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Hasbro Bop It Smash

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Brand: Hasbro

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    4 Reviews
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      10.04.2013 02:00
      Very helpful



      A cool take on the original.

      ~*~*~ Hasbro Bop It! Smash ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is a take on the original Bob It! Toy that has been around for years. This one is different in that you are simply required only to smash it!

      This basically looks like a dumbbell and has a button on each outside end, in the middle are a succession of lights and the aim is to smash the ends when the light is in the middle, the lights are different colours with the first three lighting up orange, the first one in the centre circle lights up green, the large middle light is blue, then it goes back to green and then the orange again.

      The aim of the game is to smash the ends when the blue light is one for the maximum 5 points, miss this and you have the chance to hit the green for 1 point but the orange will cause you to loose a life. You get three lives, but you can get the lives back when lost by hitting the blue light.

      ~ Frustratingly Addictive ~

      Oh my, this is frustrating but it is also addictive which makes it all the more frustrating. You really need to hit the middle light each time in order to gain the highest score but of course this isn't always possible and can get really irritating. There has been times where I have been going really well with this only to hit a green light and get the 1 point, I then feel the need to start over ... Grrr!

      ~ Why did I buy it? ~

      My son really wanted this for Christmas last year and it was something that I completely overlooked, thankfully my mum didn't so she bought this for him! Lucky boy!

      ~ Price & Availability ~

      This is quite widely available. I have had a quick look online and can see that it can be bought at -

      Toys R Us

      Just to name a few, it is roughly priced at approx £20 or under.

      ~ Packaging & Quality ~

      This Bop It! Smash came packaged in a mainly open black cardboard container. I can't comment on how easy it was to take out of the packaging, however my 11 year old managed to get it out in under five minutes, and that included taking the box out to the kitchen too!

      The quality of the item is really good, despite it being a plastic item, the plastic used it nice and strong, the lights are all white on the item when not in use and the colours show through the plastic brilliantly. The colours of out Bop It! Smash are white, blue and black, but it is also available in black and blue.

      My little one has gotten his hands on this a few times and despite him dropping it or throwing it in excitement it hasn't suffered adversely to it, there are no marks on it at all.

      Being plastic it is also easy enough to wipe clean.

      ~ Usability ~

      Despite it only doing this, and having no other implements to flick, ding, squish etc. this is actually something that gets used everyday. It does belong to my eldest son but his 9 year old brother also likes to have a go and so do us adults, my little one just like to make a grab for it and run, he likes to see the flashing lights and he is happy with just that!

      ~ Easy or Hard ~

      Both really, it is easy to get the hang of what you are supposed to do with it, you simply have to follow the colours and smash the ends to hit the centre, it follows patterns and some are easy enough to do, however if it was to go on like that then it would be no fun, so the patterns and speed get harder and faster, you just have to try and keep up with it to get the highest score. Not so easy!

      ~ Solo fun or multi-player ~

      This has three intense games. You can play solo, pass-it, or multi-player. Unfortunately I have only ever played on solo but my children do sometimes play the others.

      With solo play I just try to beat my score each time.

      ~ Overall ~

      This has been a well used toy in our house, my eldest son really likes it and keeps a note of his scores in a notepad. Despite being thrown about my my youngest son it still works perfectly well and still looks like new.
      When my brother pops up to visit he will sit here the whole time with this in his hands which makes me think that it is the Bop It! Smash he is coming to see and not us! My son and his uncle do get quite competitive and always try to outdo each other and can sometimes result in a little distraction tactic foul play.

      If you enjoy frustrating games then this would be perfect for you!

      * For ages 8 years and over
      * Requires 3 x AAA Batteries.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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      25.03.2013 23:18
      Very helpful



      A really addictive and entertaining family game

      'Bop It Extreme 2' was a surprise hit in our household during Christmas 2011, so it seemed a pretty safe choice to purchase the latest version this 'Bop It Smash' last Christmas as a gift for my oldest son. Bop It Smash is widely available from toy stockists and has an RRP of £19.99. I purchased mine from Amazon shortly after the game was first launched and snapped it up for £12.76. It is currently available for £15.41 and I would recommend buying it at that price as it has been selling for much closer to its full RRP for the past few months.

      For anybody unfamiliar with the previous formats of Bop It, the premise is that of a hand held electronic device that gives a series of commands. This new version fits into the Bop It family extremely well but it is different to previous versions as there is really only one action to perform but it is no less challenging. This new game also looks considerably different to its predecessors as the previous models resembled deformed steering wheels, whereas Smash is a slimmer and simpler design. The shape is quite difficult to describe. (I'm staring at it now, trying to find the best description!) It is a kind of large plastic dog bone shaped contraption with a series of lights across the length and two rounded ends which need to be bashed by the player at the relevant moment. All of the controls are very cleverly disguised within the game, with the volume being adjusted using a sliding switch which also selects the mode of play.

