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Chad Valley Cash Register

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6 Reviews

Brand: Chad Valley / Age: 5 Years+

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    6 Reviews
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      17.02.2013 11:11
      Very helpful



      A basic till that my children enjoy

      My youngest son is beginning to grow up and seeing how happy he was playing with his sisters role play toys we decided to buy him a few for his birthday presents. First thing I will say is that the age recommendation is three years plus and my son is only two. We have found it has been perfect for him to use, and other than the play coins that could be a choking hazard if your child is still putting things to their mouth it is perfectly usable by a younger child.

      ===The set===

      The first thing I noticed was the size of the cash register. It is very small compared to previous versions we have owned but this seemed to have no effect on my son at all and he was over the moon with his present. It has a flat bottom so it can sit stable so there are no problems while little one is trying to play supermarkets. The colours are right and attractive and can be suited to both a boy and a girl which is great as all of my children like to play along. You do need 2 AA batteries that are not provided with the toy. The cash register still works without them, but for the sounds to be activated you do need to inset the batteries. They last very well and since May last year we have yet to have to replace the batteries which is good.

      It is set out well and they do have young children in mind. It has a conveyor belt but this is small, somewhere to swipe the credit card and a number of accessories with the set. We have had both the basket and trolley set from Chad valley before and unfortunately the play food is the same quality. The boxes of food are made with thin cardboard so do not withhold play from small hands for long, and although the other plays food items are a little more durable they are still forgettable. My children tend to scan anything but the play items that came with this toy but this does not limit is usability.

      ===In use===

      All of the buttons are large and easy to use and it has everything little one needs to work at the checkout. The keypad adds up the totals as little one goes along and displays them clearly so they can actually take note of the total as they go along. There is a large cash button that opens the till and all the small details like beeping noise, music and interactive features are well thought out to make it both basic but interesting. We did find it can be a little too small at times and things tend to fall off the belt, the money has become lost and generally the till gets knocked and bumped around in play. It has lasted well and other than losing the accessories it is in full working order.

      The toy money is a good addition as it would be with any shopping set as it introduces little one to the idea of paying for items. It is also perfect to introduce them to the real world and the idea of using money and receiving change. This mixed with a till that actually adds up totals and displays them to little one is not only perfect for imagination, but also introduces little one to numbers and life skills. We have lost most of the play money but as they have other bits and pieces from similar sets they tend to use these. My younger children do look at the number but are not too interested, whereas my five year old son loves trying to add up in his head with the calculator.

      The draw on this toy can be a little bit of a nuisance. My son is younger than the recommended age range, but I have two children older than it and they still find it difficult to use. When you open the draw it opens with a satisfying click. Sometimes it opens with no problems at all but at times it can stick which can be frustrating for young toddlers trying to give mummy some change. Also the compartments inside are not very well thought out. There are different compartments for coins, cards and the notes which seem like a great idea. As the cash register is so small this means the compartments at the back can be hard to get too, and many of the notes have now been ripped or crunched up while trying to take them out of the toy.

      One of the things my children like the most about this toy is the way it beeps when you use the scanner to put items through the till. The same happens when you pay with a credit card and so the card seemed to dominate the payment methods just so they can hear the sound effects which are a nice touch. The little tune it plays is short and sweet but my children absolutely adore it as this is how they see mummy and daddy pay for their groceries (minus the little dance and music when we pay) and so it was nice the toy is up to date as such.

      It is perfect for role play and imagination, but also for introducing simple addition and money. It also promotes co operative play by allowing all my children to interact and play with each other. They take it in turns to be the shop keeper and customer, and of course if you have other supermarket role play items this can be used perfectly with them. I have been surprised with the amount of use it has received. My children all love this toy so it is used very often and not just for supermarkets they manage to bring it in to just about every game they play. Each and every one of them enjoys playing with it and it has become a great addition to their toys.


