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Tomy Thomas & Friends Load 'n' Go Thomas

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2 Reviews

Brand: Tomy / Train Type: Engine

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    2 Reviews
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      27.12.2011 21:25
      Very helpful



      helping Trevor!

      Thomas the Tank Engine lives on the Island of Sodor with his other engine friends. The various other engines feature as toys, in books and in various other merchandise relating to the show.

      ~Load 'n' Go Thomas~

      This toy is made by toy giant Tomy. It features Thomas the Tank and his friend Trevor. The toy is presented in 2 seperate parts. Trevor is attatched to the back of Thomas by an extendable string. There is trailer which can be attached to Thomas as well. The overall length of the toy is around 27cm and at the highest point, it is approx 13cm tall.

      The intended use for this toy is for your child to fit the trailer and Thomas together and pull Trevor back as far as they can. Trevor should start driving up onto the trailer and Thomas should speed away on an adventure. This toy is designed for play by children over the age of 18months.


      This toy is currently selling for :

      *Amazon - £11.99
      *www.smythstoys.com - £6.99
      *Ebay - £10.95

      ~Our Thoughts~

      My son loves Thomas the Tank and as well as having various trains for use on his track, he also has a few which can be used as toys. This Load 'n' Go toy was given to him as a gift in Christmas 2010. It was simply packaged in an open front box and once removed, doesn't require assembly (except clicking the trailer in to place) or batteries.

      ~Quality and Appearance~

      My son is aware of who Trevor is and instantly recognised him though for some reason, silly Mummy thought it was Emily! Anyway, this toy is quite long, chunky and a little heavy when it is all clicked together. The toy is sturdy and my son can now click the trailer into place himself despite it being a little awkward. The toy is made of durable plastic which has stood up to the toddler test of being smacked off skirting boards and thrown from sofas in stropping sessions.

      It is still as glossy and new as the day he received it - no paint chips or scrapes. Thomas is the largest part of the toy and has a smiley face. All his normal features are present including his red strips and no1 labelling and he features 6 big wheels. Trevor looks equally as impressive. He is dark green with coloured stripes and generally looks a happy chappy. He has 2 large back wheels and 2 small front wheels allowing him to be the perfect shape to drive up the trailer.

      The trailer is quite large and is green in colour. It sits a few cm from the ground and is on 4 wheels. The back of the trailer is slanted to allow Trevor to ride up onto it. The trailer is the perfect size to accommodate Trevor as he is relatively small. The overall toy is of a high quality and is pleasing for a toddler to look and play with. It has realistic features and attention to detail. All that I would expect from a brand like Tomy.

      ~Helping Trevor~

      I can only assume Thomas does train pick ups as a sideline job and he is clearly very experienced at this job! It took my son a while to get used to properly playing with this toy but now he is a pro. He still plays with it a year on. The toy can actually be played with, with or without the trailer.

      Without the trailer, my son pulls back Trevor and sends the trains speeding across the floor. This toy is great on our carpet but of course it is more effective on wooden flooring (and more noisy). When the trailer is attatched, it sits neatly though will move around if Thomas becomes vertical. It attatches fairly tightly though can be removed with ease.

      I wouldn't say this is an overly noisy toy but it certainly isn't the quietest. It is very easy for my son (at 3 and a half) to operate by himself and doesn't require a lot of concentration or strength to get it working. Once Trevor is pulled back, the wire attatched him to Thomas is strong and flexible. He can extend back a few cm further than the overall trailer length. Boo then lets it go and watches with amazement as Trevor is safely and quickly loaded up onto the trailer.

      It doesn't seem to matter what way Boo angles the trailer at, Trevor will find a way to get on it. The trailer sits a small bit off the floor and Trevor raises up and speeds up onto the trailer. Once he is comfortable, he gives no warning and simply sends Thomas shooting down the track (or floor in our case!). The toy makes a screeching noise which doesn't last long but it is pretty much silent as it runs along carpet. Surprisingly, Thomas does travel quite far and my son is amazed that he can go from one end of the room to the other in a matter of seconds.


