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Hasbro Star Wars New Millenium Falcon

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Brand: Hasbro / Age: 4 Years+

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    1 Review
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      10.12.2008 17:28
      Very helpful





      WOW, is all I can say about Hasbro's latest Star Wars offering. This truly is the ultimate boy's toy, though I think many people are unsure if it is a toy or a collector's piece due to the extremely high price tag. Well I suppose it is great for either, boys will love it to play with and collectors will love to have it on display.

      I remember myself having the original Kenner Millenium Falcon when I was a young boy, my mum got it me second hand for Christmas and I loved it. I spent many an afternoon pretending I was Han Solo flying across the galaxy while being chased by the Empire. The Falcon I had then was very impressive, it was a gigantic toy and it had numerous buttons and electronic sounds, I was the envy of all my friends.

      So when I saw that Hasbro had released a new version, I was extremely eager to get one for my 6 year son who is, as I was then a huge Star Wars fan (well if I am being honest I still am). Anyway we usually start getting the kids Christmas presents around August so that we can be sure to get the items we want as when you get to October, November time, stock starts running low and you run the risk of not being able to get the items you want.

      My first port of call was Amazon as I usually find the sites pricing structure very competitive, so I type Millenium Falcon in the search bar, and then I wait, it comes up as the first item and then I was just in shock, I know from when I had the toy that it is quite a large toy and was expecting to pay around £60 to £80 for it, but the price of the new one was a staggering £149.99, now we usually will spend this on each of our children plus lots of little extras, but even I as a big Star Wars fan could not justify paying that amount of money for a plastic toy, which is what it is really.

      I thought I would wait and see if the price would come down closer to Christmas and I managed to find one at www.thetoyshop.com for £100 but as I feared they were out of stock. Then I was having a look at Hot UK Deals one day and saw that play.com had started selling them, and at a great price, £89.99, again I feared they would be out of stock but was pleasantly surprised to see that they weren't, so I swiftly ordered one straight away. Two days later it turned up, and I thought wow as the driver carried this huge box to the door.

      Kenner obtained the rights to produce the offical Star Wars action figures and playsets in 1976 after the Mego Corporation rejected the idea. Tonka took over Kenner in 1987 and then Hasbro took over Tonka including Kenner in 1991.
      When Hasbro planned to bring out a new Millenium Falcon toy they intended to use the original 1977 Kenner mould, but the mould brokedown after 30 years of use. Hasbro brought in the original Millenium Falcon toy designer Mark Boudreaux and he designed a new and improved mould. The new model is also 30% bigger than the original Kenner model.


      Like I said I was impressed with the size of the box, the item was packaged very well to protect it while in transit. When delivered the actual box is inside a plain carboard box so the toy cannot be seen, although it does say millenium falcon on it in large letters. The box the ship is in measures approx 35 cm x 75 cm x 70 cm, and has a large picture of the Millenium Falcon on the front of the box and a disected picture of it again on the back with all the features it has and of course the Hasbro branding. Inside, the product is well protected in that egg carton type packaging. I then realized on opening the box that the ship is even bigger once assembled. This was one impressive toy. Hasbro have made a few improvements on the previous Kenner model, most notably the size, the ship in its box weighs 8kg. .


      The instructions are very simple to read and understand and also enclosed is the Hasbro gurantee along with your statutory rights. Assembly is minimal; there is 7 landing feet which simply attach to the bottom hull, there are a few more pieces that simply attach and then there are the interior stickers to put on, of which there are 29. Assembly should only take a novice 40 minutes at the most and the ship requires 3 x AA batteries for the electronics (not included) these are inserted in a compartment under the top of the Aft hull which unclips and you will require a small crosshead screwdriver for the screw plate.

      The size of the ship once completed is very impressive; it measures 24 cm high, 60 cm across and 66 cm long and I have to say it is very robust for a toy. Hasbro obviously thought if we are going to do a new Millenium Falcon we may as well do it in style, and they certainly have.

      Included in the box as a bonus you also get 2 Star Wars action figures which are Han Solo and Chewbacca.