      To be honest despite a few problems for the price we paid for this toy it has lasted extremely well. It is a cheap toy at just £10 or two toys for £15, and we have found it to be both easy on the budget but also a very good role playing toy for my son. It is smaller than expected and this causes some problems but it also has positives as it does not take up much room in the toy box. As I have four children anything that saves on space is a godsend as we all ready have an overflowing playroom. It has lasted well despite being bashed and used by three toddlers aged five, four and two so the company do have little people in mind when designing the toy. I would highly recommend this cash register it is basic but so is the price so really there is nothing to complain about.


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      06.06.2012 20:55
      Very helpful



      no longer appreciated as much in our home

      ~Cash Register~

      Age recommendation - 3yrs +
      Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)
      Size 17.8 x 24.7 x 12.7cm

      This cash register (till) has been manufactured by Chad Valley. It is part of their range of products designed to encourage role play amongst pre-schoolers and a trolley/play food set can also be purchased.

      In the box you will receive :

      *cash register
      *play food
      *play money (notes, coins and a credit card)

      This cash register features a digital display which acts as a calculator. It can be turned on and off (always beneficial for us adults). There is a card swiper and a conveyor belt to enhance the realistic appearance of the toy.

      ~Price and Availability~

      This complete cash register set is priced at £9.99 from Argos. It is part of a long running '2 for £15.00' offer.

      ~Our Thoughts~

      Our son was obsessed with supermarkets just before Christmas and we ended up buying him a trolley, play food and a till from the Chad Valley range. They are affordable when purchased as part of the '2 for £15.00' offer. Boo has now owned his till for nearly 6 months and it has been used less and less over the pass few weeks as he has moved on to more advanced and fun toys! The battery compartment requires a little screwdriver to open it and appears very secure. This toy doesn't drain the batteries quickly which is good.

      ~Appearance and Quality~

      This till is suitable for boys or girls due to the neutral colour scheme of red, blue, green and yellow. It is made of sturdy and bright plastic and has withstood being thrown in the toy box without any cosmetic damage. It is a good size for a toddler to play about with and sits neatly on a flat surface.

      The till is well designed with chunky number buttons. The number pad actually works as a calculator and the numbers your child types in are clearly displayed. There is a big 'cash' button which works regardless if the toy has batteries in it and this pops the till tray open. The little conveyor belt does move but does require a bit of shoving to get it to move!

      There is a nice selection of accessories with this till but if your child wants a proper supermarket or shop scenario, you will need to add to the collection as we have done. The age limit is spot on as the coins are small and could pose a choking hazzard. The notes are still in good condition but we have lost the credit card. The range of food is basic but there is a few bottles/tins and some little (and very flimsy) boxes. Most of them have been damaged or mixed in with the other play food we have.

      ~Supermarket Sweep!~

      Whilst the supermarket items we have are not used much now, my son and nephew occasionally bring them out to play about with. I suppose playing shops is more girly but boys can have fun with it too! My niece (who is 5) will play with this when she visits too. There isn't much to the till as it doesn't have a massive range of features so it does require a level of imagination!

      The till isn't overly noisy. The number keys 'bleep' as you press them. The till tray makes no noise when my son presses the cash button. The swiper at the side is designed to encourage your child to swipe the credit card. Doing this results in a little tune being played which my son always finds amusing and it reminds us of the music they play in amusement arcades!

      My son and nephew usually take it in turns to be the cashier and put the till on Boos plastic table. The trolley gets parked up at the side and any 'food' is put on the table ready to be swiped. I do feel the till would be more fun (for the boys) if the conveyor belt made a noise as the food is swiped. The boys usually swipe the food, put it back in the trolley (think Lidls more than Tesco) whilst ringing it up on the display.

      Cash is handed over, change is given (and usually dropped down the sofa or hoovered up) and the shopper is sent on their merry way. My son is only 4 so isn't fully aware of how much change etc to give or numbers (except counting from memory) but my niece makes use of the calculator and number function more effectively. The calculator works well and I have used it myself when I have found myself needing to do some quick sums and it has been the nearest thing to me!


