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Animagic Tender Care Twins

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Brand: Vivid Imagination / Type: Dolls

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2012 18:07
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      A great toy for children with a lot of imagination!

      For Christmas 2010, whilst browsing round Toys R Us, I came across the Animagics range by Vivid Imagination. The section was full of different interactive animals. Some walked, some talked and others jumped up and down. After a few minutes of looking through the range and seeing if they were worth the money for what they did and which my Daughter would like best I settled on the Tender Care Twins, Max and Mitzi.

      Who Are Max and Mitzi?

      The Tender Care Twins are 2 new-born puppies named Max and Mitzi. One is black with a white face and front legs and the other is brown with a white face and front legs. They both have 2 glass eyes and tough black plastic nose. They are nice and soft to touch with a short furred body, but their ears are very floppy and fuzzly, adding even more to the cuteness.

      The Tender Care Twins come with a stethoscope and a bottle of milk, the object being that you have to literally take care of the twins. As my Daughter was going through a 'I want to be a doctor' phase, I thought that these would be the best buy for her out of the range.

      So, What Do Max and Mitzi Do?

      Max and Mitzi will play very nicely with your child or each other (pretend!), which after a while they will get fed up and start to cry. When they cry, there are 3 things which could be wrong with them. They either want to be together, they are hungry, or they are poorly.

      If they want to be together, then simply just putting them both next to each other will make them happy, which is signalled by a bark. If this is not what they want, then they will not bark and will continue to cry.

      Don't worry, the cry is not like an annoying whimpering, just a small cry which is not continuous, so isn't annoying. The bark is the same; they will do two or three small barks to signal happiness, so again, not very loud and annoying. This is a must with children's toys as all parent's would know, toys with annoying and repetitive noises grind on you after a while, and these are definitely not one of these toys.

      If they are hungry, you simply take the bottle, which is a small plastic bottle with a pink teat, and place the teat onto the puppies' tongues. When you do this you can hear them suckling the 'milk', and when they are full, they will let you know by letting out their happy bark.

      The stethoscope is made of pink and white plastic, with soft rubber nubs on the ears which make them comfortable on your child's ears rather than just being plastic which would hurt them, or if not hurt then they would be rather uncomfortable. When you press the stethoscope onto the puppies' chests, you can hear their heartbeat. This will beat until the puppies' are better, which again is signalled by their happy little bark.

      I don't know how just putting a stethoscope on them makes them better, but it is a child's toy and an imaginative item also, so I suppose you can't look too much into that!

      Do Max and Mitzi Get Fed Up?

      No, my Daughter has had these now for 18 months and also though she's out of her 'I want to be a Doctor' phase, they haven't ran out of fun-ness for her. She enjoys feeding them and making them better.

      Sometimes she will play with just one of them, and others both of them with lots of different, random games. She'll use the dogs with other toys like her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, or she'll buy them from the pet shop with her till! Sometimes she even chooses them as her cuddle toy at night time.

      Don't get me wrong, she doesn't play with them every single day, just like any child with any toy, she'll go a few weeks without playing with them and then find them in her toy box and play with them for a few weeks until she re-finds something else she hasn't played with for a while. So compared to some toys bought the same Christmas which got played with for a week and then come Christmas 2011, still hadn't been played with again, then they were worth it!

      They are a very simple toy, but I think hearing them suck their milk and also bark is a bit more fun than a simple teddy dog, so they are a definite recommendation.

      Also, they take 6 cell batteries which are included, and after 18 months and a lot of play they still haven't ran out, so I haven't had to keep buying batteries for them either, which is a plus for any parent.

      Price and Availability

      Watch out for Amazon, they sell them direct from Vivid Imaginations and are currently selling these at £30!!
      I bought mine from Toys R Us, which does still sell them. I paid £15 for mine, which was 2 years ago nearly, but they are currently only £9.99 at the moment, so please look there first so you do not get ripped off, especially at Christmas time.

      Last Christmas I also bought her the Rabbit from the range and someone bought her the Cat, so she has her own little Vets going on sometimes, and at £9.99 a go you can't complain at the price for what they do.

      They are for ages 3 and up, but my Daughter was fine with them from 2 Years old, but now that she's three, there's a lot more imaginative play with them, so I would say stick to age 3 and above.


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