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Fisher Price Guess With Jess: Yippity Yeah Jess

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Brand: Fisher Price / Range: Guess With Jess / Type: Interactive plush toy

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    1 Review
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      19.02.2011 11:04
      Very helpful



      Fun for a while

      My daughter had asked for a Jess toy from the show Guess With Jess for Christmas, and one of my friends asked if they could buy her one - thinking she meant just a teddy I said of course! Come Christmas morning, my daughter opened her present to find a Yippety Yeah Jess. We hadn't come across this toy before but she was thrilled to bits that it was an interactive toy, I on the other hand was less thrilled due to the amount of "noisy" toys she had already recieved!!

      Yippety Yeah Jess is a cute little kitten, made out of plastic and covered with a soft plush fabric. He has bright green embroidered eyes, a cute little pink nose and a big smile. Around his neck you will find his red collar and yellow tag. The toy is exactly as he appears on the show, and I say this as some toys on the market from kids tv shows don't always look like the character they are supposed to be!

      When pressing his yellow tag, you will hear "Hi, I'm Jess....sing it" and the theme song from the show Guess With Jess plays. Then he will ask you to come and guess with him and all the while his legs move and he will walk along, then dance in circles and wag his tail. The more the child presses his tag, the more Jess will talk and ask questions:

      "Can you guess why I wear a little bell?" Answer " I wear a bell so you can hear me coming" Then the song will play to let the child know that the correct answer has been found.

      There is quite a wide variety of phrases and questions that Jess will ask and that is one aspect of the toy that is really good. However, I think this becomes an annoying toy after a while and my daughter doesn't really like it as it is just too fast, when he asks a question there isn't much time for a child to answer and Jess will just say the answer and then sing. I personally think it would be better if he asks a question and then the child presses the tag when they are ready for the answer.

      The price of Yippety Yeah Jess is around £34.99, however it is currently on offer at Smyths Toy Store for £24.99 but in all honesty I still think that is overpriced! The recommended age for the toy is age three plus, which is a good guide but I think a younger child may get more enjoyment out of it due to the singing and dancing than an older one will with the questions - if my daughter is anything to go off anyway! You will need 4 x AA batteries for Jess although they do come with the toy but we found they needed replacing quite quickly.

      All in all I think this is a really quite irritating toy and I am rather glad my little girl isn't very keen on it. That said they toy is quite good fun for a while, the voice and song are cute and fun for short periods of time. I wouldn't recommend it at that price at all but a little Jess fan should like the toy!


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