that I hadn't heard of before and told me that it was from Blue Mountain Mystery - Rheneas. But Boo didn't just want the regular Rheneas - he wanted the Rheneas New Coat of Paint!

      You wouldn't believe how much trouble we had trying to get Rheneas. We decided to buy online through eBay but it would have been much less hassle going to Toys R Us in Glasgow as they stocked it. We ordered it and three weeks later, it still hadn't arrived and we were refunded as my boy was disappointed. We ended up having to buy another Rheneas from Amazon (at a higher price) and Boo was delighted when the Postman delivered his parcel!

      ~Appearance and Quality~

      Setting this motorized engine up wasn't easy. Not every Trackmaster engine can be opened using the same sort of screw driver so we weren't prepared. The battery should be inserted into the bottom half of the engine and isn't accessible by a young child. The complete engine is a good size when the trucks are attatched to the back. Rheneas himself is a happy looking engine - bright yellow with neat detailing and a happy face.

      Rheneas feels solid and is very well made but the age recommendation is warranted as there would be the potential for small pieces to become loose if tugged hard enough. The trucks are made of blue plastic and each has four wheels to allow them to run along the tracks pulled by Rheneas. They can be joined onto Rheneas using the attatched couplings. This is a little fiddly to do but Boo seems to manage it perfectly fine after a bit of practice. Rheneas has received a lot of use and is still in excellent, like new condition. We have misplaced the stone and one truck though - it is in a toy box..somewhere!

      ~Peep Peep~

      This is probably Boos favourite Trackmaster engine. Because of his bright new coat of paint, Rheneas is easy to spot in the toy box and is often the first engine that Boo or his cousin pick up to play with. Rheneas is used on all of the Trackmaster sets but Boo favours using him on the Blue Mountain set as he feels that Rheneas is more 'at home' on this track. He enjoys pretending to be the Fat Controller and will often have several engines running on the tracks at any one time.

      Boo finds Rheneas to be really cool in design. As he is motorized, he can zoom around the track with no additional help. Rheneas himself is fairly heavy and when at full speed (with a brand new battery), he has no issues with travelling around any track and happily pulls his trucks along as they are very lightweight. He needs to be at full speed to work efficiently on the Blue Mountain set as this has a lot of hills for him to climb. As he has trucks, he can help deliver rocks and stones on Blue Mountain. Rheneas has a little lever which starts and stops him moving along the track.

      When the battery is running low, he struggles with the hills and this often results in him derailing which to be fair, is a traumatising experience for all! Boo has identified his strengths and weaknesses so chooses to use Rheneas on the Blue Mountain track when he has a fresh battery and on the flatter track when the battery is running low.


      As with the other Trackmaster engines, the batteries do tend to need replaced very quickly if the engine is played with a lot. This makes operating this collection of engines to be very expensive in the long run. This engine is very well finished and is durable as well as looking the part perfectly. There are so many variations of the engines now available and part of me thinks it is a bit cheeky of the company as they know children will want the different variations! We have about four variations of Thomas himself including one with paint, one with a Santa hat etc - never ending!

      Rheneas has been well received by my five year old son. He looks cool and just like he does on the DVD. There is only so much a child can get from a toy like this. It doesn't have any educational benefits but is a novelty engine and my son loves having this version of Rheneas in his growing collection of engines. He is expensive but as my son bought this himself, this wasn't an issue. He would highly recommend this engine!

      Thanks for reading :)

      Review originally posted on Ciao April 2013 and updated for dooyoo!


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