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Blossom Farm Lullaby Projector

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Brand: Blossom Farm

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    1 Review
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      15.11.2012 10:45
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      Decent, if not perfect Light show and Lullaby Projector from ELC

      When my four month old son recently made the move from sleeping in his moses basket to his cot both his mummy and myself made sure that he had a variety of items to make the transition as stress-free as we could for him. He has a number of plush toys positioned in the corners of his cot, these help to fill the space that looked too large for him when he first moved into there, a baby-friendly mirror with cheerful-looking characters that amuse him greatly and this lullaby projector light show in the Blossom Farm range from ELC.

      Because my son still doesn't sleep through the night and wakes up for a feed at around 4am we wanted something that would attract his attention and soothe him when he wakes up in the dark and this light projector has proven to be a great choice. It's part of the Blossom Farm range of characters and toys that ELC produce and features cutesy cartoon animals, the projector is made from tough, durable plastic, it's very chunky in design and feels very robust. It is attached to the bars of a cot by means of two thick plastic straps that fold over and tuck out of the way once in position and comes complete with a handy remote control unit which has a variety of functions. The projector light itself has a twistable focus lens and once the light show is projected onto the ceiling in my son's nursery it can be adjusted to eliminate any blurring. It's quite a simple light show and features the animals in the Blossom Farm range moving around in a circle, it's bright and light and certainly attracts my sons attention and I like how calming the effect seems to have on him - be aware though that over time the projector does take on a 'whirring' sound, it's not that loud and shouldn't disturb anyone but it does sound quite mechanical and a potential annoyance to some. On the front of the unit is a screen that displays colours in a prism/scrolling-effect, this is quite bright I have to admit and some may say that it's not particularly soothing as it can resemble a bit of a fast light-show but it has no adverse effect on my son and he finds the colours to be fascinating although I suspect that others may disagree.

      There are a number of settings on both the projector unit and remote control and you can switch the light show on from both, it can be set to be noise-activated which is a great function I think as it means that when my son wakes up in the night and starts to cry he is quickly soothed by the light show that starts to play. It's musical too and although it features generically 'plinky plonky' music which I personally find to be slightly on the annoying side it's entertaining enough for my son who seems to enjoy it. The buttons on both the unit and remote control are big and chunky and the remote is responsive when used. I like how it does have its own remote control as this means we can switch off the unit once baby has gone back to sleep without having to disturb him and I think that for the money it cost to buy that it made for a fine purchase.

      Getting into the battery compartment is fiddly though which is the only disappointment I have with the unit, you do need a thin screwdriver to take off the panel and the screws are tiny and are prone to ping off with very little force. It is quite draining for batteries and a bit of a battery monster as well given the fact it needs 3 'C' cell ones in the projector unit and another 4 (I think) AA ones for the remote control, the remote lasts longer than the projector ones fortunately but you will need a decent supply of batteries to hand if you have the unit set on the noise-activated setting so do be aware if this is something you are considering buying.

      All in all I do like the Lullaby Projector light show and my son finds it interesting and soothing, it's suitable for all ages although is probably best suited to newborns and young babies. There are a number of niggles that prevent me from giving it a hugely glowing review here; the whirring sound from the projector could be annoying for some, the light show on the front screen could be a bit manic for some babies and the battery compartment is fiddly to get in to. Other than those concerns the unit itself is very well made I think, the remote control is responsive and I do think that overall it's very well made and just about worth the £22.00 price I paid for my sons when I bought it a few months ago. Nowadays it's available for £16.00 which makes it a better buy I think and if you already have some other items from the Blossom Farm range then this could well be a worthwhile addition to a baby's nursery.

      Four stars as a rating from me, it's not perfect but my son likes it so that's the main thing as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for reading my review.


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    • Product Details

      At a Glance Multi functional, soft coloured light show to soothe baby, which you can stand on a table or hang on the cot. Features and benefits for Blossom Farm Lullaby Projector Light Show Requires 3 x C Batteries batteries (included) Soothe your baby to sleep with this soft coloured light show. Stand it on a table, or hang it on the cot. Your baby can watch the screen or see the lights projected on the ceiling. The handy remote control with door- knob strap means you can turn it on or off without disturbing baby.Requires 3 x C batteriesSuitable from birth.