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Bandai Tamagotchi Connection Version 2

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4 Reviews
  • Cute characters
  • Cool features
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    4 Reviews
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      16.09.2014 06:01
      Very helpful


      • "Small and portable"
      • "Cool features"
      • "Cute characters"
      • Fun


      A great toy for all pet lovers

      Tamagotchi Connection: Version 2 is a fun and engaging virtual pet with more features and interactivity than one would expect. A lot of people say all a Tamagotchi does is die and poop. Boy, are they wrong! Just feed your pet with the press of a few buttons, play some fun games to keep it happy, and your pet will evolve overtime into a really cute and quirky creature. And yes, it poops, but cleaning up a few black pixels on the screen is better than cleaning poop off a carpet in real life!

      This is the first Tamagotchi to have a shop. You can play games to earn Points, and then buy cool toys. It's so amusing to watch your Tamagotchi play with the toys! The only problem is that the items are quite expensive compared to how much money you get from games. As your Tamagotchi grows, more games become available. The Slot game is only available when your Tamagotchi is an adult. It's a gambling game but it can end up giving you a lot more Points compared to the other games.

      There are so many characters available on this little device, all unique and very cute. Your Tamagotchi will hatch as a baby, and then turn into a child, and then a teenager, and then an adult, and if you keep the pet alive for long enough it may turn elderly. You can even make your pet marry and it will give birth to a new baby for you to raise.

      Newer Tamagotchis have better games and even more features but Version 2 is nonetheless a fantastic Tamagotchi. It provides long lasting entertainment like no other virtual pet does, and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys pet simulations.


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      08.07.2010 21:35
      Very helpful



      A fun little geegaw

      I don't have children. I do like pets and obsessive repetitive activities though!

      Bought one of these for myself and it was worth it. Who wants all the muss and fuss of raising real life pets that simply eat, poop, sleep and sometimes piddle on the landlords furniture when you can get one of these and have none of that?

      It's hardly a decent substitute for a real pet and the assorted learned responsibility that goes hand in hand with a real life, flesh and blood pet though. There's nothing quite like a hamster biting a chunk out of your finger when you wake it up.

      The tamagotchi i got had an autumnal theme on it's case, it was already tinged with sadness at the brief death of summer...

      It weighs next to nothing in the hand, it sits in your palm nice and easy and there's only three buttons on it. What more could you want? As the battery loses it's charge the screen becomes paler and paler, you'll need a grown up to change the batteries because those screws that keep the lithium batteries in are tiny.

      The batteries last for a long time, longer still if you turn the sound off - the sounds are exactly as you'd expect. Irritating to the extreme and somewhat embarrasing if you're meeting up with mates in the pub.

      It's good clean fun though. You have a few options with your Tamababy, punish, praise, feed and play with. If you do well enough your Tamababy will become all TamaGrowedUp and if you've been really good, you'll get another generation of tamagotchi to groom.

      You can, depending on your version, take your tamababy onto the internets and play games with them on the tamagotchi website. You earn lots of different prizes and points that way. It's also got a faint whiff of educational to it.

      When i do have children I will be purchasing them one of these to play with and keeping the easily killed animals away from them. I'd highly recommend one of these for your spawn, future or present. It's a neat toy to play with but it's, as said before, hardly a substitute for a real pet. It might also start the fad again!.


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      18.05.2006 12:38
      Very helpful



      Your annoying plastic pet

      I bought 2 of my kids a Tamagotchi each for Christmas and I would say that now 3 1/2 months later, the novelty has just worn off (coincidently this is how long the battery lasted!).

      -------The product-------

      This is a Tamagotchi version 2 which means you can connect to others by means of an infra red port. They can play games and exchange items this way.

      It comes in a kind of blister pack which is tricky to open. Take care that you don't bin the rather extensive insructions as well.

      I got mine from Toys r us (£12.99) but I have seen them for £11.99 in Tesco.

      They come in a variety of colours but I recommend that you get one of those round the neck mobile phone strings to put it on (you can pick them up for around £1) as the Tamagotchi's are small and easy to loose.

      -------Setting your Tamagotchi----------

      When you finally get into the thing you will be able to set it. You enter your childs DOB (I think the Tamagotchi's are supposed to celebrate it but we haven't had a birthday yet). If you stick a pen in the hole at the back you can also reset it.

