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ELC / toy vacuum cleaner.

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    1 Review
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      21.10.2010 11:55
      Very helpful



      great help mom toy

      I think all my children see me do is clean, this is not a bad thing in my case because my children want to help me. My daughter has now got a mini apartment in her bedroom to play and clean to her hearts content.

      One of the toys that we bought last year was this Supervac from the early learning centre. My nan bought this for her and likes the early learning centre toys due,to being educational and good quality.

      This is blue and red which we would have preferredca pink one and I originally wanted the henry because we have the real henry which she likes to help me with.

      This was really good though, it was a good size for her and she was 2 at the time. We had to show her to press the button on the base with her foot to make the system drop to clean like a real cleaner, on one side there was a pipe that you detatch and the otger a solid plastc acessory that you attached to the pipe. Ib the centre of the supervac was a detachable han held vac that the pipe attached to, this as easy to detach from the system and attach to the parts, this is the part that has the suction, the pipe is very floppy which annoyed my daughter because she couldnt suck the bits up easy. The onn off button is on this part too, when switched on it makes the noise of a real vac which can get annoying after a while and my daughter has a habit of not switching it off. When this part is attached to the large part it creates suction for the whole system which is not as poweful as the hand held. In the box were small soft balls that the system will suck up. These balls are a pain due to the system doesnt pick them all up this is due to it not being powerful enough or the bits get stuck in the carpet due to static. The ones tgat do go in tge vac give it a good effect because the child sees them being sucked around the seethrough part. When it is detached you are able to pour the bits back on the floor bur are secured with a piece of plastic so they dont fall out unless you want them too. The down side to the plastc disk is that it is ,easily broken wen gettin the balls out, this got broken within 2 days of using it which means when you are using the hand held they go everywhere. Eventually I have cleaned them all up with mine so there are no more of these balls but she still has just as much fun with this. She now has a daily routine of cleaning her room which is good for me although I still have to vac the carpet after her.

      I really like this because it is light for the chlid to hold, it has differed options of cleaning that keeps my daughter happy, it was good value for monry at £12.99. I have found that other children that have come to visit like to play with this too. You are able to buy a mop, sweeping brush and dustpan to match and makes a lovely set. The downfalls are the little balls which you can get rid of over time and the plastic disc that holds tgem in the vac that gets broken quickly vut once all the balls are gone this isnt a problem either. This still looks like new and will last my daughter another year for her height then my other daughter will be at the right size for it so we will get 4 years use atleast from this toy. I wish that it really cleaned so that would make one room less for me.


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