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Furby Party Rockers

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Brand: Furby / Age: 6 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      04.02.2014 00:18
      Very helpful



      A great little furby

      This is a long story! Our daughter whose 14 and has autism loves her furbys, she has two already and would love more! when she saw the new furby boom she wanted one for Christmas, so we looked into it and decided we would get it as her main present, however we were extremely disappointed - I will review the actual furby boom when I can add toys to the product suggestions!

      So Christmas day was a massive dissapointment when the furby boom didn't work, the short reason is because it wasn't compatible with her phone even though the app had successfully downloaded months before - beware the furby boom only works with a few devices! So I wrote to Hasbro to complain and was pleasantly surprised that they replied they were sorry and would send a gift. That gift turned out to be a furby rocker.

      Furby Rocker
      A furby rocker is a little companion to later versions of the larger furbies. The furby rocker is quite small in size but I think it's quite cute, it fits in the palm of a hand and is really light weight. Ours is the yellow version, it has light up eyes and is furry to touch, it doesn't have sensors all over it like the larger furbies but then it's cheaper so that's not surprising. It's a much nicer size to take out and about with you - however....

      IT IS NOISY!!!!

      It is quite noisy and doesn't have an off button, you can send it to sleep though by lying it on it's back the only time this is a problem is in the car as we discovered on the journey when we had both the furby boom and the furby rocker communicating with each other and chattering like mad, even when the furby boom was made to be quiet the more the furby rocker is jiggled about the wilder it gets - it drove us insane all the way from Coventry to Bristol - solution - wrap the furbies individually in something soft like a jacket or cushion and put them on the floor of the car, that way they seem to quieten down and be quiet!

      They take 3 aaa batteries so that is the other option - take them out!

      Each colour furby rocker has it's own personality so you need to check that out before buying. Our particular furby is yellow with pink around the eyes and a yellow beaky thing with blue squigly antenna.

      The furby rocker works with the original app and through this app it can be fed, sing and dance, it will dance to music. They chat to the later versions of furbies too and will totally interact with each other, my daughter loved this part and we all found it quite amusing. She also at this point discovered that the furby boom (the larger one she had for christmas that didn't work with the furby boom app) actually works with the old furby app so it can be fed. The app's do bring the furby rocker alive, it would be a bit boring without the app.

      You can also pull it's tail to iritate it and make it do things like chat or flash it's eyes! which flash like mad, the eyes are not lcd, they are holographic but they do light up.

      At the moment (January 2014) they are selling for around £20 which is quite a bit bigger than the large ones. they are available from most toy shops and online at amazon or ebay. There are 4 original colours light blue, dark blue, purple and pink then there are the 2013 versions yellow and teal (turquoise type colour).

      I think they are quite good value for money and are very entertaining to all our visitors who find them funny or VERY annoying and they smile politely whilst our daughter tries to show all the different things it can do!

      We love our furby family - in short doses!


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        08.04.2013 22:21
        Very helpful



        Furbies and Furby Babies- love em' or hate 'em (DBP I mean you) they are just a marmite toy

        Hasbro are expanding the Furby range and after the relaunch of the Furby toy late in 2012, come a whole raft of new items, from glasses, to chairs and this, the latest addition, the Furby Rocker - a miniature friend for Furby who can interact with him and add to the fun, or annoyance, depending on whether you are a fan of the range or not.

        As soon as these Furby Rockers started being heavily promoted on TV, unsurprisingly my daughter, a confirmed Furby fan was desperate to get one. They are available in four colours and looks (see amazon link above for details), each having their own separate character. Unlike Furby they do not change and develop at all however much you play with them, but they do share the ability to interact with the regularly expanding and updated Furby app, so will respond to the app to sing, be fed and be filmed or spoken to via the power of your tablet or smartphone. At £20 it's a lot less expensive than the larger Furby which retails at anything from the rrp of £59.99 to over a hundred pounds, depending on demand. We found the Furby Rocker fairly easy to source (which at time of writing the Furby is still not) and got one as soon as it was launched to the great excitement of my daughter.

        In the Box:

        We have the pink version of this toy, not the one in the photo above. It has blue eye surrounds in the same shape as the Furby, tiny yellow feet and strange yellow ears that look a bit like handles, it's actually quite cute looking. Some of the other Rockers are a bit less cute and more characterful - all of them have a hard plastic base to be rocked and spun on, and the base also house the batteries - not supplied. As the Rocker comes in a very similar box to the Furby - first out of the box it's a little disappointing for a couple of reasons - firstly it's a lot smaller than the Furby and only 10cm or so high - it sits comfortably in an adult hand and secondly it wasn't quite as we had expected from the videos we had seen - notably the eyes. If you are expecting the eyes to be just like those of the Furby - they are not at all - ie they are not LCD with a range expressions as we had perhaps thought prior to purchase. They do light up and flash when the mini-Furby is being played with but there are only 2 different printed eye expressions - in the case of the pink one open eyed with a heart for the pupil and eyes mainly shut. This wasn't what we were expecting and so though we knew that this toy would not have some of the features the Furby has - ie no ability to change characters, no functioning mouth and no ability to move ears or base, initially it was a let down.

        Play Value:

        The most important thing though, initial feeling of let down over with, is whether a child will actually enjoy playing with it - and here the Furby rocker disappoints less. It is really a proper little sidekick to the Furby and will interact with it quite nicely; they sing and talk to each other and we found this one (whose character seems to be pink and fluffy and just a little bit excitable) seemed to teach the Furby we already had some new vocabulary, and it makes many of the same sounds as the Furby does. Admittedly this ability to chatter to each other does mean they often end up muttering endearments or singing to each other in a quite strange way, but our six year old really likes the fact that they talk. The Furby rocker interacts with the app too and so can be fed and will dance along to music like the Furby does and is quite amusing when you spin him round or turn him upside down. My child likes it as she can play with her Rocker alone (it's a great size for putting in a bag) or with her Furby. The plush is of the same quality as the Furby, but there are no moving parts at all and it's pretty well just a hard shell, covered with fur which speaks Furbish and has no off-button at all, but to a child it's a Furby baby, and the rocker has been regularly played with since purchase, she hasn't tired of it despite its limitations.

        Worth it?

        For the rrp then, it's OK - just - I wouldn't pay much more for it, and if you are looking to buy one of these check on the High Street first before paying over-inflated prices elsewhere, I've seen these on sale for up to £50, which is far too much. Cost and limited features aside be aware that it eats batteries, (two AAA at a time) but if you have a kid who enjoys playing Furby they will probably like this regardless of any negatives that I can identify. If, on the other hand they got bored with the Furby experience as some children seem to first time round (it's a real marmite toy), then buying a Furby rocker will not, in my opinion change much at all. The fur and build quality generally is like the original Furby, so if you have one you will know what to expect - ie something that is just about of acceptable quality.

        I wouldn't say this is really of much interest as a stand alone toy, probably only good as an add on to Furby - I've given it three stars due to it really looking like you are getting more than you do (ie proper eyes) - it does say on the box that the eyes do two expressions, but not prominently and I think it's a bit mean really that at this price they are not multi-expression. For play value and child enjoyment, all that said, it's probably nearer a 4 star experience - I wouldn't necessarily recommend its purchase, but my child would - she loves it. There are worse toys, this could just be slightly better than it actually is.


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