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BV Leisure Racing Grannies GGG

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Brand: BV Leisure / Age: 3 Years+

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    1 Review
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      25.03.2009 15:10
      Very helpful



      Jerremy Clarkson will be test driving this soon...

      If you like scalectrix then you'll love this one just for the pure silliness of it all, it is one of them games that will entertain, although maybe infuriate your kids for many hours.
      Although looking at the box you could almost scream ageism as you laugh at the image of two wheelchair-bound grannies with a mad expression of non-sportsmanship etched on their faces...Just remember, it is only a game made to entertain, not a product meant to insult.

      ** WHAT IS IT..?

      It is a simple little racing game for two players, although you can play solo, and involves trying to beat your opponent as you both hurtle your wheelchair bound granny around a short, but rather tricky track, whilst trying not to send her hurtling into outer space, (alright, maybe not outer space, but still..!!)


      When you open the box you will quickly unpack the few contents which include...

      # 2 grannies in wheel chairs.
      # 2 controllers, each needing 2 AA batteries (not supplied)
      # 10 pieces of track (four curved and 2 'chicanes' straight pieces)
      # 8 plastic fence pieces

      Then it is a simple matter of unravelling the plastic ties that bind the pieces together and piecing the track together by following the instructions, although the track is almost self explaining as the oval shape track emerges before your very eyes. (this is easy if you have ever put any form of scaletrix track together).

      Once the track is clicked together you simply slot on the fence pieces, usually around the edges of the curved pieces, this helps stop your 'granny' from flying off the track too far, although I find if you hit the fence at some speed the grannies will fly quite nicely.
      Now the track and fence is constructed it is a simple matter of fitting the batteries into the controller which are connected by wires to the track, you will need to supply four AA batteries, two for each controller, and a small cross head screwdriver to get the cover on/off.

      Finally, place the grannies onto the track, making sure the little metal contact brushes on the bases of the wheel chaired grannies are touching the metal strips running around the track...
      The controllers are simple to use once you get used to the correct amount of thumb pressure, consisting of a single sliding button which when pushed forward makes your granny speed up, then when released slows your granny down... easy as that really.

      And that's it... you're ready to become the next Lewis Hamilton of the scaletrix world, well maybe his granny anyway...

      ** IN CONCLUSION...

      This is a low cost entertaining little racing game for all the family to enjoy, (aged 3 and above according to the box), and will bring so many smiles and laughter as you race the grumpy looking grannies around the track.
      On first sight it looks an easy task to get the wheel chaired bound old ladies around the very short track but once you push that little button forward on the control you soon realise just how trick it is to get the rather rapid little grannies round the first bend.
      The little controllers can be somewhat tricky to get the hang of initially, learning to give just the right amount of pressure on the fragile looking controller takes a little getting used to, but once you have the knack you will laugh as the grannies hurtle round at some speed.
      As for the funny looking little figures sat in their wheelchair, ready to shoot round the track with the speed of a thousand gazelles being pursued by a hungry pride of lions, well they are simply hilarious, with there podgy faces under the standard grey hair, with little dark glasses covering there eyes and a well knitted blanket keeping their legs warm as they sit forwards in the chair... they are a stereotypical granny, only these have a need for speed.

      In all, you will be laughing like hyenas at this brilliant bit of fun and as it is not a humongous sized track it can easily be left set up on a table top ready for the next race meeting of the Granny brigade.

      If you are interested in this crazy bit of fun and don't mind feeling a little ageist when finding the flying grannies totally hilarious, watching as the bash, crash and thrash their way round the track, then you can get this from www.amazon.co.uk for around £12.00, or shop around for any offers, you'll be glad you did.


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    • Product Details

      Eat dust as the golden oldies go for gold! Have some galloping geriatric fun with this great racing grannies game! Eat dust as the golden oldies go for gold. Drive your old biddy round the bend and first into the queue for the blue rinse! Includes 2 granny racers, a 10 piece track and two controllers.

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