      You then need to set date and time etc. It is important that you do this right as the Tamagotchis 'sleep through' you don't want the thing beeping at you all night! They also do 'seasonal activities'. When you haven't played with it for a bit and you look at it, you can sometimes catch it doing things like putting up christmas trees, watching the Easter bunny and building snowmen. They also do the day-to-day stuff like watching TV and having baths etc.

      Once you have done all this your egg will appear on screen. You just have to wait for it to hatch. Once it does you can name it (there is space for 5 characters). A black blob is a boy and a clear blob is a girl. Congratulations you are now the parent of a beeping, pooing spodge!

      --------The Icons---------

      Now you are up and running you need to know about the icons. These are at the very top and the bottom of the screen. There are 10 in all. To select the icons scroll through using the first button (A), to select press B and to cancel press C.

      1. The status icon.

      This displays the hungry and Happy meters (4 hearts that you should try and keep full), the training bar (you get further pieces of bar for praising or disciplining the tamagotchi accordingly). It also shows the age, weight in pounds, generation number, name and the number of points you have (just press B to scroll through).

      2. The feeding icon.

      You can choose to give your tamagotchi a meal, a snack or a treat. The meals and snacks change depending on the development of your Tamagotchi.
      A meal will fill 1 hungry heart and a snack 1 happiness heart. If you give it too many snacks it will get tooth ache (it will beep and display a tooth).
      You can buy your tamagotchi treats from the shop.

      3. The toilet icon.

      Go to this icon to clean up any little 'acccidents' that your tamagotchi may have had. If you see wiggly lines around the tamagotchi and you press this icon in time then your tamagotchi will deposit its load in the toilet. It looks funny doing this. Tamagotchis poo quite frequently (every couple of hours or so). If you leave poo next to your tamagotchi for too long it will become ill and a skull picture will appear.

      4. The games icon.

      Here you can choose to play games, go shopping or play with the items you have already bought.

      When your tamagotchi is born you will only be able to play one game. As it grows up more of these games become unlocked.
      There are 4 games :- jump, bump, heading and slot.
      Play these games to earn points to spend in the shop.

      Jump - Three circles will light up one at a time. Press the corresponding A,B or C button as fast as you can in order to make the tamagotchi jump further and earn more points

      Bump - Try and get as much health as you can on the health bar so as to defeat your opponents. You need to win the round to advance to the next one (there are 8 rounds).

      Heading - Move left or right (A and C) and then press B to jump to head the ball 20 times to win max. points (100).

      Slot - Bet between 1 and 9 points. You need to try and get 3 circles. Triangles give you less money than circles and 3 crosses will earn you nothing. (Max 900).

      Playing games will decrease the weight of the tamagotchi.
      Now you can spend all your hard earned points in the shop!

      The shop keeper will sell 4 things at a time. These are treats for your tamagotchi and items that it can play with (certain items can only be used by tamagotchis that are adults, or children etc). There are 5 secret codes for getting extra items. These are free the first time you use them but if you want more you have to pay next time.


      When the shop keeper appears press the A button until he flings his arms in the air. You can now enter your 8 digit code.

      Costume CBAACABC
      Hair gel ACBCABAC
      Steak BACBCACB
      Love potion (honey) BCBACABA
      Cake (this is sometimes a different costume) ABBACBCC

      All items can be viewed and played with through the items menu in the games icon.

      5. Playmate icon

      Her you can play games with friends if you connect your tamagotchis by using the infra red ports.

      6. Training icon

      You can choose to praise or give your tamagotchi a time out here. If your tamagotchi is in a bad mood (it usually beeps at you) you can praise it to cheer it up. You will earn more training bar.

      If your tamacotchi is misbehaving (e.g. beeping when its happiness and hungry meters are full or it sends a poo as a present and giggles) you can give it a time out to earn more training points.

      7. Medicine/health icon.

      Go to this if your tamagotchi has tooth ache or the skull icon is showing. It may take a coulpe of goes to cure it.

      8. Light icon

      You can turn the lights out on your tamagotchi when it is in bed. It will beep to tell you that it is asleep. You should turn the lights out then so it sleeps better. The lights will automatically switch on when it wakes up in the morning.

