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Tomy Thomas & Friends Pop 'n' Catch

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Brand: Tomy / Type: Engine

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    1 Review
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      06.07.2009 09:21
      Very helpful



      Fun for children over three

      I bought my son the pop n go Thomas tank toy for his birthday in April but as I didn't have any batteries to fit it ended up storing it behind the armchair a couple of weeks ago I once again found it and decided that it was definitely time he should be given his birthday present to play with. I purchased it from The Entertainer for £9.99 but RRP is £17.99.

      Setting up.

      It takes two D batteries which are sealed in with a screw. It comes with a bag of ten coloured balls that are supposed to represent smoke balls but as they are multi coloured they just look like bumpy misshapen balls to me. To set up fill the hole in the cab with the smoke balls and adjusts the pivoting wheel on the bottom of the train. The wheel sets the route that Thomas will take it gives options of two size circles both clockwise and anti clockwise as well as a straight line. I set it for a small circle so that my son didn't have far to chase the train and it had less chance of bumping into the other toys he had pulled out of his toy box.

      The toy is a large model replica of Thomas, its dimensions are13 x 25 x 17 cm

      Playing with the toy

      Thomas is activated by a simple on off switch on the back which my two year old can operate. This is a vary noisy toy that makes a loud irritating whirring sound as it circles round the lounge It has no problems travelling across the carpet. When I nipped upstairs to get a screwdriver to gat into the battery case my son decided to fill the cab with his water. I did dry it out the best I could but initially the balls didn't really pop out because of this. The balls pop out at random times and the idea is that the child catches the balls. My son makes no attempt to catch them but does enjoy placing them back in the hole and waiting for them to pop out. The fact the smoke balls are different colours is ideal for my two year old as he is just learning his colours. The balls do stick sometimes but pushing down with another balls clears them.

      The toy is designed for three years and over and do think this is an appropriate age setting. My son does try and push his hand down the cab and funnel to get to the balls and he needs to be reminded not to put his face over the funnel. Due to this he does need very close supervision when playing with this toy. He will chase Thomas around the room laughing as he goes.

      I do think once he is a little older it will be a more useful toy. It helps with catching skills which will help to improve hand and eye co ordination. He also will be able to play with it with less supervision. The smoke balls themselves are too big for him to put in his mouth

      Despite him no longer been interested in the TV show he does still love the toys that accompany it. My son does enjoy playing with this toy but I keep it out of view so he can play with it on the days when he is actually listening to what I say rather than the days when he deliberately does the opposite of what I say due to the risk of him putting his head and hands in the funnel

      I would recommend this toy but for three years old and older as defined by the manufacturer However if you have low tolerance for noisy toys then you may want to think twice.


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    • Product Details

      It's chase and catch activity time for Thomas fun and games! Drop Thomas' coloured smoke balls into his cab and wait for the fun to start as they pop out of his funnel. Chase Thomas and try to catch the smoke balls as he chugs along. He can go in a straight line or round in different size circles.

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