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Flair Toffee the Pony

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3 Reviews

Brand: Flair / Type: Interactive plush toy

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    3 Reviews
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      24.11.2012 13:18
      Very helpful
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      This is a beautiful pony but the toy is not interesting for very long

      WHAT IS IT?

      A large cuddly toy pony that is interactive and does various actions when you touch it in certain ways or put the carrot in the ponys mouth.


      Toffee the pony is brown and looks very cute with large brown eyes. It is about 48cm tall so it's a big toy but the ears are quite long so it is not as bulky as you would think by looking at the height measurement. You need 4 AA batteries to make it work and even though the battery container is quite big it goes deep inside the pony so your child cannot feel it while they are playing.


      Toffee the pony comes with a carrot and when you put it into the pony's mouth he will chew it. When it wakes up it will neigh and look around, it also neighs for food and if you make a loud noise it will get scared and start shaking and close its eyes until you cuddle the pony to calm it down. It comes with a brush and when you brush the fur in certain places it will neigh and move its head in a very sweet manner.


      I think Toffee the pony is a bit expensive because it doesn't do very much. I think it is a nice toy and my daughter loves it but it cost £50 and that is a lot of money because she got bored quite quickly. The actions it makes are very good and they happen smoothly but because there are not many variations in what it does it means that my daughter will only play with it for short periods, she hasn't looked after it like a pet like I thought she would and most of the time it is just lying in the corner of her bedroom.

      It was not easy to use to start with because you have to know exactly where and when to touch the pony but it did not take my daughter very long to learn how to use the toy fully. It was hardest making the pony shake with fear and she only found out how to do that accidentally after dropping something near to it when it was switched on, you have to clap or make another loud sharp noise after it has finished neighing.

      Toffee the pony is very good quality and has been made to look like a baby cartoon horse. The fur doesn't come out and all of the seams on the toy are sewn together perfect, none of them have come apart and there are no problems with how it's put together.


      My daughter has only had Toffee for 6 months and she has already said that she is bored of it. She played with it a lot when it was new but after about 2 weeks she played with it less and less. I don't mind because I would not force her to play with something but it makes it a lot of money to spend on something that gets boring so fast.

      She gets it out most when her friends are round to play, I think that is because they all love Toffee and she likes to show him off. Her young cousin is 2 and it will be her that we give Toffee to when my daughter stops playing with it altogether, it says it is for children from 2 years but that is not true because a 2 year old cannot make the pony do everything because it is too fiddly. She likes watching my daughter make it work though and we try to activate the pony at the right time for her to think she is doing it herself.

      3 Dooyoo Stars.


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        18.10.2012 23:01
        Very helpful



        Toffee is an over rated toy that does very little and costs a great deal of money

        If this prevents anyone from making a very big mistake it is worth it......

        It was about this time (October 2010) when we asked our then 6 year old daughter for ideas for Christmas. It is often difficult because she has 2 Christmas's each year one with me and my wife Sue (and step-sister) and the other with her mum and some of her half-brothers and half-sister (complicated) so quite often I am a little worried about duplication.

        In this case I think her mum quite wisely ignored her constant requests.

        In fact when we first learnt about Toffee the Pony it was something of a surprise as we thought she would have wanted a DS or something more adventurous, but no she had seen adverts on the tv and this was the one and only toy.... the object of her desire!

        When she told us Sue (my wife) waited until she had gone to bed and searched online and quickly uttered some rather rude word under her breath when she saw that Argos were in fact selling this toy for £100! In fact that was exactly what it stayed at until only a few weeks before Christmas when the price had dropped by half and Sue texted me to say she'd reserved one at one of our local Argos stores. We thought we'd one the lottery, and we were to learn later - well Christmas Day to be precise what a total waste of money it was.

        That year the four of us had been invited to Sue's sons for Christmas and we crammed the car full of presents for her son, her parents and for my daughter who we saw enroute, so we limited the children's presents to one sack each that somehow we managed to sneak into the boot while they were engaged elsewhere and this toy took about a third of her sack.

        Christmas Day arrived and we waited with baited breath as she pulled open the wrapping paper surrounding this relatively large box. Her first reaction was TOFFEE, TOFFEE.... I've got TOFFEE! A minute or two later Toffee had been removed from the box, batteries inserted and the plastic carrot and brush removed from the cardboard they had been tied to.

        Well, it looked ok made with soft velvety material and the most characteristic feature of Toffee was its bulging eyes with long eyelashes. A few cuddles and the odd brushing of its mane was almost as much as my daughter actually did with the toy as everytime she picked it up it turned off (fell asleep) which pretty well made this the most expensive waste of money we have ever bought. Sometimes you have to rely on instinct and mine (and Sue's) was that this would provide her with very short-term interest. In fact, Toffee is still in my daughter's bedroom..... gathering dust!

        So what does it do.... well apart from the odd "Neighhhh" and the odd winking / blinking of its eyes.... absolutely nothing! For £50+ my daughter could have had a lot of better toys - we learn from our mistakes!

