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Fisher-Price Winnie The Pooh Friendship Radio

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Fisher-Price / Type: Electronic Toys

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    3 Reviews
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      02.10.2012 22:46
      Very helpful



      good price .. awesome toy

      I recently brought this radio for my little girl as a treat :). Shes really into winnie the pooh atm so when i came across this i couldnt resist especially at only a small cost of £5.00.

      Upon seeing the radio my little girl instantly fell in love with it. The radio is very appealing to the childs eye and is the perfect size for my little girl with measurements of 7.6 x 22.9 x 27.2 cm. The radio has a very features a handle based on tiggers tail which looks amazing and also which makes it easy for my little girl to carry around with her . On the back of the radio is a easy to use on/off however they is no volume option which can be a downside at times lol. However i wouldnt say its overly loud for a musical toy.

      The Front of the radio is nicely decorated with the features of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore faces. The colours are stick to that of the characters as does the overall design. The design and little special features are what make this product so special. You can tell theyve taken alot of time to pay attention to detail with this product to make it seem as life like to a real radio as possible. For example underneath the heads of the winnie the pooh characters faces is the small speaker at the center which is surrounded by musical notes and also features two dials either side, however this is only extra details on the product for decoration and dont actually work. Instead theyve made it very easy for a child of young age to work the radio by simply making it so all the child has to do to make the radio play sounds and music is lightly push the noses of each individual character .. a very cute little feature.

      Each individual character makes 3 different sounds when their noses are pushed which stick very mushc to the character theme. Examples of this are that firstly when Tiggers nose is pressed he either does 1 of 3 things he asks for something with a 'bouncy beat' and then starts playing a short five second tune which actually does not have any 'bounce' to it or plays a short piece of music and tigger says 'Tiggeriffic' and the third actually features all three of the characters singing a tune together, each in their specific voices.

      Secondly when Winnie the poohs nose is pushed he does one of three things. Firstly he asks if you want to listen to some more and then plays a loud ten second tune or he plays more of a 'swinging' beat as winne the pooh describes it or last but not least the last is winne the pooh plays a different tune with his voice featured at the end.

      Last but not least is Eeyore's face. His three options are that he says that he is feeling 'blue today' and then plays a short piece of Blues music or he plays a different piece of music or the third is option is a repeat of the three characters singing their song.

      The radio takes AA batteries which seem to last a very long while especially considering how much my little girl uses her. Plus in spite of her throwing it on numerous times and dragging it around as little kids do it seems to have survived lol.

      Overall i would highly recommend this toy :)


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      25.08.2010 10:24
      Very helpful



      A Novelty Toy That Will Wear Thin For Both Parent And Child

      We have been having a clear out in preparation for the present overload of 3 birthdays and Christmas all in one month! And I found the winnie the pooh radio which we have had for about 8 years as I am pretty sure it was my oldest daughters so it has certainly lasted.

      One of the main reasons that we bought was because at the time my youngest was ever so slightly obsessed with winnie the pooh and I often had to push the buggy that fast past the winnie isle that I would have given usain bolt a run for his money!

      The radio is designed with three of main characters from Winnie The Pooh, Winnie, Tigger and Eeyore, the radio is blue in colour but as you can see from the picture the top is made up with the heads of the characters and the handle of the toy is designed to look like Tiggers tale.
      It is cute to look at and certainly grabs the eye of any child who comes into contact with it and the fact that is quite light makes it easy for a child to hold although I have to say that it didn't feel that light when my daughter smacked me on the head with it.! I should also point out that its too big for them to swallow, I add this as while my daughter was teething she did try to fit it but I can confirm that it did not.

      On the characters noses each of them have buttons to press and this is what activates the sounds of the radio and the different tunes that it plays. Winnie, Tigger and Eeyore have their own tunes which are cute and lovely the first few times that you hear them! The tunes for Winnie and Tigger are happy and bouncy while Eeyore's tune is quite sombre and I am sorry but if that's the tunes he listens to then it's no wonder he is depressed.

      The radio can be turned on at the back with a button but I was disappointed to see that there was no way to adjust the volume and it's not a quiet sound and I have to say that I did start to get really fed of hearing the same three tunes over and over again!

      There really is not a great deal more to the radio than that but as the toy is designed for 18 months + You would not expect too much more and unfortunately this is the reason that I have found that all three of my children have got quite bored with it and I do think that that is why the toy has lasted quite well as my children are rather harsh with their toys and this one is no exception and has been thrown about and stood on and dropped and is still going strong!

