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Bandai Tamagotchi Familitchi - Lime Heart

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Brand: Bandai / Age: 3 Years+

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    1 Review
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      22.07.2010 01:29
      Very helpful



      Fun for a while, but the novelty soon wears off

      I have always found Tamagotchis a bit creepy. My first one was a grinning koala that waved maniacally at me all afternoon, then died during the night. I woke up to see it hanging upside down like a victim of some ruthless Australian culling. But this is the next generation Tamagotchi, so I had to see if they'd changed for the better. They haven't. The only thing more antisocial than fiddling around trying to feed a virtual creature is when you have to deal with their family too, as is required of the Tamagotchi Familitchi guardian.

      There are more than sixty characters available this time round, and decisions are important. It is up to the owner how the family fares, and there are seven different outcomes depending on how you treat your 2D friends. You can go to Tamagotchi town and redeem Gotchi points to treat your Familitchi. This part was fun, but it can be a bit fiddly to select the product then navigate through the menu to select payment. There is more focus on online interaction with this model too. If you're inclined you can set off on virtual adventures with other Tamagotchi fans from around the globe. I didn't do this though, as to be honest there's plenty to occupy you working through the puzzles and keeping the whole Tamagotchi family satisfied. Some nice bonuses are the meetings you can attend if you attain a certain level of gameplay. The king is free for occasional soirees, and you can go for tea with the parents of you Familitchi.

      A couple of things I didn't like was that only three characters can appear on the screen at once, and the graphics are no further advanced than they have been in other versions I've seen. The bizarre knobbly bit of plastic sticking out of the screen can present a bit of a hazard if you carry the Tamagotchi in your pocket, too.

      In all, a nice concept that is reasonably well executed, but there's not enough to occupy your attention for very long. After you get past the novelty of having more than one character to care for, it's a case of 'same old, same old.'


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    • Product Details

      Get set for Tamagotchi Familitchi - the most radical Tamagotchi ever! You still have all the fun features from previous versions; But now you must raise your Tama-family with up to 3 family members appearing on the screen at once! - so brothers, sisters, mums and dads! Depending on how you raise your Tamagotchi you can become 7 different fun families.

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