      9. Friends icon.

      Here you have a list of all the people you have connected with (rather like a tamagotchi's little black book). It will show your friends name. gender and how compatible you are (shown by smiley faces and hearts).

      You can also opt to send a present to a friend either a treat or one of your items. Just wrap it up then connect via infra red. The more you send the more compatible they become.....fickle little things!

      10. Attention icon.

      This icon can't be selected but lights up when yout tamagotchi wants something. Check health and happiness etc.

      ---------Tamagotch growth cycle------

      Sounds a bit like school doesn't it!!

      A tamagotchi will go through a number of stage, baby, child, teenager, adult and old person. It will change in appearance at each stage. What it becomes at each stage depends on how you take care of it. 1 tamagotchi year is roughly 1 day so the changes are good as they keep the child interested. Each tamagotchi lasts just over a week in my experience before it falls in love has a baby and the dies (leaving the baby behind as the next generation). The new baby can be renamed and inherits its parents items and money (very nice!), but if your tamagotchi dies before it reproduces you loose all the items and money you had.

      If your tamagotchi reaches about 6 years and still hasn't found it's 'soul mate' some ugly old hag comes around and tries to pair you up. Should you choose to fall in love then you get fireworks and then lumbered with a baby. The adult only then lasts a day or so before disappearing leaving the baby - they aren't the best of parents these tamagotchis!

      ---------What I think about them-------

      All in all I have been quite impressed with these. They aren't too annoying as you can turn the sound off (just press A and C together). We have lost them a couple of times but they beep every now and then so you can track them down.

      They are pretty robust, one of ours almost survived the washing machine. It worked for a bit before finally giving up the ghost!

      The only draw back that I have found is tracking down spare batteries. I thought they might have lasted longer than 3 months which is how long it took for them both to run out. On the plus side you do get plenty of notice before they go and you have the option of down loading the data so you can save it.

      The kids have lost interest in them a bit but they still have a play with them every now and then. In the mean time I lovingly tend their every need to keep them going.

      I think that a version 3 is due out soon with more characters that the tamagotchi can change into, so it might be worth holding on before you buy one.


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        09.02.2006 10:27
        Very helpful



        A hand held electronic cyber pet toy. great fun to play with. A non-messy pet!

        If you have ever fancied a pet that doesn't make a mess, doesn't smell, doesn't drain your finances or roll in the mud, then I might have just the thing for you. But, if you need the love and affection of wet kisses and a waggy tail then you might find this pet a little lacking.

        The Tamagotchi
        The first electronic cyber pet hit the world back in November 1996. It was a pet in your pocket, a computer chipped pet which you fed and played games with until it grew up. The tamagotchi is a small hand held computer game which is simple to use and fits within the palm of an adult hand.

        The craze swept the UK in the 1990s but soon fizzled out. Our kids got one when they were (too) small and it was never properly played with and ended up no doubt at the next school fair. The tamagotchi craze ended because the pet was rather boring. You fed it, played games with it and if you forgot it died and you had to start again.

        Enter the Tamagotchi Connection Version 2
        The makers of the tamagotchi are Bandai, a Japanese company. They have recently come up with an ingenious idea to restart the tamagotchi craze. Version 2 was launched in 2005. This time round the tamagotchi is more of an interactive toy because you can connect tamagotchis via infra red and make them become friends, share presents and have babies!

        Cyber Pet
        The tamagotchi connections version 2 cyber pet is slightly oval in shape and has a hard plastic colourful casing with a screen in the centre. It is small (approx 3cm x 2.5cm) and has a key ring at the top so that you can attach it to a clip or whatever you like. Underneath the screen are three raised buttons to control the functions on screen. These are buttons A, B, C (although they are not labelled), but it is useful to know this for further understanding of how to work the controls.

        Button A
        Pressing button A chooses the function items which are all around the edge of the screen. These are:

        • Health Meter • Food • Poop Scoop • Games and Goods
        • Playmates • Behaviour • Medicine • Sound •Friends

        Button B
        The middle button activates time and date settings and is used to select the highlighted function of Button A.

        Button C
        This is the deslection button and returns you to the main screen.

