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Manufacturer: Spin Master Toys UK / re-usable drawing surface with 3 bright colours.

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    1 Review
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      01.10.2010 01:28
      Very helpful




      The Glo-Doodle was a bit hit with the grandson on his recent birthday. It seems to retail for various prices depending on where you buy it from, but when I got it, it was reduced slightly to £14.99 from Play.com.

      The idea is that this is a doodle / sketcher toy that uses light instead of grey or colour lines to make images. It's amazingly effective, and pictures appear on the screen in vibrant, bold colours which look like actual light beams on the surface. There are three 'traffic light' colours to choose from using the slide button at the side of the machine, green, yellow and red. You can draw a picture, then flit between the various colours and see how it looks. You can even turn the machine off and back on again and find your picture still there. It only dissappears when you press the button at the top down to clear the screen.

      This has been a massive hit with the grandson for the novelty factor alone. He has no other toy that does what this does. There are a few faults in the design at present though I must say, and I hope that they'll release a Glo Doodle 2 or something later on to rectify these. For starters, the screen for drawing on is transparent and really, really thin. I can see this toy only lasting for a few months before the screen either bursts or gets too scratched to continue using.

      I also don't like the way in which the screen is cleared, by pressing down a button on the top which pulls back a film behind the drawing screen. It makes a very sticky sound as it pulls away, and I feel that this could also damage the screen in time. The stylus is a bit difficult to get back into its holder on the back of the toy too, though it is a nice shape and size for children to use to write or draw with.

      I do recommend this because it's been so popular, and because I think that the grandson is going to continue to use this a lot in the near future. I think it will break before the year is out, or one of the bulbs will blow and I won't be bothered to replace it! But at £15, I suppose you can't really complain if you get six months of good use out of this before it goes? Think how many more expensive toys you buy that only get played with twice after all. Definitely recommended, just be aware that you will get what you pay for.


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