      Playing the game is very simple but exceedingly difficult, both at the same time! The principle of the game couldn't be simpler - there are a series of lights which follow a fixed pattern and the player needs to bash the ends at the moment that the light reaches the central blue light. Fortunately, there is a little bit of leeway and it is possible to get through the round by pressing the ends when the light has reached the green light either side of the larger central light. The difference is that a central blue light scores five points whereas a green light only scores a single point but does preserve those all-important lives.

      Where this game differs from previous versions, and is a great improvement, is by the inclusion of three lives. This gives me a fighting chance of succeeding with this game, especially as my co-ordination and reflexes aren't particularly strong. It is also better for younger players as a single life can mean a game is over within seconds. What is even better is that it is possible to 'earn' lives that have been lost by achieving a blue light. In effect, the player's lives are pretty limitless, so long as they are able to get a blue light before all three lives are lost. This is the saving grace for me, as I would doubtless lose patience with the game if I got booted off as soon as I kept missing lights. There are certain rounds that I really struggle with and it takes me at least two attempts to get a blue (or even green) light so I really do need those lives and the opportunity to earn back those lost lives is really appreciated.

      The various rounds do get increasingly challenging as the game progresses, with some rounds even featuring two lights coming in from opposite ends which I really struggle with! The speed and pattern of lights varies between each round and it is possible to watch the pattern a few times each round to judge the appropriate point at which to press but, be warned, there is a time limit on each round and it is soul destroying to lose a life simply by hesitating a little too long!

      In terms of age recommendation, this really is a family game that appeals to children and adults alike. This was actually purchased for my ten year old son, who was the household champion on the previous Bop It Extreme. Much as he loves this game, his efforts here have been far eclipsed by his father who has developed something of an addiction for Bop It Smash and my oldest son has been lucky to get a look in! During and long after the Christmas period, I found the kids getting neglected and the house falling into general disarray only for my other half to proudly announce that he has yet again beaten his own high score! Thus far, my husband has managed to achieve a high score of 393 although he has yet to beat the challenge of level nine and always gets stuck at the same point in each game. (He is now desperate to exceed the 400 point mark as well as to get past level nine.) To put his score into perspective, I had a quick go myself prior to writing this review and achieved a pretty embarrassing 61 points, with no children or any other distractions to blame. Second try and I've managed to achieve 68 points so no prospect of me beating my husband's high score any time soon!

      I have asked my other half for some tips on how to improve my score. Apparently, the secret lies in the bonus round which are crucial to achieving the highest score possible. I generally score a maximum of 15 points on the bonus rounds, whereas my husband can earn up to 45 points on each bonus round. The trick here is to press in very quick succession at the correct point as it is possible to get the blue light more than once at the same time, so long as you press quickly enough.

      At the lower age range, I do think the recommended age of eight years upwards is fairly accurate. Whilst younger children can grasp the concept and have a go, it is a little too challenging to be particularly enjoyable. My five year old has had a few half-hearted attempts but soon loses interest (as well as all of his lives) as he just doesn't have the speed of reaction and judgement needed to catch the light in the right position. Even my two year old has had a go and, amusingly, managed to better the score of my mother in law who really struggled with the game much to her disgruntlement - I think I can see where my husband gets his competitive streak from! My ten year old does enjoy this game although his interest waned after owning this for a few weeks and he admits that he personally prefers the 'Bop It Extreme' version although his Dad shows no sign of losing interest in this.

      This really is a game that can unite -and divide- families though. I must admit that even though the game offers the versatility of multi-player and pass it modes, these settings are largely ignored in our household as we all prefer to focus on individual scores. The other settings don't really allow the player to focus on the game to the same extent and the other frustration is that there is no way of saving a particularly high score on the multi-player scores. We also find it tricky remembering to pass it at the relevant points, as we all get pretty focused on playing the game!

      There are really no drawbacks to this game, beyond my own inability to score particularly highly. The design of the gadget itself is wonderfully simple and even the American accent of the 'voiceover' and the repetition of the little jibes and comments offered whenever you lose a life fail to be as annoying as they probably ought to be. Parents be warned that whilst you can lower the volume there is no way of turning the sound off altogether and the game does play music as well as announce the score at the end of each round. There is also no way of actually turning the game off manually and it can be accidentally set off, simply by knocking the end panels. Fortunately, the game will inform you 'I'm going to sleep' after a couple of attempts to engage the player, thus preserving battery life. This game has seen considerable action since Christmas but has yet to require replacement of the three AAA batteries supplied.

