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i-Dog amp'd Purple Heart Speakers

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Manufacturer: Hasbro

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    1 Review
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      23.01.2012 23:21
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      A cute speaker that is great for any child

      For Christmas we bought my daughter an MP3 player and although this obviously came with headphones I thought it would be nice for her to have some speakers to go with it.

      During a visit to Toys R Us I noticed a Hasbro i-dog for sale at £19.99. I thought the i-dog looked cute but it was plain white and I thought I would keep looking to find something a bit funkier. My daughter is only 7 and her room is very pink and girly and I wanted something that looked nice and not just plain black speakers.

      I searched for the i-dog on www.amazon.co.uk and found the Hasbro i-dog amp'd priced at around £13. The price on www.amazon.co.uk does seem to fluctuate and this item seems to range from £13 up to around £25. There were several colours and styles available and I decided on the purple and blue heart design.

      The i-dog is quite small and only a few inches tall. He is very sturdy and solid and a really nice chunky little thing. The i-dog doesn't feel or look cheap and seems like it will last. I think the i-dog is made of plastic and has clear plastic ears and a tail. There is a small silver button on the front of the dog's head that looks like a nose but is also the on off switch. On the back of the dog there is a circular shaped speaker. You also get the cable needed to connect the speaker to your mp3 player and all the instructions you need.

      The i-dog needs 3 x AA batteries and comes supplied with these. To change your batteries you have to unscrew the underside of the dog and removed the bottom of the dog. We haven't had to change the batteries yet but I assume it is simple enough to do.

      To operate the dog you just plug your cable into the idog and into your mp3 and press the button on his nose. There is a pattern of lights on the dogs face that flash when the dog is on and the dog will also bark and make whining noises at intervals. When music is played either via an mp3 or simply if the i-dog is sitting next to your television he will tap his foot and his head nods and his ears and tail waggle. When you want to switch off the i-dog you just hold down his nose button for three seconds and his head and ears will droop and his lights will flash and he will make a whining noise and then he shuts down.

      I believe the difference between the i-dog and the i-dog amp'd is supposed to be the sound quality. I have not heard the original i-dog but the sound quality of the i-dog ampd is not great. The sound quality seems worse at higher sound levels and is quite tinny. I find that it can grate on the nerves a little and I do have to ask my daughter to turn her music off if she is insisting on listening to it in the kitchen. Unfortunately the workings of the i-dog are quite loud and if you put the sound down too low it can be drowned out by the sound of the dog's workings and barking.

      My daughter loves this speaker and is very happy with it despite the poor sound quality. My daughter hadn't realised that the speaker would work if it was sitting near the television and this just made the new gift extra special. The colour and pattern were also a real hit and she hasn't found anything yet to dislike about the speaker.

      Despite the sound quality I have been very pleased with the speaker. I would say shop around and get a decent price but otherwise I would recommend this speaker. I think this is great for a child and because of the various colours and styles available you could get one in their favourite colours or to co-ordinate with their rooms. I wouldn't want to use this as a main speaker for myself but for my daughter it is fine. When I originally saw these I didn't think it would last very well but now that we have this one I can see that it is very well made and will hopefully last a good while.


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    • Product Details

      i-Dog Amp'd Interactive Music Companion has all the right moves as it bops its head and taps its paw to the beat of your favorite tunes. The sleek and stylish i-Dog Amp'd has new funky graphic designs and features stereo sound so music lovers can really turn it up. Girls simply plug i-Dog Amp'd into the headphone jack of any hand-held music player and music will broadcast through the built-in speakers located in its back and belly. This palm-sized pooch loves to gets its groove on. Whether it's plugged into a portable music player or is sitting near a stereo, when it hears music i-Dog Amp'dwill tap its paw to the tune, bob its head to the beat, swish its ears and wag its tail to the rhythm of your favorite songs. i-Dog Amp'd features the signature array of colorful LEDs located on its face which will light up as it grooves along to the music. Girls can press i-Dog Amp'ds tail to adjust the volume of the music. i-Dog Amp'd is compatible with most portable music devices (not included) and comes complete with a dual jack.

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