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Duratrex Mini Quake Radio Control Car

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Brand: Duratrex / Age: 8 Years+ / Type: Radio Controlled

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    1 Review
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      16.09.2006 05:08
      Very helpful



      A great priced little ready to run remote controlled 4x4 stunt truck.

      (I would like to mention that Duratrax Mini Quake is the American identical version of this car. Which in the UK is named Roxster)

      So I decided I needed to get myself a new hobby, one that I could also enjoy with my son though. This helps as it pleases my wife because it gets us from under her feet, whilst also helping me to bring myself up to his level.
      Long and hard I thought about this dilemma then I thought about this then I had a flashback to my childhood, how I used to love going with my granddad to race the radio control car he had bought me.

      So my birthday was bearing down on me and my wife had been asking me what I might like for my main present, this is because I am so hard to buy for. I am like any bloke I tend to go from fad to fad and get bored all too easy.
      I would like a radio control car I said, then we...(she) set to scouring the net for the perfect candidate to satisfy this request.
      Eventually after a long hard toil scouring the net....(Ebay) she found the perfect car with the word beginner definitely well in mind, this balanced with purchased price came to a perfect match.

      Introducing the RTR Roxster 1/18 scale R/C Car

      Now the most important part of this for me is the RTR (ready to run) This means that basically it comes pre-built with all the necessary parts needed to just simply take it out of the box and off you go, well pretty much.
      You will need to charge up the battery, which is provided with the charger, which is also provided, although this does take quite a while. The first charge can be the most important as batteries have what is known as a charge memory.
      This means that if you only part charge the battery it may well never really charge much past this point again if you don't charge it fully.

      Roxster is the name of the model, although it is known as the Mini Quake in the states and is made by a company called Duratrax. However mine is made by Fasttrax, but it is basically the same thing pound for pound.
      The 1/18 refers to the size of the car, this brings it under the model reference of RC18T, and this does include some other models by different companies but are pretty much the same thing.
      This model is mainly in my opinion best suited to the off-road scene, as it is 4x4 and comes equipped with some great features specially built to cope with the less than smooth goings of your local fields or if you are lucky enough forest/woods.


      Firstly as I have already mentioned this car is perfect for beginners. Even the slightly intermediate racer can still get the little buzz from just ragging this little beauty around, just the sheer simple pleasure of it.
      Simply take it out of the box, charge her up and away you go.

      The price is the next best thing, just a whisker below £60.00 including postage from Ebay. Although if you were to buy it from a retailer you would be looking at around £120.00.
      So as you can see the price really does vary, you really just have to shop around for the best deal. However even at the top end of this price, it is so well worth it believe me.

      Replacement parts and hopups (upgrades) are relatively easy to get hold of from a handful of sites on the Internet. I have used one of these sites a couple of times and found them helpful, reasonably priced and a prompt delivery time.


      As I have already mentioned, the parts all come ready fitted but I must stress are factory standard.
      The problem with this is after a while you are going to want to improve upon this, which leads to needing hopups (upgrades)
      The first thing that I had to change was the battery, the one provided was doing my head in, it had all the power of a fart in a wind storm...Pardon the crude expression!
      I personally would recommend LRP 1200mah (7.2v 6 cell) this will cost you around £15.00 each but well worth it, I own three of them.

      This then leads me to the next problem, once again not a major problem, as more of a pain in the arse. The charger provided is all well and good for the weak 600mah battery provided, it will charge that in around 3 hours which is long enough.
      Well you can nearly double that for these powerful beauties, this really does pose a serious time consumption problem.
      I would really recommend buying a fast charger that will charge the little ones in around 40 mins, and the more powerful ones in around 1-2 hours max.
      This however will set you back around another £30, but once again very well worth it and for me a definite must buy.

      Apart from that there are other little niggling problems, such as the steering can get twitchy on hard surfaces and at high speeds. However you do get used to this, and I found that if you put an elastic band around the two front steering posts (not too tight though) This does infact help to stiffen the steering up a bit and make it slightly more manageable.
      Plus the suspension can also be stiffened up to stop it bouncing around like a moon buggy, but this does make the steering more sluggish though in my opinion.

      My Overall Opinion

      Although there does seem to be quite a few niggling little problems with this car they can all easily be overcome. Be it with a little ingenuity and brainwork, also by dipping into your pocket and buying those really needed upgrades.
      I love my car though and so does my son we both give it the old thumbs up, it gets us out of the house and spending quality time together.
      Even though the world of R/C can be a minefield of financial ruin, if you keep it simple you really won't go wrong. This car is as simple as it gets, a portal to the more complex parts of an otherwise confusing world. I had this car in bits and back together 3 weeks after buying it, and it was so easy.

      So what are you housewives waiting for, go buy one for you other half and send him away to his shed for hours of peace and quiet. Killing your brain cells watching mind numbing soap operas that otherwise get talked through by us bored blokes.

      Helpful Websites And Product/Parts Retailers

      Modelsport UK - Online retailer and damn helpful forum.

      CML - Online retailer of parts and accessories

      DMS - By far the best and most helpful online retailer I have found, as well as in my opinion the best priced. Just check out the site below, simply click on the search button and type in Roxster then search and have a gander.


      Above all just have bloody fun ok....!


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    • Product Details

      The 4WD Mini Quake may look small, but it's as well equipped as any 1/10 scale RTR you'll ever see. At less than 10 long, it can deliver monster truck thrills in places where bigger monsters can't go — and performance that other mini monsters just can't match. It's due to more than the factory-assembled chassis and painted body. It goes beyond what's added by the radio, motor, ESC, NiCd battery and charger. It comes from all of those things, plus built-in hop-ups that boost performance while leaving affordability intact!

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