      It is difficult to explain in words just how addictive, simple to play and yet infuriatingly challenging this game is. You really need to play it or at the very least to watch somebody else play it. Better still, buy it -for a child, a friend or yourself. At anywhere around the £15-£20 mark, this is great value for money and offers hours of entertainment, frustration and potential achievement. Whether you've tried any of the other Bop It games or not, this is a game that deserves a purchase in its own right. It is fun, inexpensive and an ideal 'filler' gift for young and old alike.


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        10.02.2013 10:09
        Very helpful



        A really good addictive game!

        I couldn't believe my luck when I won one of the Dooyoo Christmas hampers worth £50 back in December because I never win anything! Parcels came direct from amazon with all manner of lovely things in them and in my second parcel I received the game bop it smash which I was really excited about because I knew both my son and I would be able to use the game!

        The bop it games are made by Hasbro which is a brand name that I am familiar with and trust a lot because we have a lot of Hasbro games in our house. The game came simply packed so that you could see the game unit and actually try it out in demo mode. I think this is a particularly handy feature if you are going to be buying the game in a shop because you can find out what the game is all about really from this demo mode. The parcel actually arrived when I was on a short break from work and so I tested it out in demo mode myself and waited until I finished work that night before opening it up properly.

        Bop it is a game which has been about for quite a few years now and I think they are those games that will be bought for the children in the house but that adults will not be able to put down as well! We are told that this game is suitable for those aged 8 years and over. My son is seven and plays with the game happily but I don't think much younger than this would appreciate this game or get the most out of it so I do think the age guidelines are pretty accurate.

        This particular game is quite a new one I think and is quite different looking to the other bop it games I have seen where you have to spin, flick or twist things! The bop it smash game is simple in that all you receive is the smash game unit and some instructions. The smash game unit is basically a long piece of plastic which reminds me a little of a dumbbell in shape because it has larger ends to which you hold. The middle section of the smash game unit is thinner and flatter and features eleven domes which are lights and will flash during the game. There is one large and two slightly smaller lights in the middle of the unit which are separated from the others slightly as they are surrounded by a larger piece of plastic which highlights that these lights are the ones you want to be hitting. The game unit is really well made I think. It looks simple and is just white, blue and black coloured plastic but it feels solid and as though it will really last.

        To start the game you just need to push the ends of the game unit in and choose the game you want to play just by pushing the ends until you get solo, pass it or multiplayer versions. The aim of this game is really simple and you simply need to time it so that you smash the ends of the game unit when the light hits preferably the largest circle light in the middle but if not either one of the ones to the side of this. If you stop the lights on any of the eight smaller outer circles then you lose a life. The game sounds simple enough doesn't it? What it doesn't tell you though is just how fast those lights can move in some of the levels and you do need super quick reactions to smash it in the right place!

        The lights on the game move quickly and you will see blue in the large centre dome, green on the one to the left and right of the main light and the others are orange and those are the ones you don't want to be hitting. What you need to do is just be the person who completes the most levels and thus scores the most points. Five points are awarded for the blue light, one point for the green and none for the orange in which you will lose a life if you hit them. The levels get progressively harder and it does seem random as to what patterns you will be given in a certain level and so the level one light patterns aren't always the same for example so I think this gives you more interest and unpredictability when playing the game. Some of the levels the game throws at you really are so hard and the lights move so fast! You only get a matter of seconds really to smash the unit or you lose a life so you do need to keep concentrating! Should you lose a life on solo play and then hit the blue light you will be rewarded with an extra life again and so it is possible to build up your three lives again for later rounds but sometimes the rounds are so hard it is impossible to hit blue regularly!

        I really didn't anticipate just how addictive this game would be! As I started playing it on the night it had arrived I must have had at least ten goes in a row just because I wanted to beat my high score! My son came home the next morning and was equally addicted to the game and wanted to try and beat my high score and so it went on! My sister came round over Christmas and when I was putting my son to bed we heard her scream "84!!!" and we knew she had just beat my high score! The next day of course my son just had to go on it until he beat her high score and then I had to go on and beat his! Our current high score sits at 101! After so long on each level you will get a bonus level and the aim there is to get as many points as you can within the time frame. This is a good way to boost your points but the lights come quick and fast so I have never scored more than fifteen on the bonus round!

        The game is such a simple concept yet it really is fun to play. You get cross with yourself if you don't hit the blue light on the earlier levels which tend to be a bit easier and more cross if you lose a life early on! I like how this game makes us focus and concentrate and use our reactions because in a way it is good at promoting those skills too which are good in other areas of life obviously!

        You can play this game in a pass it mode or as a multi player game and we have done both. The concept is the same and you simply pass it along until people are out with the last player standing being the winner! We all try and put the others off when we play it in this way because we are all so competitive!