      Overall this till is of a decent quality and is fairly fun to use. My son did get bored of it but I feel it is because he has simply bypassed the supermarket phase and is more onto cars and building sets! I can see it heading to another child soon to get the use from it.

      4 stars

      Thanks for reading :)


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        04.03.2010 16:37
        Very helpful



        Good for role-play.

        Easter is only just around the corner, I have already nipped into Sainsbury's to take advantage of the three chocolate Easter eggs for a fiver but I usually buy Mia and Nathan an extra little gift too.
        I had no intentions of spending a fortune on another toy that would be thrown into the toy box after an hour but I wanted to find a toy that they could share and enjoy.
        When I saw the Chad Valley cash register on the Argos website I knew that the present wouldn't last until Easter, I was longing to hand it over to them to have some fun with.

        Mia is the elder child and she loves to be in charge, Mia really enjoys playing shops and the game always seems to involve her little brother Nathan in some way or another.
        They have a fair collection of toy `food` and their Mum saves all of the empty cardboard boxes and plastic tubs reseals them and they are an essential part of their `shop`.
        It can be good fun to listen in when Mia and her friends ( with Nathan in tow ) start to play shops, the banter is hilarious. All of them want to be the shopkeeper so there is a bit of a fight at the beginning of the game!

        At the moment they have been using an old chocolate finger tin as their cash register and they are allowed to have some brass coinage as well as some old Monopoly money that acts as notes.
        I saw the Chad Valley cash register and quickly realised that this had to be the ideal Easter gift and at £9.99 it was not out of my price range either.
        Chad Valley recommend that the toy is for ages three and above. I must add though that the cash register is not that large, the box looks bigger but when you open it you realise that the bits and pieces are packed on top of the cash register.

        The cash register is really funky looking, the main part of the durable plastic casing is a bright daffodil yellow and the keypad on the front is blue with bright yellow buttons, in fact the whole set up looks really eye catching. The cash register has an inbuilt scanning unit that sits to the left of the keypad the scanner does have a red light on it )and the actual drawer for the cash is in green plastic, the drawer has three sections, one for notes and two for coins. The coin sections are fine but the larger drawer at the back for the notes would have been better if it was a little larger, the notes are a bit crammed in.
        Chad Valley have had the forethought and they have included a bit of plastic play money and a few notes, a few items of food for the customers and a little plastic basket for the customers to put their shopping into. The thing that made me really giggle was the plastic credit card that was in the pack ! And believe it or not there is a swipe mechanism on the till just to make it all the more realistic.
        The cash register needs two AA batteries, now these do not come supplied so make sure that you have a couple to hand, the batteries are essential because they activate the noises of the scanner as it `beeps` and when you swipe the credit card the machine plays a little tune.

        We were more than happy to be invited to the first shopping session and of course Mia was the checkout girl. I feel that Chad Valley have designed this toy really well, the sounds are so realistic. I was next in the queue and Mia calculated my bill by adding it up on the keypad, which then realistically calculates it and shows the sum total on the digital display unit above the keypad.
        The whole scenario was quite `real`, the checkout girl took my money, she was looking very serious until I said to her that girls who worked on tills were supposed to smile !, then she took my paper money, pressed the till open button and her face was a picture and the drawer went `bring` and popped open. To her credit she did take some time to examine the numbers on the keypad before she took my money but the inbuilt calculator could make a useful maths tool.
        In a very professional manner Mia dealt with my transaction and gave me my change then it was on to the next customer who just happened to be Nathan who was hanging onto Mum wailing that he wanted a go!

        So Chad Valley have created a very realistic toy that is fabulous for role play, the cash register is quite durable and it needs to be if it is going to stand the test of time.
        The bleeping, pinging and the melodies that it plays enable the game to be even more realistic. I am going to find some more plastic money for them because the coins seem to go `walkies` quite easily and if they have shopping outing that involve friends then they will need some more coinage.
        For the cashier there are some valuable lessons to be learned, as I have already said I said to Mia that cashiers have to be pleasant to their customers ( how long that idea will last I do not know ) and the of course the cashier is in charge and that gives them certain responsibilities.
        I asked if I could have my goods `on tick`, of course Mia had no idea what I was talking about but when I fully explained that I wanted to pay later she was quite indignant.

