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Fisher-Price Imaginext Bigfoot

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Manufacturer: Fisher Price / Type: Electronic Toy

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    1 Review
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      26.04.2012 17:23
      Very helpful



      A great toy for young boys just a shame the battery does not last longer

      We brought this toy for my sons 4th birthday as we thought he would love it and although retail is a whopping £100 as with all the children's toys I like to find a bargain so when it was selling in Tesco for just £20 we decided to pick it up.

      With it you receive a rechargeable battery pack for big foot that you just plug in to the wall and it recharges the batteries for you. The big foot himself and a ball which is used with his interactive play and a green leaf that you put in his mouth to hear him make chewing noises. |Finally you receive a wireless remote that you need to actually buy batteries for they require 2 AA batteries and you do need to buy Duracell as the cheaper batteries only work in the remote for about 20 minutes.

      **The toy itself**

      Big foot is rather scary looking and in fact my youngest son would cry every time he even looked at big foot weather he was switched on or not so it took a while for him to get used to it and this meant Connor could only use it when he Logan was not around.

      His mouth, eyes arms and legs all move which is how it is able to do all the things is to does. The whole toy is made of thick plastic apart from the fur on his head for his hair and he is a good size standing half the height of my little boy. The toy itself is rather bulky and large it needs to be so that it is durable but this also means it is really heavy so it is difficult for my little boy to move around if he wants to.

      All his limbs move which is how he is able to move around freely and a large speaker on his stomach is where the sound comes from although there is no volume control there is a on off switch for when he is not in use. When he is sat idle he snores or says come on to try and entice little one back again which can be rather annoying as he does not give up and as it is located under his feet the weight issue often means my son does not turn him off and I have to do it before it dries me insane.

      As he is so bulky he does not fit in the toy box and instead sits at the side it does not take up too much room but it is worth considering it is a lot bigger than other toys and will need a space to sit.


      He rolls forwards, backwards and blows himself over with a sneeze each of these action is controlled by pressing the arrow button on the remote either once twice or three times. With each action he makes different noises he makes a sneezing sound before falling over and laughs when he does his handstands all very amusing for a young child.

      He is supposed the throw a ball but to be honest it's more like he drops t you have to place the ball correctly in his hand and make sure it will sit still rather than rolling out and then you press the circle button on the remotes and he basically moves his hand and drops it on the floor which I thought was a little rubbish but again my 4 year old son absolutely loved it.

      There is a button to make big foot angry illustrated by an angry face on the remote when you press and hold down the button his facial expressions change and he throws his hands in the air and shouts a lot my son actually looked rather frightened of this and he doesn't press it often to be honest.

      Next is the button to make big foot happy when you press this he is a smiley monster again and throws his hands back and forth singing happily this is a much better feature and my children all squeal in delight they think it is amazing you can make him sing and dance.

      Similar to this is an exclamation mark that you press and big foot suddenly starts rapping and being silly lots of different noises are played and he says hello over and over again this is a confusing feature as it does so much at once it is a little hard to figure out what it is he is actually doing.

      There is an exercise button and big foot starts moving his arms around grunting and puffing and counting how many lifts he has done this is entertaining and of course as it is counting is great for teaching children.

      Finally the sleep button this does exactly what it says big foot closes his eyes and begins snoring much to my children's delight at the end he awakes with a fright and this always makes my children jump no matter how many times they press the button and know what's coming it still surprises them.

      Each function varies in length but it usually lasts between 30 and 60 seconds so a good amount of time for little one to enjoy the feature but not too long so that it gets boring.

      **The remote**

      There are lots of different buttons for little one to be interactive with they are all in picture form rather than in words which is great as it means little one can control it all by himself. Some of the buttons are simple to use while some actions require combination pressing so can be a little difficult but once little one gets used to the buttons it is really easy to use.

      There is no interruption between the remote and the sensor on big foot and he seems to perform all actions pressed on the remote plus an added few while idle right up until the battery runs out. The batteries in the remote last a lot longer than ones in big foot which is great as they are not rechargeable so it would have been a big cost factor.


      You have to charge big foot for a very long time for him to begin working and if you want it to run smoothly with no hiccups and perform everything we were told it would do when we purchased it you need to leave him for a good 6 hours. You would think after charging him for this long he would have a great amount of fun and games in him but unfortunately he lasts around 40 minutes of play when fully charged which to be honest when a child has sat waiting patiently for all that time is really disappointing.


      My son and daughter ages 4 and 3 both loved this toy from the start they loved how interactive it was and would happily sit and wait for him to charge to run the battery back out within 40 minutes but they really enjoyed doing so. Then as the novelty wore off he has spent a lot more time sitting at the side of the toy box and sadly is forgotten about now and only sees the rare appearance for play time.

      The box claims that big foot does over 100 things which I suppose could be correct if you add up all the sayings and small movements but really it is only a few actions that little one uses. My children think it is brilliant that he says battery low and snores when you need to charge him you would have thought this was one of his main functions the delight it brings them to hear the slow tired voice but it is a good idea as it warns little one play time is coming to an end rather than an abrupt stop to play.

      The toy is not light and this means when it rolls, flips and fall backwards it does so with a large bump I did wonder how it does not break from the cracking sound it makes but so far it has lasted really well it still works fine and there are no signs of any damage at all.

      It is aimed at boys rather than girls but my daughter loves it too he burps and passes wind and then says excuse me and this actually makes my children fall down laughing they think it is brilliant. Some of the moves are not done smoothly and the arms and leg do click but again my children think it is funny when he gets stuck for a minute before being able to get back up so although it was not planned it actually provides more entertainment to the toy.

      He works well on both carpet and wooden floors although I do worry about using him on wooden floors because of the hard landing area what damage it will do to my floors or to the toy itself.

      Age recommendation is 3 years up to 8 years which I believe is about right as it appeals to my son and daughter and my nephew who is 7 loves to play when he comes round so it is great for a wide age range.

      I would recommend this toy to anyone it has so many sayings and features and although not great for educational purposes is fantastic for simple fun. There is no way I would pay full retail of £80-£100 I just do not think it is worth that much but anything less than £50 it is great and a great toy for young children.


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