        The game needs three AAA batteries which you should pop in straight away really because the batteries used for demo mode aren't really strong. What is great with this game is if you knock it on by accident or decide not to play anymore it will just say after a few seconds that it is going to sleep and switch itself back off! This is the only issue I have with this game actually and that is the annoying voice is speaks with! It is very enthusiastic and a bit over the top! It can be amusing though when you hit one of the orange lights and get told "Pull yerself together man!" with a bit of a Scottish twang! It will sometimes tell you that you haven't done too badly but other times you get told you have done an "epic fail" or something like that!

        This game is selling for £19.99 in argos or £24.99 on amazon currently. I think it is worth the twenty pounds mark as a fun game which all of the family will probably pick up and have a go on! What is great is there is no set up time involved and so you can play the game quite quickly....just as long as you can bear to put it down afterwards! The game unit isn't massive and so it fits in to a toy box or cupboard with ease and won't take up much space at all. I would certainly recommend this game as all of the family have had fun with this!

        Thank you Dooyoo and thank you for reading my review!


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          05.02.2013 23:30
          Very helpful



          It is fast, fun and infuriating.

          Just before Christmas I won the Dooyoo first review raffle, and my prize was various items from amazon to enjoy with my family. One of the items that was in my gift hamper was a bop it. I am a bit odd in that I have wanted to buy a bop it for a few years. We stayed in a cottage in Devon about 4 years ago, and it was someone's home they rented out over summer. They knew we had kids, so there was a box of toys in the living room to play with. One of the items was an original bop it, and I spent a long time with my husbands young cousin playing with it.

          So, I was probably most excited to see this item out of all the gifts in my hamper.

          My kids were equally taken by the bop it as it was the most child suitable item I received, and my 6 year old son very quickly took it out of my hands and started playing with it.

          The original bop it required you to follow the instructions that the electronic voice gave you to perform one of 4 actions to see how many you could do in a row. I found it really addictive to try and beat my score.

          This smash it bop it is somehow a lot more simple than the original as you perform one action. You would think this would make it easier to master the toy and beat your score, but unfortunately this is not the case. I am not sure if this is just my being a bit older these days, and my concentration and reaction times not being as good, but there is something shameful about your 6 year old beating you every single time when he is two years younger than the recommended age to the toy.

          You hold the toy in between your two hands. There is one groove on the front to put your thumb, and three at the back to rest your fingers so you can hold it quite comfortably. On the left hand side there is a slide switch that controls volume and allows you to change between the 3 modes of play. There is a small reset button to stick a pin into if you wish. Something to note - there is no on/off switch. The toy switches off after maybe 30 seconds to a minute of inactivity. You start it by pushing on the two ends again at the same time.

          Battery power is 3 pencil batteries which came provided. This seems to last quite a long time, but this is not really a toy that you play all the time. You have a long go at it, decide it is a pain and you can't beat it, then leave it ages before feeling the urge to try again.

          The 3 modes on this seem a bit pointless to me, and I tend to stick to the solo mode - you can also play multiplayer, or pass it. Both seem a bit too similar to me, and I don't see how I would ever get better passing it on straight away as soon as you make one mistake.

          The aim of this game is simple, so it seems. There is a light in the toy. You can see it through the 11 raised circles which can be seen on the front and back of the game. The aim is to stop it in the largest middle dot when the light reaches it. The game allows you to be one out either way. If you miss completely, you lose a life on solo or have to pass it on. If you hit the very middle one you get 5 points and get a life back if you lost any. If you get the one either side you get one point and don't get a life back. You aim to hit as many in the centre as you can to get the highest score. Lose all 3 lifes and your go is over.

          There are different levels where the pattern of lights is more tricky and moves quicker the higher you get, and you sometimes get a bonus round where you don't lose a life if you miss and can quickly gather more points if you are ok at it.

          I'm almost embarassed to admit the best score I have managed it 22. The console is not scared to tell me that I should give up in its chirpy computerised voice (though it should be or I might throw it out the window!)

          The whole thing is completely infuriating if you get it wrong, yet gives you quite a buzz if you do manage to hit it at the right place and you get the Ding Ding message or some similar phrase to give you a bit of encouragement.

          It is brilliant at working on your reaction time and improving it. (My earlier scores were less than 5) My son is more than capable of working it at 6, but he finds it a bit too hard as well and loses patience after maybe ten minutes.

          I don't like it as much as the original bop it myself. I seem to find it much harder to convert the light (visual input) into the action compared to hearing the instruction. But, I know challenging my brain and going out of my comfort zone is good for me and it will help my hand to eye co-ordination.

          It's a little bit of childish fun, but it is difficult enough to make it a real challenge. My only quibble is I think at near £20 this is quite pricey as the original one is now round £12 and this is a much more reasonable price.


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