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Character Options Zhu Zhu Dakota

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Brand: Character options

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    1 Review
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      05.11.2012 08:21
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      4 stars

      As with most toy fazes, my children have most of them and when they show an interest in something I begn a mad hunt looking for similar products to compliment it. Last year I went a little mad looking for zhu zhu pets, especially when I realised that if you looked you could pick them up for a fraction of the RRP.

      On one such hunt, I found a zhu zhu puppy. The range have increase massively since they started out originally with just the hamsters, and puppies are just one collection, with kittens, and safari pets also available. There are 6 puppies to collect altogether and I managed to find Dakota which is a husky for around £5 in Home Bargains. The RRP is around £11.

      Dakota needs 3 xAAA batteries to function, and once fitted will wheel itself around willy nilly around the room. On wood floors they are off, carpets won't stop them from moving around but they are slower. We have a few sets where the zhu zhu pets play, and the puppy park in particular is where Dakota is supposed to live, but she often finds herself in the hamster princess castle too!

      Children absolutely love these things, although I have to admit that after a while they do drive me slightly insane. They literally don't know when to stop, and I have no idea what makes them move, it doesn't seem to be a sensor, they're just off! They do stop, and once we were sat in the dining room eating our meal when one just wheeled itself in out of the living room after i thought it had turned itself off! It gave me a fright but the kids as you can imagine thought it was hilarious! It does have a button on its back to allow it to move around but once this has been pressed there seems to be no stopping the thing and it just carries on moving around, has a little rest then is off again!

      Dakota comes with a little brush, but without clothes. You can style her in other outfits from other zhu zhu pets, however the clothes can be a little snug and difficult to put on. My youngest who is 4 struggles with this and often needs adult help. Once they are suitably dressed however, children throw themselves into a world of imagination with these things. It is one of the best collection of toys they have for keeping their imagination and as they have got a healthy collection, there is always something different they can do with them. The puppy collection don't fit in the hamster runs though if you have any of those playlets, as they are just too big. This is slightly annoying but the puppy park we got to go with this means they do have a set which Dakota can play in.

      The one thing that will drive an adult up the bend is the noise! The puppie collection all bark but Dakota seems to be particularly loud for some reason! I have a limit of how long I can withstand the children playing with these downstairs for, before they are politely asked to go play with them in their bedrooms! Evil mum!

      Watch out for pets when these puppies are turned on. Dogs in particular seem to despise these things.

      A fun way of letting young children have their very own puppy.

      Recommended for a wide age range from around 4 - 9.


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      PArt of the Zhu Zhu Puppy Range