        So, in my honest opinion this is one toy to avoid at all costs.


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        16.01.2012 11:08
        Very helpful



        A cute little horse

        I bought my daughters main birthday present back in June of last year (even though her birthday is the week before Christmas!!) but we had seen advertisements for an interactive horse which was just so cute and she was saying how much she would like it so I just had to buy it! It was a bit silly to buy something so early really as when it got closer to Christmas she started asking for Milky which is the same kind of toy but a rabbit.

        Toffee the horse is an interactive toy horse which is one of the range of emotion pets. The horse comes in an extremely large cardboard box (which took up almost a roll of wrapping paper!) which is clear fronted so you have a full view of the horse inside. The box features various pictures of a young girl playing with the horse so you can see the kind of things the horse will do. The box has a kind of stable effect kind of look to it and has a large sign at the bottom with the name in large lettering.

        Removing Toffee the horse from the box was much easier said than done, the ties that hold the toy in place were quite hard to remove which was a little frustrating for my daughter as she wanted to play with it straight away. After putting the batteries in the horse it was ready to be played with.

        Toffee is a really really cute horse and he looks so soft and cuddly. It is a pale brown colour with white furry legs and a white stripe down his nose. He has little horse shoes which are super cute and a long fluffy tail. Just like Milky the rabbit, Toffee has very large eyes with a single black platic eyelash and again I think they eyes are gorgeous whereas others are just freaked out by them! Unfortunately, Toffee is not a nice cuddly toy, it is a fur covered robotic toy which is really quite hard in places.

        Toffee has various features:

        He wakes up, opens his eyes and greets you.

        He sways his head, neighs and wants to play.

        He calls for food, feed him his carrot and he really chews.

        If he hears a loud sound he gets scared, his ears tremble and he closes his eyes. Calm him down by brushing his back or feeding him.

        When he's tired he will close his eyes and you will hear he has fallen asleep.

        To play with Toffee you need to press the small sensor that is located at the top of his tail, keep this pressed in for a few seconds and he will wake up and be ready to play. As soon as he is turned on Toffee opens his eyes, sways his head and blinks a lot. Then he starts to neigh a little indicating that he wants something. Toffee needs love and care and when he wakes up he will usually want "feeding" so push the carrot against his mouth and he will "chew" it. This is really cute as his nose moves up and down and you hear a loud chewing noise which does sound quite realistic. When he has had enough of his carrot he will start to shake his head so you know to stop, but if you carry on he will get mad and start neighing at wagging his ears in anger!

        The emotion pets are very similar, and just like Milky, if Toffee hears a very loud noise and is startled he gets very scared and needs calming down and the best way to do this is to brush him on his back with his special brush. Quite often my daughter thinks it is funny to shout loud in his face to make him react so she can brush him to chill him out again. The noises that come out of the horse are much more realistic than those of the bunny but of course this is due to the fact that rabbits don't really make noises whereas horses do. If you don't play with Toffee for a few minutes he will shut his eyes and go to sleep, making a gruff kind of snoring noise until he switches off.

        To say my daughter wanted Milky the rabbit so much for Christmas, in the end she much prefers Toffee the horse as he is much more realistic with the noises and movements and as you can brush him to there is slightly more you can do with him. The main frustrating thing with the horse is that he isn't cuddly as such though he is much softer than the rabbit which I think is ridiculously robotic. On several occasions my daughter has wanted to take Toffee to bed but she likes to sleep on her teddies rather than a pillow and she is just unable to do this with this toy.

        As Toffee comes with a carrot and a brush it is a good idea to tie them onto some string or ribbon to keep them together as it is very easy to lose them but we have them tied around his neck so we always know where they are.

        One thing I think is poor with this toy is that it is quite difficult to press the sensor to turn it on and a child will really struggle to press it hard enough in my opinion. My daughter has tried many times to turn it on but she has been unable to, and even when I have pressed it at times it has taken a couple of attempts. The horse doesn't hold a childs interest for very long as once you have fed and brushed it it tends to fall asleep and that is it until you wake it up again, either by scaring it or turning it back on (if it has been left off for long enough). The whirring noises that it makes when in use is quite loud at times which does detract from the realism of the horse unfortunately.

        Toffee the horse is priced at around £50, however I purchased it for just over £40 last year. I do think that it is a lot of money to pay for a toy and that it is somewhat overpriced but at the same time it has been a hit with my daughter and she loves it to bits and plays with him at least once every day so it is money well spent. If I was to recommend any of the emotion pets it would definitely be Toffee as he does do slightly more than the rabbit and is much more life like in my opinion. The recommended age of this toy is age two and above though the box does show a much older child playing with the horse so it does seem like it should be for older children.

        I would recommend Toffee the horse as my daughter loves him. I asked her to describe him and she said he is great fun and like her pet so I think that is giving him the thumbs up!

        Thank you for reading my review.


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