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Toot Toot Battery Operated Ride On Train and Track

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: MV Sports / Type: Toy Train

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    3 Reviews
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      11.03.2012 21:31
      Very helpful



      A great ride on for any train fan

      **What do you get?**
      When you receive the set you get
      Train- The train itself is a good size for little ones to sit on and made out of solid plastic. It has stickers all over it and a smiley face on the front of the train itself. It has handles for little one to hold on to keep steady and footrest on the top of the front wheels for their feet to sit.
      Trailer - This attaches to the train and can be taken on and off very easily. It has stickers on it showing passengers looking out there window. This can actually be used to store the track and keep it all in one place and of course for my son's teddies to be used as passengers while he is riding the train.
      The track- You receive 22 pieces of good size track each multi colored so very bright and attractive for little one. It is very sturdy and has grooves molded into it to guide it around the track correctly.

      **Setting it up **
      We brought this for my sons first birthday and luckily we decided we wanted to set it up the night before as when we opened the box up it stated it needs the battery to be charged for a full 12 hours for it to begin to work. To do this you have to un do the seat using a screw driver and attach the charger that is provided to the battery which is located in the seat. Then it is just the case of the waiting game so we set up the track.

      The track comes in 22 pieces it is rather large and actually filled a whole room in our last house where we brought it. The set can be used in a circle shape that is the smaller size or by using all the pieces you can make an oval shape which is the larger track. The pieces click together very easily and it only takes a matter of 5 minutes most to make the track up then you simply places the train on the track and away it goes.

      **In play **
      The train has a lever on it that when pushed forward it moves forward and when pushed backwards it goes into reverse. This is very easy to push and little ones are able to do this independently. There is also a button when you press it makes noises like a whistle and while the train is in motion it makes chugging noises like a steam train. These are not too loud or annoying yet pleased my sons greatly.

      The train has to be sat on the track correctly for it to work otherwise it will get stuck and stop and this can be hard work for a young child that is always taking it on and off the track but they do get used to it in the end.The description say that the train only works on the track but this is not true it moves on both carpet and wooden floors easily and as far as we can see it has done absolutely no damage to the train what so ever.
      The train moves so slowly maybe 2 mph at the most but this does not seem to bother my children they just sit patiently while it slowly makes it way round the tracks. It is reassuring they cannot hurt themselves as the train is neither high of the floor or fast moving.

      **Battery life **
      This is rather poor not completely useless but for 12 hours worth of charge through the night it last around 2 hours broken play. Yes my children like to push the buttons a lot but considering the price of the product and the amount of time it needs to be charged just to get it moving still a little disappointing.

      **Our opinion**
      All 3 of my children have loved this we had it for our eldest sons first birthday and he played with it on and off for about a year before he became bored with it. We then put it in the loft and brought it back out again when our daughter and youngest son both turned 1 and it turned out to be a great hit with them also.

      It does take up a lot of room and in fact takes up the whole of the space in our living room in our current house and so it is worth bearing that in mind when purchasing but this makes it all the more fun for children. It stores away easily in the trailer of the train so storage is not a problem and so far it has lasted us 3 years and 3 children.

      My first downside is that although there is foot rest for the children as soon as my children hot around 18 months there legs became longer and uncomfortable for them to sit them in such a small place. This results in them just hanging while they are riding on this and the wheels can rub against their feet and although the gaps are not big enough for them to get hurt it does wear down the shoes and cause annoyance for them.
      Also this is recommended from1 year to 3 years and I am glad I purchased it so early for my son as at 2 he was just growing out of it and at 3 he was too big for the train and had lost all interest in it so I would recommend purchasing at the lower end of the age recommendation.

      **Over all **
      This toy is recommended from 1 year plus which I say is about the right age range for a child and it retails at around £60 we purchased our from very but it is no longer available from there. You can purchase this from Amazon Argos and many more of the larger stores. I would recommend this toy as it was well loved and is great for a large main present for birthdays or Christmas.


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        02.01.2012 10:35



        No regrets, fantastic fun, wish I could find more track.

        Got this from Toys Are Us for £75 in pink for my 1 yr old daughter this Christmas. I made sure I charged it up the night before as it takes 10-12 hours - only to be expected with a battery big enough to move this train. Like the other review, would have been good if it said this on the box, but as RC models was a previous past time of mine, I knew it would need a decent charge. Instructions were included in our set, though pretty basic, enough to work out what to do. Laughably it says a crash helmet is required! This train goes so slow, she's more likely to injure herself with the walker! Guess the lawers got that put in...

        The train is fantastic fun, and my daughter is so content when riding it. Perfect speed for a 1yr old, just below a walking pace. An older child might get bored, as there is no speed control. Noises are a bit loud for indoors, and there's no way of turning them down or off, the buttons are always live, and strangely all do the same thing.

        Having said all that, I think it is great value for £75. The track is flexible so you can arrange it to fit most rooms, and the battery once charged seems to last for days of playing - it says on the instructions 60-90 mins, but I'm sure it had much more than that before we decided to charge as we had friends round the next day. It hadn't even slowed. The wheel arrangement is easy to get on the track as the wheels are so chunky, and the wagon is great to put favourite soft toys in so they can ride too. Track is pretty durable too, and with everything made of plastic, should be good for the garden also. Seems pretty durable, time will tell.

        If you can get this at this price or similar, go for it. It seems pretty unique, and great value when you think some ride on cars go for over £300.


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        14.09.2011 10:11
        Very helpful



        Not worht it's high price tag

        My son recently turned one and was showered with gifts from all our friends and family. His playroom now resembles something like a toy shop that has exploded and I've begun to forget what colour the carpet in there is because it's so litered with toys we can no longer see it!