      Now where do I start with the features, there are just so many. In the front hull there is a machine gun cannon that fires a missile, on top of the ship there is a rotating radar dish, there are 3 firing missiles at the front of the ship, there are lights in the front docking claw, and the engine booster on the rear of the ship glows up blue. There is a lever on the top right side of the ship that controls the upper and lower quad cannons and make firing sounds. The cockpit opens up to reveal Han and Chewbacca's seats and again there are lights in here. Also on the right side there is the docking ramp that is motorized and lowers itself and this is also lit up by lights on either side of the ramp and has sound effects.

      The interior of the ship is accsessable by removing the 2 top plates of the ship. Inside there is room for up to 16 figures. Also inside there is the Jedi training remote and the Dejarik table that glows up, there is seating and a secret opening floor plate. There is a passageway to the cockpit, a storage cupboard and the docking ramp.

      The electronic sounds of the ship are fantastic; there are 6 main buttons on the ship that control the sound effects. Inside the cockpit is a button to control the cockpit lights and also when it is pressed it say's many different phrases like 'Chewie get us out of here' and Luke saying 'What's that flashing', Han saying 'We're losing the deflector shield', Han saying 'Your all clear kid', Han saying ' That was a great shot kid, one in a million' and the famous line from Han 'She may not look like much but she has got it where it counts kid' and there are loads more phrases. There are 3 more buttons on the right side hull, the first one again say's phrases from Han and Luke like Han saying 'Great kid, don't get cocky', and Luke saying 'That's it we did it' the middle button makes the engine start up noise as does the 3rd button but for a bit longer and the in flight sound. There are 2 more buttons on the left side hull at the front the 1st one is for more phrases including some from C-3P0 and R2-D2 and lighting up the Dejarik table, the other button is for more phrases from Luke and Ben which include Ben saying 'You see, you can do it' and Luke saying 'With the blast shield down I can't even see, how am I suppose to fight' and lightsaber sounds.


      The recommended age range is 4 years up, but like I said I am sure many adult collectors will buy this product.


      The only downsides to this product are the price, £149.99 is a lot to lay out for a toy but I am sure if you shop around you can find a good deal, as I did. The only other downside is that it is huge and must have plenty of space to store it when not in use.


      I have to say this is by far the best toy I have ever seen, you can see a lot of thought has gone into its design and electronics. It is very robust so will take being knocked about a bit and the size of the ship is huge.

      I can't wait to give this to my son at Christmas and know he will love it, and maybe he will let me play too, I felt really nostalgic assembling it and have to admit I had a little play with it too. So if you have a mad passion for all things Star Wars or have a little one who is, then this is a great buy at the price I paid for it. As I said previously it is great as a toy or as a collector's piece and will look great on display in a cabinet.

      I think the £150 price tag has put off a lot of parents off buying it, but I think the £89.99 I paid is well worth it, but at this price I don't suppose it will be in stock for long.

      And just to note that if you think this toy is on the pricey side, the LEGO Millenium Falcon retails at a staggering £400 (Yes that's right for a Lego toy..........Ridiculous).


      The New Star Wars Millenium Falcon by Hasbro can be purchased at any good toy store or online, though expect it to be priced at the full £149.99 at most outlets/websites.

      Play.com is the cheapest at £89.99 with free delivery

      www.thetoyshop.com sell it for £100 plus p&p

      Amazon.co.uk sell it for £124.99 with free delivery

      All 3 suppliers have this in stock at the time of writing.


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    • Product Details

      The fastest ship in the galaxy, this Millennium Falcon has amazing speed and firepower that have helped the Rebel Alliance defeat the Empire in numerous battles. Piloted by Han Solo and Chewbacca, the Falcon packs special modifications inside and out - and they all come in handy on that fateful day when Han and Chewie agree to fly Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi to Alderaan and end up battling the evil Empire for the first time. Unassembled vehicle comes with 7 projectiles, mini-fighter vehicle, Han Solo and Chewbacca action figures, and instructions. Batteries required

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