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Tomy Thomas Trackmaster Percys Mail Delivery

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Brand: Tomy

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    1 Review
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      10.01.2013 16:53
      Very helpful



      a fun addition to our Trackmaster collection

      My son is a huge Thomas and Friends fan. Last year he became aware of the Trackmaster range of train sets/trains and added one to his Christmas list. Santa ended up delivering three different Trackmaster sets so Boo was over the moon as he loves anything to do with the postal system as he has a Postman for a Daddy! With the help of his Gran, Santa chose Percy's Mail Delivery (Express) and here are our thoughts on this set.

      ~Percy's Mail Delivery~

      Contents :

      *Complete track
      *Sodor Mail Depot
      *Cargo car and mail crate
      *Motorized Percy (this does require 1 x AA battery which isn't included)

      'Percy's favourite job on the Island of Sodor is delivering the mail. He chugs around the track and stops at the Sodor Mail Depot to pick up the mail crate. Percy makes sure the mail is delivered on track and on time' - from the box.

      This Trackmaster set is suitable for children over the age of 3 years as it does contain small parts. The complete set is presented in a colourful box and requires some adult assembly. No tools are required to put together the main part of the set so it is possible to get the set up and running very quickly.

      I cannot find a tape measure at this time but a little bit of research states this set measures 15 x 11 x 3 inches and I would estimate this as being correct.

      ~Price and Availability~

      This particular Trackmaster set is available online and from certain toy stores at the following prices :

      *www.smythstoys.com - £24.99 (instore too)
      *Amazon - £33.71

      ~Our Thoughts~

      My 4.5yr old son was very excited to unwrap this set from Santa. Thankfully we have a spare room which we currently use as a toy room. As we owned a few Trackmaster sets prior to Christmas, we were aware of how much floor space they take up. I cleared the toy room the week before Christmas ensuring that there was as much floor space as possible. We currently have three complete Trackmaster sets built up, a spare circle of track and also a full box with extra track and two more Trackmaster sets. We simply don't have the room to have every set out at any one time.

      Out of all three sets that Boo received at Christmas, this was by far the easiest to set up and only took a few minutes. My son knows how to slot the pieces of track together but asked if we could do it for him. It is definitely one of the more basic Trackmaster sets but equally as fun to play with as the bigger sets. There are ten pieces of Trackmaster track supplied - eight curvy pieces and two straight pieces. The track is a standard brown coloured Trackmaster track with connectors at either end to allow the pieces to be clicked together and form an oval shape.. As far as I am aware, all Trackmaster track can be combined if you want to make a bigger track. We have kept this set as a stand alone set for the moment but the option is there to connect it to the Power Line set or other sets we own.

      One piece of track is slightly different from the others. It is grey and has an extra section at the side with a control lever. This can be placed at either end of the track. The complete track looks very basic so the accessories are important. This particular set has the Sodor Mail Depot which is made of strong, durable plastic. The Depot is the same length as the grey piece of track and slots into an indent on this piece of track. The Depot is a colourful affair.

      We were pleased to see that Percy himself was included in this set. Any parent who buys Trackmaster will be aware that the trains are quite expensive to purchase. Percy is around the £12.00 mark alone so the set represents a little more value for money. Percy is a motorized train and requires a battery. A screwdriver is needed to gain access to the battery compartment and be aware that one screwdrived doesn't fit all engines as we discovered. Luckily we had one suited to Percy and were able to insert a battery quickly.

      Percy looks exactly as he does in the show - green and smiley. He can be used alone on this set and any other Trackmaster set with or without his mail cart. The mail cart is red and features an envelope logo and there is also a little plastic piece which has a parcel bag effect. This piece is quite small and easily lost. I can understand the age limit for this set as this particular piece could pose a choking hazzard.

      ~Postman Percy~

      This set is well loved by my son. My son has a fantastic imagination and now that he has a few Trackmaster sets set up in his toy room, he considers himself to be the Fat Controller. It is amusing to watch! Anyway, he enjoys playing with this set as it is simple yet fun. When Percy receives a new battery, he is raring to go but the batteries (even good ones) run out very quickly. Replacing all the trains batteries is becoming an expensive habit indeed.

      Percy is switched on by nudging the little switch on top of the train. Percy runs smoothly around the track and has yet to fall off unless he hasn't been put on the track correctly. When at full speed (with a fully tank of battery gas), Percy takes to the rails with his mail cart and doesn't stop until he reaches his destination. He is noticeable slower and less enthusiastic as his tank runs low but that is to be expected. The other Trackmaster trains are more than welcome on this track though Gordon and Thomas prefer a bigger track as they have many trucks to pull.

      Percy takes a short while to chug around the track but Boo cannot just sit back and watch him (as he finally realised) - he needs to help! Once Percy is set around the track, it is important that the little lever on the grey piece of track is moved otherwise Percy will go speeding straight past the Mail Depot and potentially upset the Fat Controller by not being a very useful engine! Flicking the switch pushes up a tripper to stop Percy from going any further. This is well positioned and works very well we have found. Once released, Percy heads off round the track again.

      Boo is once again asked for a little help to ensure Percy's job is complete. There is a little hollow section at the back of the Mail Depot. It is the perfect size to slot the mail into and with a little pushing, this part will fall forward and send the mail flying into the mail truck that Percy is transporting. This part can then be pushed back up and it is simply a case of removing the mail and starting again. I do feel that it would be good for Percy to have somewhere to deliver the mail too but my son is happy to just repeat the process and bark orders at Percy.


      Percy's Mail Delivery is a basic but fun little set. It is worth the cost as it comes with Percy himself otherwise I would consider it to be quite expensive. It is a well made set which is durable and can cope with the demands and strength of my son and his cousin on a regular basis. We also have a few regular trains which can be moved around the track manually but Boo prefers the motorized Trackmaster trains.

      Overall we will award this set 4 stars as it is fun to play with and there is room to expand.

      Thanks for reading :)


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