        Regardless of this fact my son always has something to play with and never tires of playing with his different toys, he's got a kitchen, walking toys, building blocks-very normal for a child his age. However this particular toy I feel is very special.

        My parents purchased him this Ride on Train and 22 Piece Track for his brithday. I had seen it on the Toys'r'us website when it was on sale for £84.99 but by the time his birthday came around it was back to full price at £149.99 which was far too much money. Doing some internet window shopping I found amazon and ebay both have it for sale for approximately £84.99-£89.99 which was more justafieable price wise.

        As my son is still only one he's not in to trains yet, in fact the most recognition he gives any characters etc is Peppa Pig on TV but thats because we have watched that together since he was born and he is used to those sounds. He's still at that beautiful stage where he is stimulated and excited by noises of all types and movement too so although he doesn't realise this is a train he loves it none the less.

        The box itself was delivered by courier and only took 3 days to arrive which was great (courtesy of ebay). The box was far larger than expected but easy to store away until his birthday. The box itself is bright and colourful and features exactly the same picture as shown above. I think I was more excited than anyone at the prospect of watching my son play with it!

        There is no writing on the box, no directions for use etc so you need to open the box to get the full instructions out. By this point it was Joshuas birthday and only then did we realise it needed 12 hours charging time for the battery in the train to work-a bit disappointing as if it said this on the box we would have been more prepared.

        The first step when setting up the train is to remove the seat with a screwdriver and manually connect the wires in order to connect the battery. I found this a bit daunting but actually in reality it was relatively easy to do and took only a minute. Screwing the seat back in place toot toot was ready to begin his charging process!

        The set comes complete with AC charger to use with any household socket so we plugged it in. Sadly there is no light to say it's charging, no nothing so really you are just plugging it in and switching it on and hoping for the best. I don't feel the manufacturers have put much effort in to the organisational process that goes in to setting it up, the instructions provided no help and the lack of customer support was another disappointment.

        Joshua's birthday was the Saturday and by Sunday after 24 hours of constant charging the train still did nothing when the 'on' levre was pushed. By this point we assumed it was broken or the fuse in the plug charger needed replacing. I'm not a very happy consumer when an item comes to you with a fuse needing to be replaced! Still for no other reason than my mind got sidetracked with birthday party planning we left the train plugged in and charging. I was dreading telling me sons doting Grandparents their beautiful gift hadn't yet been enjoyed!

        On Monday a full 2 and a half days after we began charging it my son was pottering around and I heard the strangest noise. I turned round to see him crouched over the train and it was working! It was tooting and reving and my son was clapping with glee! I don't know how he did it but his birthday boy power had bought the train to life! Well done Joshi!

        With this I put the track in place. The 22 pieces can create 2 potential tracks. One just circular and one more oval shape. We decided as this was for indoor use the circular one was best as took up less floor space. We kept the remaining, unused track pieces in the box. The track pieces themselves are plastic and brightly coloured and look perfect for little boys. However we got the red, blue and green train and track you can also purchase the same toot toot train in girlie pinks and purples for your little lady if needed!

        Toot Toot himself came with all his stickers attached so as far as decorating him went that was easy and his cute smiley face is very lovely to see combined with your childs! In order to ride the train you need to position your child on the seat and hvae them hold on to the handle grips at the front. There is one levre for 'on' and 'off' and a switch which lets you choose to go backwards or forwards. There are also three sound buttons. They don't make different dounds thought, but all the same ones so I think one button would have sufficed. There is a small light on the handles that lights up when the noise buttons are pressed but other than that no light for on/off etc.

        The train on the track was a little disappointing too. The only way the train grips the track to create friction to move is by one thin line of rubber going around a small portion of the back wheel. There are three wheels on each side but only the back one has the rubber to grip to the track. The wheels also don't slot in place and it's really difficult to position the train in to a position where it will even move at all-all you can do is guess. The fact that only two wheels have rubber to grip means the train struggles around the corners a lot of the time and to be honest the circular track is barely worth it because you need to practically push it round yourself to aid it. The oval track is a little better but only marginally.

        The speed of the train is average. I was suprised and disappointed it was as slow as it was. I know for younger children to enjoy it and not hurt themselves it needs to be slow, but this is nano speed slow and there is nothing to be done to control or vary this speed. Still my little boy does love sitting on it as it goes round even if I do have to push it a little. In fact he sits on it for ages and enjoys it! It's very cute!

        Due to his age Josh doesn't have the same opinion about this train as I do. He loves it completely and has taken to removing it from the track and using it on the carpet. He also likes to push it round sometimes too rather than letting it push him around. I do worry how the battery will withstands this but to be honest I don't think it's a particulalry well made toy so if it's going to break he may as well enjoy playing with it in what ever way he likes!

        Overall I would give this probably two and half or three stars out of five and that is only because of my sons love for it already. My personal opinion on it is poor-lack of instructions, doesn't work well, took ages to charge, poor quality materials etc. And considering it's normal retail price is almost £150 I would say do no buy at that price. As this was a gift for my son I'm still on the happy (ish) side with it but had I spent my own hard earned money on it I would not be a happy bunny!

        Going forward I do think that as long as this train is durable and lasts then my son should really enjoy playing on it. It's recommended for ages 1-3 years and I would like to think he will still be playing with it at 3 years old, although I assume the novalty will wear off a lot quicker after each go than it does now.

        An average toy, with a high price tag. I think there are much better, and more exciting toys on the market that deserve their price tag but this isn't one of them.


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