        A brilliant toy for the imagination, the kids can have great fun and games ( so can the adults!)
        Playing shops involves developing social skills, you need to be a patient `queuer`, you may have to pass the time of day with others in the queue, the cashier needs to keep a level head and a smile on his/her face and of course there may be the odd customer that you refuse to serve !
        All in all a wonderful toy, the one and only small hitch is that you can only have the one cashier and they just have to take turns.
        This basic Chad Valley toy is well worth the money and it is such good fun.


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          23.04.2009 12:29
          Very helpful



          Educational, fun and entertaining all at the same time

          We bought this from Woolworth and it is really good. My children have all played with it and its always a favourite when their friend come round to.
          It is a good size with large bright buttons with the numbers clearly marked on each as well as a other buttons that you would find on a real till like + and cash etc. The display for the price is clear and large and it does work like a real calculator, which is great for them practicing there maths. The little shopping basket is perfect for little hands but you cant fit much into it. The scanner is very authentic beeping and flashing when pressed, the microphone sounds just like a tannoy and sometime it can be a bit to loud if the childs mouth is to close to it. It has a bit down the side to swipe the credit cards that are provided. They are very real looking and I was also impressed with the quality of the money. Although I would have preferred the coins to like more like real money, they are a good size and the numbers are easy for the children to read. The notes are made of very thick shiny paper making it hard for them to tear unlike other paper notes.
          The drawer is easy to operate at the touch of a button and comes woith a key to lock it and the pieces of shopping supplied like milk, tomato ketchup, apple etc are all well made. The only issue I have is with the conveyor belt that is really stiff and needs 2 hands to operate and this can make the shopping fall off.
          Its unfortunate that Woolies is no longer there because toys like these were great value at £9.99


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          24.10.2008 14:47



          Great entertainment

          We brought this for our 3 year old son recently. We paid £14.99 from our local woolworths. The toy takes 3 aa batteries.

          It is made of though colourful plastic. It comes with loads of accessories such as a small shopping basket, a selection of different foods, play money and a credit card. The main part of the toy is the till itself is an actuall working calculator which helps with a childs maths and hand eye co-ordination. Once you press one of the numbers on the till you hear a beep and the number comes up on the display window on the till. On the bottom of the till there is a large orange button once pressed you hear a bing and the draw pops open for you to put the money in.

          Next to the till on the left is a moving conveyor belt. Where you can place items and move them along to scan them.

          To the right of the till is a scanner which a child can pick up and scan the itmes on the conveyor belt when the button is pressed it beeps and a red light appears to scan the item.

          The till also has a working microphone where you can make loud announcements just like a real shop. The till has a mic button which you hold in and speak and it actually works.

          I found this toy great for role play pretending to be the customer and the shop keeper. It keeps kids entertained for ages.


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            04.12.2006 21:53
            Very helpful




            Another spur of the minute purchase from our trusted Woolworths was the Chad Valley Cash Register. This was one that my daughter had looked at longingly for about a month before we actually paid the £14.99 Woollies were asking and made her day.

            You get quite a lot for your money to be honest because as well as the cash register itself, there is also a selection of toy food, a basket, some money for the till and credit cards. A nice little selection.

            --The Cash Register --

            The main part of the toy is very good actually. In the centre of the piece there is the till itself, which has a real calculator as the till face. There is a large orange button on the bottom which will open the till with a satisfying “ping”, and sections inside the till drawer for the various coins or notes you are using to play with.

            On the left of the till is a conveyor belt, attached by a piece of plastic so it is moulded to it. It has a moving strip of material for the belt on it. To the right of the till is the scanner and scanner holder for your child to swipe the food as you shop, which has a sound and light feature to match the real thing.

            There is also a microphone on the top of the till, which is you press and hold the mic button, then speak into it, actually works.

