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Dickie Cars 2 Mini Speeders Francesco

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Brand: Dickie / Type: RC toy

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    1 Review
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      04.12.2011 09:43
      Very helpful



      A great Toy at the right price

      I bought my son a Francesco Mini speeder in the Sainsbury's half price toy sale so it cost me £7.50 which is far more than I planned to spend on him for a treat but as what he picked originally was something Santa had already bought I had to use diversion tactics. The toy for a more basic description is a mini remote controlled car.

      The toy comes boxed and in two sections a small scale model of Francesco and a control box which is approximately 15cm by 10cm and requires Four AAA Batteries are which are not supplied. These are secured by a small cross screw. The batteries for the car are included. To charge you have to open the Flap on the top of the unit and push down and pull back, this is not simple and something I struggle to do each time so for a young child I would think impossible. One the car is finally attached you simply press the charge button and it takes 5 minutes to charge. There is a green power light that indicates that it is still charging which will turn off when fully charged. Removing the car is a little easier but still fiddly.

      There is a tiny on off switch on the base which needs to be turned on but then it is ready to play with. The Base unit has a number of options from A, B, C, D...You are told in the instructions that Francesco is on Wavelength B It operates on infrared and this means that should you buy other cars in the series they can all be raced. This is something I would think would be useful in a house with more than one Sibling into cars but as my son is an only child he won't be getting more than one toy the same except a different character.

      Controlling the direction of the car is relatively easy. It has roughly standard controls one switch that moves the car backwards and forewords and the other one changes direction. My son loves this toy he doesn't need me to operate the remote control. I find that due to its size though it does get stuck under the sofa but however due to its size when it does crash into things it doesn't cause any damage. What I do like about this Toy is it has a Turbo boost button, this does mean that for younger drivers it can go at a slower pace but as they become more of an expert driver can steer faster. The car's charge is supposed to last only 5 minutes but it has always lasted for longer than that on my son's car. When we have come to use the car the next day the charge has gone out of it...Initially I did think this was due to leaving Francesco on but after ensuring it was turned off it still is flat the next day. This isn't too much of an issue as my son is able to wait for 5 minutes to play with a toy.

      The great thing about this toy is it is great to slip in your handbag when visiting people or to take away on holiday as once it is charged is a toy they can play on their own and doesn't take up much space. I did find the instructions quite difficult to understand. They are translated into multiple languages however the words are tiny and I really struggled to read them.

      My son is completely sold into merchandising so it does love the character Francesco but I do believe it was not a recognisable character he would still equally love this toy. This toy is recommended for children age 4 and over which does seem appropriate however do expect to have to help them charge the toy

      These cars are available on Amazon for £28 and are available in four different designs, Lighting McQueen, Matter, Fin Mcmissile and Francesco. Lightning Mc Queen is £19.50. These were £15 full price in Sainsbury's so it is worth shopping around.

      Overall this is a good toy that does not keep my son occupied for hours but does entertain him and will continue to do so long after his love of Disney Cars has passed. I do think it is worth shopping around but a great toy for any young boy.


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