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Fairground Candy Grabber

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Gizoo / Type: Electronic Toys - Fairground Candy Grabber.

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    3 Reviews
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      17.11.2012 16:11
      Very helpful
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      My son loved this toy

      My son saw this Candy Grabber for sale one Christmas and 'had' to have it. Father Christmas obliged and we ended up with one. He paid £20 for it from a High Street store. I see on Amazon that they are still that price.

      The candy grabber is 350mm in height, 260mm in width and 160mm in depth- it's quite a good size. It's made of plastic, the body and top are red and it has plastic windows all the way around so you can see clearly where to grab. There is a money slot in which toy money (provided) is inserted to start the music and grabber. The money is easily removed from it for next time. Three knobs direct the plastic grabber forward, back, sideways and drop, the grabber is suspended on a chain, this maneuvers like a real one at the fair. There is a hole to drop your winnings into which then can be retrieved from the opening in the front. The Candy Grabber takes three large batteries, the battery life isn't bad. It's all good quality.

      In use:

      To add your sweets, or mostly in our case anything small enough to fall through the hole, you put them in the top which slides open for this purpose. Next insert your coin to start the music and off you go. The object of the game is to win the sweets before the music stops- you can extend music time by adding more coins. The grabber is strong enough to lift most things placed in the machine (as long as they're light), and carry it to the exit without dropping it. It is easy enough to do but takes concentration and co-ordination which is good. Cosmetically it's still okay and the last time I saw it, it worked.

      I would recommend this as my son loved this toy, he spent hours playing with it alone and with other people.

      5 stars from me.


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        15.11.2012 17:42
        Very helpful



        This is not as much fun as it looks

        WHAT IS IT?

        A small home version of a fairground grabber game. This one is desktop size so you cannot put toys in it like the large ones have but it is designed for sweets and other very small items.

        HOW DO YOU USE IT?

        Fill the clear section with wrapped sweets first and then activate your turn by sliding one of the plastic tokens into the coin slot. You can use real coins as well and turn this into a money savings box. When the fairground music starts you use the joysticks to move the claw around and pick up the sweet you want to win. You have until the music stops and if you are not fast enough then you forfeit your go.

        WHAT I THINK

        This toy is not as much fun for my family as it appears to be. It has been made so that you win your sweet every single time unless you are too slow and cannot complete your turn before the music ends. It takes 3 batteries but these do not last for very long if it is played with a lot so you should buy a set of rechargeable batteries to save you having to keep buying them.

        The claw is responsive to how you use the joysticks but the sticks are very small and do not stick out enough to get more than a fingertip grip on them. That is very frustrating for my oldest daughter because she loves these machines at the fair but finds it very difficult to control this one properly.

        I fill it with Celebrations because the sweets need to be wrapped for hygiene reasons and the wrappers on these give the claw something to grip onto. My younger daughter thinks it's a lot of fun but I think that is mostly because she likes the fairground music that is played by the candy grabber. The claw moves slowly and it is quite accurate when you lower it down to pick the sweets up but sometimes just like the real thing it will miss a sweet even though it is in the right position and the sweet is sticking up ready to be grabbed.

        The toy is very cheap looking because it's completely made of plastic and that has gone dull in the 2 years that we've had it for. I paid about £20 for it and even when it was new I didn't think it looked very good because the colours are not very bright and it has always looked cheap. We use ours now as a decoration and have filled it with coloured glass pebbles but when we sort the bedrooms out before Christmas I think I will give it to charity so that it can be used properly by someone else.

        2 Dooyoo Stars.


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        10.12.2011 12:20
        Very helpful



        All the fun of the fair.

        ===Fairground Candy Grabber===

        While browsing around lots of sites for Christmas presents last year, my attention kept being caught by this Fairground Candy Grabber. It seemed to be everywhere, Argos, Hawkins, IWOOT (iwantoneofthose.com) and many other sites. I thought it would be great fun for my daughter, but the price tag was a little off putting.

        At anywhere between £20 and £30, it is a high priced to pay for what could be classed as a novelty item. When I saw it around Easter time for only £5.99 plus delivery charge, I snapped it up, but after having it for a while I would happily pay more than that - but not quite the full amount, and this review discusses my opinion, as to why that should be.

        ===The Toy===

        The candy grabber is quite a substantial size at 35cm tall, 26 cm wide and 16 deep. It also has quite a substantial build quality. I was expecting something cheap and flimsy and typically 'made in China'. The quality is great, from top to bottom. The Perspex 'glass' hasn't scratched at all despite some rather heavy handedness from various nieces and nephews, friends of the family, and grownups too. Everyone is drawn to this toy, and exactly like you see at the fair, people will not give up until they have won a prize.


        You would think a toy that dispenses sweets would be too much of a temptation and the kids wouldn't eat real food ever again. I hold my hands up to state that while it was like that for the first day, and I did limit the kids' intake to two or three rewards; this has never been a problem since. My daughter's friends come in and have a go, and there seems to be some unspoken rule that you can only win once or twice each before the game is abandoned, until the next time that is.


        I like to see the positives in everything, and as such I tend to give glowing reviews, with this though, the positives do outweigh the negatives. I like how this toy helps with hand-eye co-ordination, and deals with problem solving, and cause and effect. Not only that, it is fun, and kids toys should be fun.


        To operate the machine, firstly you need to insert 4 C sized batteries. Something we don't usually keep at home, so my daughter was disappointed she couldn't use it straight away (Mummy's fault - I always forget about batteries. You would think I'd have learned my lesson after two kids). The batteries are hidden by a cover which is safely screwed into place. You then slide the button underneath into the 'on' position.


        You are supplied with 20 plastic coins to operate the machine. Each one is a little smaller than the size of a twenty pence piece, so beware if you have little ones as they could choke. This does exactly what you would expect, and activates the machine into operation. Lights flash and the typical fairground music starts to play. This, rather annoyingly, gets louder and faster as you near your two minutes time allowance. If you don't happen to win, the grabber goes back to its home, and all lights and music cease until you insert another coin. If you do win before the time is us, the music stops and you are treated to your winning sweet (dispensed from the hole at the front) along with a round of applause.

        All coins are collected in a recess at the base of the machine, and are simply emptied when you run out of coins. The candy grabber section, when you receive it is tied up with a piece of wire to prevent it swinging around and getting broken in transit. It can be quite awkward to undo this wire, as the hole at the top where you feed the machine with sweets is quite small. If you can't manage it though, it shouldn't be too tricky to a child to release.

        ===Grabbing Action===

        The grabbing action is quite tight, but not immensely so. Let's just say it's not as loose as the ones at the actual fairground, where they hope you don't win, so you feed more and more money into the machine. I wouldn't say you will get a winner every single time, but 50% or more is a great result.


        It should be noted that only wrapped sweets are inserted into the machine, for obvious reasons, and sweets and chocolates the size of Quality Street and Celebrations work best, but please take a look at the photo I include (on Ciao). There are all shapes and sizes in there, some are more easily grabbed than others, but it all adds to the suspense, and fun.

        ===My Thoughts===

        Overall, this toy has been a great addition to our home. It's fun and has pride of place in our living room so when anyone passes by it, and fancies a go, they can. Adults are the worst offenders for this. :) I couldn't recommend this toy at the full £30, but if you can get it for around £15, I'd happily say it was worth it.

        Thank you for reading my review, which may also be posted on other sites.


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