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Dr Who Kids Interchangeable Head LCD

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Brand: Dr Who

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    1 Review
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      06.03.2014 07:03
      Very helpful



      Nice watch for my Time Lord to tell the Time!

      My son is reception age. Keeping up with his list of toys he wants that appear to be influenced by his friends in his class isn't hard, I pretend to ignore it! I say pretend, because I keep a mental note of some of his 'Mummy I want..' and keep an eye in regards to price and potentially buy and put down for his birthday and Christmas. One of the things I bought my son last year was this item. It cost around the £3.50 mark from Amazon.

      Why did I buy this?

      I bought it mainly because my son is such a huge fan of Doctor Who. Over the past year I've found it challenging to find items connected with the character that were age appropriate. Doctor Who has many fans of all ages, some of whom are quite fanatical and because of this there are many items that appear to be geared more towards people who are collectors or in general older in age. This item I felt would suit my son's age, was priced very well and had a practical purpose.

      What is this?

      It's a child's watch which is created from the Doctor Who series ( Matt Smith being the particular Time Lord in question). It is an LCD watch which really works and functions as you would expect, but the watch has 4 interchangeable front covers that is placed over the main unit.

      Can't recall the recommended age for this item, but 5 plus is conservative. Above 3 depending on the child with some form of supervision shouldn't be an issue.

      How does it look?

      As mentioned, this watch has afew different parts to it which are:

      1. The strap. Blue in colour, with a length of 8 inches. Made from some form of plastic and very light weight. The shape and layout of the strap is as you would expect-holes running down one side of the strap so the watch can be fastened to the wrist. On the other side of the strap you have a buckle end which fits into any of the holes on the other side, along with a very small rectangular shaped piece of plastic that the strap runs through and this helps to provide further fastening and security when item is on the wrist. The holes ( 7 in total ) allow the length to be adjusted according to the thickness of the wearers wrist.

      Along both sides of the straps, the colouring is a slightly darker blue to the rest of it, and it has the Doctor Who symbol (DW) printed all over it.

      The middle section of the watch is circular in shape. You can see a long thin slot that is used to slip each interchangeable head into it. But to reveal the actual watch/telling the time section, with your finger (more like your nail) on the left hand side of the watch at the very edge is a small square section that you need to almost push in and up. Once done the circular area you originally saw is now a cover which is hinged, and when pulled back reveals the LCD screen. Underneath the screen you can see the small DW symbol, along with two very tiny buttons on either side of it, which is used to manually change the time setting.

      2. The interchangeable heads. Four in total and all circular in shape, with a diameter of 1 ¼ inches. You get-

      The TARDIS. Almost 3D in look as it doesn't sit flush on the cover, it stands out. A basic but a recognisable picture of the Doctor's time machine/spaceship. Dark blue in colouring with two white windows and a very tiny section at the top which depicts the flashing light (doesn't flash!).

      The Dalek.The Doctor's most feared enemy. Like the TARDIS, this stands out and is almost more a moulding rather than a picture. Dalek's being part machine aliens that go around 'EXTERMINATING' everything and everyone. This one is mainly yellow in colour with grey and black detailing.

      The DW symbol. Dark blue in colour and again raised like the others.

      Weeping Angel. This for me is the most scariest thing I've ever seen on the programme. A creature that looks like a statue, but moves when you're not looking. If you catch its eye's (I mean literally) and you blink, it transports you to another time, even maybe another place. What it then does is feed of your energy from the life you never quite had. On the cover it shows just the face, dark grey in colour. Has almost a Medusa type look to it (without the snake hair). The mouth is wide open and you can just about see some very sharp teeth.

      The watch came with another piece that the covers slid into and I'm sure it was a way to keep one of the spare covers in some form of storage, but that disappeared in the house along time ago so can't comment on it.

      How to change the covers

      On the back of each cover is a small, thin and long rectangular raised area that when you place on the main unit and it fits into the groove, slide it up until it can't go any further and then it's secure.

      Changing the time

      In all honesty I never set the time on this watch, the other half did. But I know it was easy and quick to do as it took him literally seconds. I can only assume that the two buttons underneath the LCD screen would change the hour and the other the minutes.

      What does my son think?

      He nearly had a heart attack when he first saw this. This at the time was second to his sonic screwdriver in regards to favourites and would want to wear this all the time. He loved the look of it and the colour (it helps he's a boy and he tends to gravitate towards more typical male colours), and found it so much fun changing the different covers to suit his every whim.

      It did take him a little time to be able to take the covers off and replace them. But it doesn't take him long, and once he could do it himself it made him feel very independent.

      He didn't find any aspect of this watch scary, as its made in a reasonably child friendly manner, and he recognised all the characters on the covers.

      He's at that age now where he's interested in time. So not being able to read a traditional clock or watch with hands, but knowing his numbers and being able to read the LCD screen, is an added bonus.

      What do I think?

      I love this watch! I found it to be very cheap in price and a nice little item for my son. Strangely enough both the kids enjoyed this so I had to get another one for my little girl! The main thing I liked about this is there was nothing grown up about the watch. It's specifically designed for kids so ideal. It's not designed to necessarily last a lifetime, but it's fun, looks good and is a good representation of the TV show but in a more digestible and childlike format. Despite this being geared towards kids, I think this would suit a child as young as my son who is 4 and upwards to any age where they still liked the show, maybe around 10. After that age I think the majority of kids would have a slightly more grown up style in regards to accessories, but this does have a slight retro eighties feel to it so potentially could suit even older children.

      It's actually quite good quality. The look and feel of it is good. It's obviously a child's watch and heads towards more toy than watch, so I wouldn't expect something made from leather or the finest materials but it does the job. It's quite robust and well put together. Anyone who has read my reviews on toys will know my kids can get pretty rough with their prized possessions. So they really put things to the test, and this has survived. The only thing I would say that has changed about the watch is some of the dark blue colouring on one side of the straps has started to fade but I would put that down to usual wear and tear. Other than that the look and style of the watch is still the same, the colouring is still sharp and quite bright and the designs on the covers are in perfect condition and haven't been scratched, broken or damaged in anyway.

      I never bought this item for my son to use as an actual watch, so I wasn't bothered about this function. But it now comes in handy. It works, it's efficient, its clear to read and it's practical.

      It's important to mention the length of this item. I have very skinny wrists so this watch could just about be placed on me but only just about! This isn't long enough for an adult in my opinion but fine for a child. My son doesn't seem to need any help putting this on himself anymore, but for the majority of kids his age they would need assistance. Despite this being quite a rigid watch in terms of structure, it does have a certain flexibility and bend to it, and I've noticed my son wearing this reasonably comfortably. He never wears this for long periods of time but I wouldn't expect that considering his age, so will take it off himself quite often. Most of the time he simply runs around with it and treats it like a toy.

      Could any improvements be made?

      I would've liked this to come with a storage box or small bag. It would make it much easier to keep all the covers together, but I think it would've made a nice touch especially if bought as a gift for someone.

      If there was some form of sound element to this watch my son would've been beside himself! Maybe a word or two by Matt Smith, or the noise the TARDIS makes. This would probably drive me crazy but the kids would love it!

      Would I buy this again?

      Yes I would. It's a good item for a young Doctor Who fan to have. Its child friendly, looks good, has a practical function and well designed. And bought for less than £4.00?......BARGAIN!


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