      ======= Conclusion ======

      Would I buy this again? In all honesty I would say no and the reasons for that are that the toy is limited in what the child can do with it and the tunes are quite repetitive and loud.

      I have tried doing a few different things with it when they girls were little such as hiding the toy and pressing the button so they would try to find where the tune was coming from and also helping them with their speech and trying to copy what the characters say but I have to honest and say that I was grabbing at straws and trying to get more out of the toy!.

      It did certainly hold their attention for a little while and when they were really young just being able to press a button and hear some music was enough to make them happy. But I do feel that it has limited playability as once the kids have played with it for a while and heard the tunes over and over again they is nothing left to do with it.

      Toy r us still have the radio and I have seen it in Wilkinson's and on Amazon although it is out of stock there, the approx price £10.00.


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        06.04.2010 16:11
        Very helpful



        A lovely little toy

        Winnie the Pooh Friendship Radio

        Sing-a-Long with Winnie the Pooh

        One of the many things my daughter loves at the moment is Winnie the Pooh and when I spotted this little radio in a charity shop for only £0.50 how could I say no? It was not too long ago that we brought this radio though looking online, the only places with this radio in stock is on Ebay and it seems that it sells anything from £0.99 to £4.00. It is on Amazon though as it is out of stock at the moment it is not giving a price.

        THE RADIO

        The radio itself is very attractive and at a handy child size. It features the heads of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore and straight away is recognisable by young fans of this great programme. The colours are generally very bright in the colours of the characters themselves as well as a lighter blue colour for the rest of the toy. It also has a handy handle which is perfect size for my daughter to get her hand around and hold and the weight of it is not overly heavy at all so she has no problems there. The handle itself is made from Tiggers tail so keeps within the theme of the toy well. Underneath the heads of the characters is the small speaker at the center with musical notes surrounding it and two dials either side, though these are for decoration only.

        I have seen a few of these character radios, and many of them have dials to turn for the sounds which my daughter has some problems with (Nanny also gave my daughter a Fimbles one made like this and my daughter has only just started to be able to turn the dials on her own) though this one is much simpler and can be used by younger children with no problem at all. All the child has to do to access the music/sounds is press the noses of the characters - simple as that - and these button noses are very easy to press.

        Each character has three different sounds when their noses are pressed which are varied and relate to the specific character. These are as follows;

        The first option features Tigger asking for something with a 'bouncy beat' and then starts playing a short five second tune which actually does not have any 'bounce' to it, though this does not really matter - at least, not to my daughter!

        The second features another short piece of music with Tigger saying that it was 'Tiggeriffic' and the third actually features all three of the characters singing a tune together, each in their specific voices.


        The first option features Winnie asking if you want to listen to some more and then playing a loud ten second tune.

        The second option is more of a 'swinging' beat as Winnie actually tells you, and the last is another different tune with Winnie's voice at the end.

        The first is Eeyore saying that he is feeling 'blue today' and then plays a short piece of Blues music. The second is another piece of music and then the third is a repeat of the three characters singing their song so not quite nine different tunes!

        There is an on/off button at the back which my daughter can turn on easily though unfortunately for parents, there is no volume switch so it is either on and loud or off. It is not overly loud though after a while the repetitive tunes can become quite annoying for the parent - my daughter seems to love it though, listening to it over and over again, recognising the characters voices, even though they are more from the older series than the 'My Friends Tigger and Pooh' series which is the newest one out.

        The radio takes three AA batteries which actually last a long time even with constant use which is great.

        The great thing about this radio I feel is that when my daughter wants to take it out with her, she can do easily with the handy handle. It doesn't really have a big educational value to it, apart from helping the children press the buttons, though nonetheless, my daughter really loves this toy radio and for the price I paid for it is great.

        The radio is very durable and has been thrown and dropped numerous times and has no dents or breakages at all which is another great point. It is also easily wiped clean though if juice is spilt on it I can see that it may seep through the gaps in the noses and stop the toy working so this is something to be cautious of.

        I would fully recommend this radio toy if you can get your hands on it - I suggest looking on Ebay or keeping your eye open for it on places such as Amazon for when it comes back into stock as it is a lovely little toy. I wouldn't have paid lots for this radio though, probably no more than a few pound - though that's not because it is a bad toy - totally the opposite!

        1. Product Dimensions: 7.6 x 22.9 x 27.2 cm ; 545 g
        2. Boxed-product Weight: 540 g


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