        Getting Started
        When you first get your tamagotchi, a tab is released to start the life of the pet. An egg appears on screen and within a couple of minutes it hatches and you will discover if you have got a boy or a girl pet. You then choose a birth day for your baby and programme in a name of your choice (up to 5 letters). The aim is now to care for your pet by feeding it, cleaning up it's mess, playing games with it and dishing out medicine if it becomes sick or gets toothache. To care for your tamagtchi pet properly you also need to discipline it so that it doesn't become a spoilt brat! It is possible to raise your pet to age 23+, but I think the best we have managed is 8 years.

        Learning the Controls
        Playing with the tamagotchi is the best way to learn how to care for your pet. The tamagotchi comes with minimal instruction so it is really a case of trying it and finding your own way around. You may well find this quite addictive once you get started! When your pet is a baby it requires really frequent attention but it also sleeps a lot so you are unable to do anything with it whilst it sleeps. (There is a way to wake it up though), perhaps I shouldn't tell you that, it's cruel to wake a sleeping baby!

        If you don't care for your baby properly it gets in a grump and won't play games. You then have to discipline it (no longer give it a spank as in the first edition) but give it time out and then praise!

        Caring for your Pet
        A series of love hearts informs you whether you are caring for your pet properly. If it is hungry you will see 5 clear love hearts; when the pet is not hungry, all these hearts become black. There is a similar chart for the happiness of your pet. If it is unhappy, you need to play games with it, give medicine if it is sick (indicated by a little tooth for tooth ache or a skull face for sickness), give your pet praise or buy it a treat from the shop.

        Paying for your Pet
        Playing games with your pet wins you money to be added to your account. With this money you can buy special items from the shop which are for sale These can be edible treats or goods like boots or a bow tie! The maximum you can have in your account is £99.99 but it takes a long time to achieve this as you only win a few pence per game.

        The version 2 tamagotchi has an infra red connection at the top of the toy which if placed near another transfers information so that you can make a boy and a girl fall in love and have a baby! They can also share presents this way. This makes the toy much more fun than the old version because it can be played together with friends.

        This game is great fun and I would suggest best suited to children age 6 and above. It is great for car journeys (in daylight). Tamagotchi version 2 does not get boring, in fact over time you discover lots of new and interesting things about your pet. For example, the type of pet that hatches can be different each time, from a duck faced creature to an onion shaped thingy. Then there are moments when your pet appears on screen having a bath or watching TV. There are 4 games to play but you don't get them all until you've managed to care for your baby to various stages. When you progress far enough to get the best game called slot, where if you hit the jackpot of OOO, you get £9.99 added to your account and fireworks on screen!! The first time you do this you cannot be silent about your achievement!!

        If you able to care for your pet well, you can proceed through several generations. The child of the parent grows to adulthood, reproduces and then the parent dies (symbolised by a pair of wings)..RIP ma/pa!

        One of the best things about the tamagotchi is that you can start it again if your pet dies. You can get either a boy or a girl so if you are not happy with the sex of your pet to start with you can reset it by poking a sharp object in the hole at the back to restart the egg hatch.

        Then there are some fun things that you can programme into your tamagotchi. Tama codes. These can be found on tamatalk.com. You can get some extra treats for your tamagotchi by keying in codes. This can give your pet a frizzy hairstlye, love potion so it can have cyber babies (without a mate), a whole cake and more.

        The tamagotchi is usually sold in bigger toy shops and is also available on Amazon, Firebox.com, Woolworths and John Lewis. It retails for between £10 and £13. There are lots of different colours to choose from.

        Final Note
        The tamagtchi is small and can be easily lost. We know this as ours was lost for about 2 weks. I swear I was going mad hunting for it. Every now and again I would hear it's little electronic cry and was unable to locate the sound. Extremely frustrating! So, if you get one, attach a scoubie cord to it... and if you don't know what a scoubie is then you've missed another craze...

        Oh and another thing, if you're a light sleeper, you may hear your pet singing in the night time, (although you can turn the sound off). Much more bearable than a dog pining to go outside for a wee though!

        Thanks for reading.


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      • Product Details

        Tamagotchi Connection! The egg-shaped toy simulates the life cycle of a pet, letting kids experience the fun and responsibility of caring for their digital pet. Features new infrared communication allowing it to become friends with other Tamagotchis!

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