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Fisher Price Click 'n Learn Remote

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2 Reviews
  • Help to learn the numbers
  • Makes lots of noise
  • Slightly annoying songs
  • Not great value for money
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    2 Reviews
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      25.08.2014 22:48
      Very helpful


      • "Help to learn the numbers"
      • "Makes lots of noise"


      • "Not great value for money"
      • "Slightly annoying songs"

      My daughter isn't convinced that it's as exciting as the real thing!

      Typically my daughter seems to be fascinated by the most inanimate objects, quite often these things capture her attention for much longer than the colourful noisy baby toys that we have bought for her. Well this is certainly the case with our sky remote which absolutely delights our little girl when she can gets her hands on it. As expected though this can cause huge destruction especially when she manages to find her way into the sky planner!! We bought this toy in the hope that we could distract her into playing with her own remote rather than seeking ours out.

      I would love to be able to say that this little ploy fooled her, unfortunately not. Firstly it's quite a bit shorter and thicker than the real thing, minor cosmetic detail of course. I find the toy one far more interesting however-I mean my Sky remote can't talk and sing. The fisher price version has a lovely happy face in the middle which consequently shouts out the numbers in a very happy voice as you press them. There are four colourful buttons surrounding the face with different functions. The red one with musical notes plays different catchy but slightly annoying fisher price songs. 'I have got the remote and I'm ready to roll, making things happen because I'm in control' will very soon resonate around your mind at the oddest hour!! The blue button seems to cue random quotes relating to the weather and to shapes, I'm guessing that these are very loose references to different programmes. There is also a volume, stop and play button that function as expected. The actual outcome when baby is playing is a mish mash of the happy voice, fisher price songs and a few over emphasised remote sounds for good measure. It can be quite loud! It doesn't seem to hold my little one's attention for that long, perhaps she too tires of the happy vocal as other than the noises there isn't a great deal that you can do with it. Once the fun of button pressing wears off she slings it aside in search of the real thing! Thankfully there is an on/off switch so it doesn't become one of those annoying baby toys that sporadically spits out noises from the toy box.

      Overall it does tick some boxes-namely the noisy ones. It is very robust meaning it will survive a great deal of banging and drooling. The retail price around £10 is slightly high in my opinion given the attention span that it commands but if you can get it on offer then go for it!


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      09.07.2013 21:00
      Very helpful



      A good toy but could have been better

      My daughter owns lots of toys but for some reason she always makes a beeline for the TV remote and my mobile whenever she sees them, ignoring the mounds of toys around her! It's not so much the buttons on the remote she loves, although she does have a good press on them, but it's putting the whole item to her mouth to chew and carrying it around. Whenever she grabs it we take it straight back off her but when I came across this Fisher Price remote control in Tesco a few weeks ago, I had no hesitation in getting it to see if I could coax her to play with a toy remote instead of the proper one! It cost £9.95 and I felt it was quite expensive compared to the price of other toys she owns of a similar size, but I thought it was worth a go. It's recommended age is 6 months and upwards.

      The toy is a similar colour to our Sky+ remote in a grey colour mostly so looked a good option as a replacement. It's quite a small toy measuring around 13cm x 7cm x 4cm, slightly smaller than our normal remote. This also has an array of other colours (red, blue, yellow, green and purple) on it at the top. The bright colours also make up a large smiley face in the centre that is imprinted onto the plastic - this is a great design for us as my daughter chews on every toy she has and usually these sections are paper stickers - she ends up chewing them with pieces coming off in her mouth which I always think is a very poor design for a toy. There's also a large red light at the top, representing the infra red on a proper remote. She always seems really drawn to the light when it shines - she regularly sits pressing the buttons to light it up and then puts her fingers on it pointing. There's buttons from 0 to 9 across the remote too, as well as volume and brightness control buttons. I really think it needs a loop to tie it to the pram - there's nothing to help tie it to anything, although I suppose with it being a remote control they assume we'd want to leave it at home!

      The remote makes lots of noises - apart from the obvious look of a remote, they've designed it to offer help learning the numbers 0 to 9 as it repeats the number back as soon as the button is pressed. The only issue with this is that my daughter seems to always leave her finger on the zero button so all we hear when she does is zero....zero....zero....zero....zero.....over and over until she takes her finger off it. There's an on/off switch which helps when it gets a bit too much to listen to for the hundredth time in 10 minutes! It also bases some sayings on things you'd see on the TV - for example it will give a short weather forecast (obviously not a real one, although the odd time it's been correct!)

      The remote also sings songs if she presses the music button it has - they aren't known songs, just fisher price's own ones and the selection is very limited. The volume button is quite good - the volume will go up and down according to the volume button, just as it would on a real one. It also makes a random noise quite often including when switched on, that reminds me so much of Super Mario games (the noise Mario makes when he eats a mushroom and grows!) I've never understood the relevance of that noise though on this.

      Does it work?
      Yes and No. It keeps my daughter entertained for a while which is great, but she doesn't see it as a replacement - she sees it as an extra item. Whenever she's crawling around the living room she still often stands up and makes a lunge for the proper remote so it hasn't worked brilliantly in that respect. Although she doesn't grab for it as much as she did do. It has been a good toy - she enjoys giving it a good chew and pressing the buttons on it to listen to it's sounds and see it light up. I am a little disappointed that it didn't replace her obsession with the proper remote completely as I thought it may do being very similar main colours but it's done a good job in limiting it. The funniest thing is that whenever she sits to watch the TV for ten minutes she'll have the remote in her hand, it makes her look like a proper grown up and really makes me smile.

      My Opinion
      I am struggling to decide it's rating. It does entertain her and keeps her occupied but I don't think the near £10 price tag is anywhere near justified. To me, around £6 to £7 would be a much fairer and reasonable price. I don't think it feels as good quality as other similar priced toys she has either - the plastic seems quite cheap and it doesn't feel half as sturdy as some of the other toys she has that cost a similar amount. I'm going to take two off for the price tag and the plastic not being fantastic quality - three stars it is.

      Thanks for reading :o)


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  • Product Details

    At a Glance The Laugh & Learn Click 'n Learn Remote gives baby the chance to have their very own remote control to play with. Features and benefits for Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Click 'n Learn Remote The Laugh & Learn Click 'n Learn Remote can help teach baby colours, numbers, opposites, greetings and first words Baby will be able to practise their manual dexterity as they learn to press the buttons of the Laugh & Learn Click 'n Learn Remote Styled to resemble a real remote control, baby will be thrilled to have their very own Laugh & Learn Click 'n Learn Remote The Laugh & Learn Click 'n Learn Remote features pressable buttons, lights, music and sounds Requires 2 x AAA batteries (included) Mothercare loves...??this make believe toy, that engages your little one in pretend play as they mimic you and also allows them to learn about colours, numbers, opposites, greetings and first words.Want to know more?The Laugh & Learn Click 'n Learn Remote is baby's very own remote control and features many buttons and songs for learning fun.With realistic styling and a light at the top of the remote, baby will delight in being in control of all the sounds and music their Laugh & Learn Click 'n Learn Remote has to offer.Baby can click away to learn about numbers, opposites, colours, greetings and first words. Laugh & Learn Click 'n Learn Remote has a volume control which allows you to turn the volume up and down, or switch channels to hear a new station.With 4 songs and lots of realistic sound effects, baby will love being in control of their very own learning remote.Don't forget...Mothercare stocks batteries for all your little one's toys. What's in the box: 1 x Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Click 'n Learn Remote