            -- The features in play --

            My daughter has just turned three years old (the recommended age for this toy) and is getting more and more interested in role playing games. This has to be one of the easier ones to play with her as we take it in turns to be either the shopper or the shopkeeper and if I have a choice this will win over playing mummy and baby every day! (I usually have to be the baby!)

            The cash register is not too small for little people; although my daughter does have to lean right down to speak into the microphone, which is a bit awkward. However for me, when I am the shopkeeper, it feels much too small and makes it hard to interact properly with her during the game. The till drawer is too small for my hands but perfect for hers and this usually means I play the shopper. There is a key for the till drawer which does lock it and when we temporarily lost it, I thought we were stuffed, but my son got a normal key and put it in the lock, twisted and the drawer opened. Excellent news, otherwise the key would have been a real waste of time and play opportunities.

            The calculator on the till is great though. Each button gives a little beep as it is pressed and the corresponding number appears on the digital screen. This did grasp my daughter’s interest for a while and even now, a couple of month’s after purchase, she seems quite amused that numbers appear on the screen when she pushes a button. I will need to start trying to associate the number with the key soon, so she can recognise what they look like.

            I was disappointed with the conveyor belt however and felt it could have been designed much better. It is marketed as a moving conveyor belt, when in reality it is a flimsy piece of material that can be slid along the flat surface, using the food separator, which is permanently attached to the material. This means it can be moved all of about 2 inches at most really, and certainly not enough to be able to include it in any kind of role-playing game. There is just not enough leeway in the movement to be able to put food on the belt and move it as well.

            The scanner faired better, and my daughter really enjoys clicking the red LED light on the scanner over the bar codes on the toy food. If you press the button on the top of the scanner it gives a satisfying beep, just like Sainsbury’s. When we first got the toy I thought it would read the bar codes on the food supplied but I think I may have been asking a bit too much for a £14.99 toy.

            With all the beeping and moving features this has, my daughter’s favourite has to be the credit card feature. You are supplied with two thick plastic pretend credit cards and there is a slot running down the side of the till, where you can swipe the cards. Every time you do this a flag pops up on the top of the till, with VISA, written on it and it is easily pushed back down for the next go. This has been used over and over again, it’s funny how many times a credit card can fail its transaction in our games! Ha ha. (Bit like real life really!)

            The microphone is OK, but nothing special. I thought it would be a favourite aspect of the till for my daughter but she only uses it every now and then. You literally have to have your mouth practically touching the end of the microphone for it to make your voice sound slightly louder. It does make it sound like a real supermarket tannoy but is just too uncomfortable for continuous use and may well use up the 3 AA batteries it takes much quicker anyway.

            -- How will this toy help --

            I am no child expert, other than by hands on experience, but it is easy to see that this cash register will encourage imaginative play. This has been proved as my daughter is coming out with things that I was surprised at, like speaking into the microphone that the shop is closing and it is time to pay. That is forward thinking, getting me to go to her till with my purchases rather than spend anymore time browsing the toy food shelves!

            It will also improve hand to eye co-ordination, as the shop keeper will be picking up the food and scanning it and also operating the till itself, with the drawer and so on, and as the box says it will provide light and sound stimulation as well.

            What I like the most though is that it allows for interaction with others and this is something I have been trying to encourage with my daughter as she is having a tough time settling into pre-school. I need to encourage her to play with her friends when they come to my house, in order to show her that it is fun to play with other people apart from me. This will in turn improve her confidence and maybe just get her to accept pre-school. This till is definitely better as a two-person toy and so is great for this purpose, although she does play alone as well, which is good to see.

            Overall, I am happy we spoiled her that day as it has provided a lot of good fun games that I think have encouraged her to become slightly more confident and imaginative. Her toy food has come in very handy and we have our own little Sainsbury’s in the lounge every few days.


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          • Product Details

            Great for roleplaying, your child will love this bright Cash Register from Chad Valley. It comes with working calculator to help hand to eye co-ordination and maths understanding, moving check-out belt, working microphone and many more fun accessories. Suitable for 3+ years.

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