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Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Fetch Stick Gaston

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Manufacturer: Golden Bear LTd.

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    1 Review
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      23.01.2012 17:00
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      4/5 stars for the great toy and my daughter loves it.

      Ben and Holly's little kingdom is another of Hollie's favourite programmes to watch on Nick Jr. We usually watch it after the programmes on Cbeebies have started to get rubbish, and turn over to see what we can find. Whenever she hears the theme song at the beginning start up, she rushes around to get her spot right in front of the TV.

      ===============Who are Ben and Holly?==============
      Ben and Holly are characters in the programme "Ben and Holly's little kingdom" where Ben is an Elf and Holly is a Fairy. Holly's dad is King Thistle and live in the the little castle, and Ben lives with all the other elves in the great elf tree.
      Other characters include: Nanny Plum, Gaston the Lady Bird, Daisy and Poppy (Holly's sisters), The wise old Elf and King and Queen thistle. Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom was created by the same makers as Peppa Pig. If you watch Peppa pig religiously like in this house, you will notice they use the same voices for both programmes.

      =============Gaston the Ladybird toy==================

      Gaston is Ben and Holly's friend who barks. Ben flies on him as he can't fly whereas Holly can because she is a fairy!. He lives inside a big rock/hill which is dirty and smelly, just the way he likes it.
      The toy is a soft toy which does 2 different things:
      *1. The first is in my pictures. You can lift back his red and black spots as they are stuck down with velcro, which uncovers his wings.
      My daughter sits on him all the time holding his antennas and shouts "Giddy up Gaston!!"
      *2. When you pull the stick in Gaston's mouth, it comes out on an elasticated fabric bound string which when you let go, he vibrates and barks. The reason I have this 4 stars instead of 5 was because when you do this, it lasts for about 2-3 seconds which isn't very stimulating for a young child when it is rather difficult to pull.

      his eyes are cheeks have been embroidered on and his antennas look like they are made from some sort of cording.
      His body and legs are made from soft woolen felt fabrics (best for the velcro), his spotty panels are made of silk with screen printed spots and his wings are made from organza.

      Hollie loves this toy, she gets him out everytime we are watching the programme and she also had a Ben and a Holly doll so she sits with them next to each other on the sofa. She also likes that she can pretend to fly on him!.

      My opinion::
      I bought this in home Bargains for £3.99 as a small gift for Hollie in November. It is definitely the best bargain I have managed to get on toys as on Amazon it is £7.99!.
      Even the individual Ben and Holly cost me more and they are smaller and are just soft toys. If i'm honest, this toy isn't worth the £7.99 that is being charged on Amazon. It is probably more near the £4-5 mark. You cannot change batteries as the label states
      "This sound device is not replaceable once battery is exhausted. Average battery life 6 months, less if in constant use".
      As Hollie finds it hard to pull, lets hope it lasts longer than that!.
      Once it is exhausted, it will just be a soft toy which Hollie won't be so interested in.

      LABEL INFO::
      Surface wash with warm water only. Do not put into washing machine as contains electrics.
      Golden bear toys
      Made in China

      Hope you enjoy my review also on ciao


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