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Bandai Ben 10 Omnitrix F/X

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Bandai / Type: Electronic Toy

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    2 Reviews
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      15.11.2012 19:48
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      A great toy for fun and adventure.

      Bandai Ben 10 Omnitrix.

      My oldest son went through a Ben 10 obsession not long ago and everything had to be ben 10. Duvet cover, towel you name it, he had it. Well along with his other ben 10 items he absolutely needed the omnitrix, what self-respecting Ben 10 fan could be without one. Right? This one is the basic version which is what we initially bought for him, but he has since been upgraded by Nan to the more expensive and modern version. Nanny does spoil them...lol!

      We bought this in Argos a few years ago for around £20 I think, but I can't quite remember but I have seen them more recently on amazon for £16.99.

      For anyone not in the know, Ben 10 is a cartoon character who has become extremely popular over the past few years. He is a boy who has a watch that can transform him into ten alien creatures. This is a replica of said watch. With the watch he has many adventures, defeating evil aliens and defending the earth. What fun it would be for kids to be able to imitate him.

      The watch strap is made of black flexible plastic and the dial of hard black and green plastic with a small light that illuminates when the button is pressed and the famous transformation noise which is made in the series is made at the same time. The dial also turns for you to select the alien you wish to transform into. The watch itself is great but has a tendency to unclip after a while. It is quite robust and bulky, just like the one portrayed in both the cartoon and the film.

      There are several versions available on the market and many have a lot more features, but this is an ideal product for the younger end of the market as the more elaborate versions are a little too fiddly and complex for little fingers to use, they are better suited to older children. Ben 10 has evolved over the years and so have the omnitrix watches.

      This takes simple CR-2032 3V watch batteries that can be replaced in the back much like normal watches. This watch has given my son endless hours of imaginative fun and although he has a more up to date version he still returns to this one on occasion. He and his friends enjoy playing with these and they have been played with outside being thrown about and played with in a rather rough fashion...as only boys can!! This watch is still going strong and has only a few little scuffs and scratches which don't surprise me as this has gone through the mill. It's a very resilient and hardy toy.

      There are lots of other Ben 10 items to buy that complement this product wonderfully including the dress up set. All of which enhances the enjoyment that kids can get out of this watch. The omnitrix is a great imaginative toy that Ben 10 fans can thoroughly enjoy and immerse themselves in. The watch has been a great addition to my kid's toy box and my youngest son has just recently started to play with the watch, not copying ben 10 but wanting to be like his big brother. My youngest is not really into Ben 10 ...yet!!
      I would definitely recommend buying this for any Ben 10 fan. I'm sure they would definitely have a lot of fun with this and their imagination will grow immensely...and that's what being a kid is about.


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        21.07.2012 20:09
        Very helpful



        Annoying? Slightly, but with two happy children I can't really complain.

        ===What is an Omnitrix?===

        For parents of young boys, this will need not a lot of explanation. Ben 10 is a cartoon show televised on the Cartoon Network. The original show featured a ten year old boy, Ben Tennyson, who discovered an alien watch in a meteor crater. The watch attached to his arm, and he discovered he could use it to change himself into one of ten aliens, which he used as a way to protect people from other aliens. The watch was called the omnitrix, and is the central part to the show.

        There are lots of toy omnitrix's on the market, and we own two different designs, and this one is pretty good as toys go. All of these toys look pretty good, but from our experience, they are not that good to play with. This one was picked by my youngest son as he had some cash burning a hole in his pocket after his birthday, and he wanted to buy himself this when he spotted it in Tesco. This was £14.97, which is a pretty good price for an omnitrix. The toy came home, and was immediately the toy of the moment for both of my children. My eldest was so envious of this toy that world war 3 almost broke out, so we ended up purchasing the same toy again to stop the bickering. This time we picked it up in Smyth's toy store, and the price was a little higher at £16.95.

        ===What does it do?===

        I think the main reason the kids both love this is that they both have a Ben 10 dressing up set, so the omnitrix toy with the outfit really leads to some fantastic role play for them. This watch looks really good. The strap is a couple of inches thick, and has three hook fastening points on it to secure it. I didn't think this would work that well, but the kids can put this watch on themselves independently, and it is secure. It is aimed at children aged 4 plus, so I find that as my kids are 4 and 5 that the wrist band is a little big for them, but it is not so loose that it is falling off and going to break on the floor.

        The watch looks most like the omnitrix used in the first Ben 10 series, and it features the ten aliens that Ben can turn into in this series. These characters are different to the ones you see in Ben 10 Alien Force, and there is also another series, Ultimate Alien, which we have not watched but I imagine here you get to see yet more new aliens, which is probably why there are so many watches to confuse the poor parents.

        The face of the watch is on a movable dial. When the child presses the button under the face it starts to light up. As you turn the dial, you can see the ten aliens one at a time as you rotate it through 360 degrees. These are illuminated through a small cut out on the watch face. When the child gets to the Alien they want to pretend to turn into, they can then press down on the watch face like Ben does in the show. After a few minutes the face pops back up, and makes the sound from the show, a few notes of a mechanical type note which indicates that Ben is about to turn back into himself. This sounds a bit like a battery is running out.

        ===What do we think?===

        Judging by the fact we bought two, I think this toy is pretty good. I can normally make my children share their toys by using a kitchen timer set at 5 minutes and then when the ding goes, they swap. I couldn't get them to share this in the slightest, and they have been very territorial wanting their name written on the toy so they can't get mixed up. I don't personally indulge them usually like this, it's either share it or lose it so neither of you have it, but for the entertainment they get out of this toy, I felt it was worth buying a 2nd one for peace.

        I normally prefer toys to have a bit of educational merit. This one is pure fun. The boys put this on, and their play comes to life before my eyes. I even had my youngest wanting me to put the watch round his ankle as one of the aliens has it on that location on their body. I console myself that having a hobby and being passionate and observant like that can't be that bad.

        The noises made are not so loud that they grate on me like some other toys we have had. It is not a constant thing, and the boys are usually wanting to play outside with this toy where they can climb and rampage a bit without me calming their play. This is not a toy for playing sedately with really thanks to the nature of the show, but I find that I let them get on with it within reason as I am not too worried this watch is going to fall to pieces in their hands. It is designed to be twisted and pressed.

        My only concern with the toy has been that the battery provided with it, one CR-2032 3V battery, did not have a lot of juice in it. The first one we bought went flat within about a week, though I guess you don't know how much other kids play with these in demo mode before you buy them thanks to the holes in the packaging to try before you buy, and toys don't normally come with decent batteries in my experience these days.

        I have two delighted Ben 10 enthusiasts in our house, and they want to wear these constantly. I have caught them with them on in bed, and trying to sneak it on to school to play with their friends. I can safely label this one a hit.


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