      This a fun toy which doesn't really offer any educational aspects. It is well made, looks good and features cool characters so my son is very pleased. It has lasted us well and I would certainly recommend buying this if found for under a tenner. My son happily plays with this alongside his other moving toys though couldn't play with it for hours upon hours as it is a bit limited in comparison to his other toys. it does exactly what it is supposed to though so we cannot complain.

      4 stars overall - great toy.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        18.01.2009 12:53
        Very helpful



        Don't be fooled by the advertising pictures!

        When my brother asked me what my one year old son wanted for Christmas I was a bit stuck for ideas. My son is the youngest of three children and we have so much stuff for that age group it is hard to think of anything new for him. Unfortunately this means he usually gets clothes or money which I don't think is very nice for the poor boy. Ok, so he's not missing out on the toys because they are there but imagine if it carries on when he is older!

        After searching www.amazon.co.uk for everything and anything I could think of the Tomy Thomas & Friends Load 'n' Go Thomas came up as a suggestion of things I might be interested in.

        The picture on the Amazon website is slightly different than the one shown above and the toy looks quite big in it. I thought that the toy looked good value for money as it was big and only priced at about £9.99. As it was also available through Amazon this meant that the postage on the item would be free.

        When we received the toy we were a little disappointed. It is much smaller than it looks in the picture and the Thomas part only measure about 17cm long. I can only imagine they used a very small child or have blow up the image of the train. It is quite deceiving.

        We got the toy out of the box and put it onto a carpeted floor. What you have is a Thomas the Tank Engine and a flat trailer and a tractor called Trevor. Trevor is attached to Thomas by a length of cord that is retractable. What you have to do it attach the trailer to Thomas and then pull the tractor until the string stops then set the tractor down onto the floor and it will drive itself up onto the trailer and once in place Thomas moves forward a short way.

        The first few goes my children really liked the toy and they were all laughing and thought it was funny that Thomas could move along by himself. Unfortunately they soon lost interest as the game is very limited. Trevor cannot be disconnected from Thomas so you have to play with all three parts of the toy together all the time. If you try and play without the trailer the tractors front wheels do not touch the floor.

        I liked the toy because it is well made and very robust. It is a very good likeness of the Thomas characters and as my Children don't have many Thomas toys this is a novelty for them. It works well at what it does and moves along nicely even on a carpeted floor.

        I was disappointed with the size of the toy after seeing it look quite big in the picture but this is obviously one of the problems with buying things online. I was a little disappointed with the entertainment value of the toy. There are only so many times you can pull the tractor back and watch it go up onto the trailer. My one year old gets very frustrated with it because he likes to free wheel his cars and tractors around the floor making 'bbbbrrrrmmmm bbbbbbrrrrmmmmm' noises. With this Thomas toy it is too many pieces for him and it comes apart too easily and Trevor slides of the side of the trailer. The toy is recommended for children aged 18 months and over so maybe he'll find it a little more enjoyable in a few months time.

        I would say that this is a nice toy from the Thomas range at a reasonable price. We were disappointed with it but another child may really enjoy it.

        The Load 'n' Go Thomas is available now (Jan 09) at www.johnlewis.co.uk for £9.50 with free delivery or from www.amazon.co.uk for £9.78 with free delivery. Although you do have to watch things on Amazon because when my brother came to buy the toy it was only available through Amazon Markeplace which meant he would have been charged about £5.00 postage so we got ours from John Lewis in the end.


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    • Product Details

      Pullback n go action fun with Thomas and Trevor! Pull back Trevor the little tractor, and watch him he drive onto the trailer. Thomas automatically closes his tailgate when Trevor is safely on board and takes them off on another adventure! Great fun for fans of Thomas!

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