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IMC Disney Princess Microphone Amplifier

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2 Reviews

Brand: IMC Toys / Age: 6 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      29.01.2012 11:00
      Very helpful
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      Not great

      My daughter is a real little performer and she will sing and dance at almost every opportunity - cue singing Christmas songs and dancing in Tesco recently!! Quite often at home she would use a hairbrush as a microphone to sing in to so I thought about buying her a proper microphone for Christmas. I came across a Disney Princess microphone so that seemed ideal as my little girl is absolutely mad over the Disney Princesses!

      The Disney Princess Microphone comes in a very large box which is tall and quite thin and features pictures of Snow White, Cinderella and Princess Aurora at the bottom. There is a large picture of the microphone in the centre of the box along with an inset picture of a small girl playing with the toy.

      Of course with it being Christmas Day and having a large amount of toys to choose from to play with, my little girl didn't look at this toy again until a couple of days later. When it came to unpacking the microphone from the box it took quite a few minutes as it was packed with cardboard pieces to protect it inside the box. Inside the box you will find a pole, the amplifier base and micrphone with flowing ribbon. When unpacked, you are required to build the microphone which just takes a minute as it is very simple and it just slots together.

      To play with the microphone you need to plug the wire from the microphone into the amplifier base. On the base you will find the volume button (which is also the on/off button), the microphone connection, a 9v hole (to enable mains connection) and finally a line in slot so you can connect your own music if you wish. On either side of the pole on the base there are two long buttons which can be pressed to start the accompanied music which is just repetitive bars of a classical piece of music.

      The first time my little played with the microphone was really quite disappointing as we both expected the tunes that come with the toy to have been tunes from at least one of the Princess movies rather than classical music that you are completely unable to sing along with. I put on one of her cd's on the stereo so she could sing along to her own music and while she was doing this she was having a good time as it meant she could put on her own little performance. This should have meant that the toy was a hit, however, it wasn't! It falls to pieces all the time!! There is no way of tightening the microphone on the stand so as soon as my daughter moves with the microphone is comes out of the pole and the pole just falls over!

      The height of the microphone can be adjusted, and it does go really high so older children can play too but the same problem with the microphone itself not staying securely in the holder. Of course I understand that it should come off so the children can walk around while singing and dancing but it should not be so loose in my opinion.

      The volume control on the base is easy to use so children can simply manage it themselves and it does go really loud - so much so that I have had to ask my daughter to turn it down a little as it is a little unbearable!

      One thing I am not particularly keen on is the dangling ribbon and wire as this could cause a hazard for young children. The recommended age for this toy is three years and above but if there are younger children in the house it could be a little dangerous.

      There is the option to plug in your own music to the amplifier but that isn't something that we have done as it is just as easy to put a cd on and sing along to that but there is the option there should you so wish to do it.

      I do think the idea behind the Disney Princess microphone is better than that actual practice of it. Looking at the microphone it is really lovely looking and any little girl would surely be thrilled with it. The pink colour, covered in hearts and all of the Princesses on the base just makes it a must for any budding Princess. Unfortunately it is just quite poorly made and the tunes that come out of the amplifier are just not ideal for a microphone, it should surely be a tune that can be sung to but it is more of a dance tune (albeit a slow one!).

      My daughter does like to play with her microphone from time to time but it hasn't been a toy that she tends to get out very often. If I get the toy out she will have a short sing along to her cd's but she would rather get her own cd player out which has microphones attached. In fact I think our cat prefers to play with the ribbons on there than my daughter actually likes singing on it!

      I bought the Disney Princess Microphone from B&M for £14.99 and have seen it for sale online for up to £25 but in all honesty I wouldn't even recommend it for the cheaper price as there are other microphones available which I would think would be better than this!

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        06.05.2010 19:21
        Very helpful



        Save your money and buy Early learning microphone stand

        Probably like most toddlers and little girls my daughter loves singing , dancing and anything that she can make extremely loud noises with and bug the neighbours not including myself and everyone who enters the house with bursting into pop songs that she only knows the chorus too over and over , again and again and normally the most irritating song at the time that is in the charts !!

        As my little girl was just getting into Disney Princess when she was 3 years old last year , I was on the lookout for anything pink and Disney princess designed for her birthday presents.

        So when I spotted this microphone with stand I thought it would be a fantastic addition to her musical instruments that she already had .

        So I grabbed it off the shelf from B & M stores for £15 .00 as I had already seen them in Toys R us for I think £25 and TJ Hughes for £20.

        ------------Packaging ---------

        The box is tall and slim which meant it was around her height at the time , so this was one of the first presents she opened on her Birthday .
        It has Disney princesses on the front including Snow white and Belle and she was delighted when she ripped the wrapping paper off .

        Once opened it took me around ten minutes to unpack as it had pieces of cardboard stuck around the parts with masses of cellotape stuck to them .

        After that it was a simple process to just put together in around two minutes . Which consisted of plastic pink plastic parts :
        x1 pole
        X1 base with input slots and button to press for on off
        x1 ribbon
        x1 microphone in the shape of a heart

        --------In play -------------

        This was used for around ten minutes and since then has been used occasionally for around 2 hours in total since it was purchased .

        You can purchase an amp to go along with the stand and children can sing along with the microphone , but when we tried this it did not work as you would imagine as all you can hear is the voice in the microphone of who ever is singing , so no good for the purpose of singing along to her favourite Pink song as I thought she would be doing .

        As for the materials they are just pink plastic which you can alter the height to fit the child , but the stand was soon used as a pretend sword as this made it more exciting for her to play with .

        The microphone itself is attached with a wire but can be taken off the stand , but the wire is not long or thick enough to outstand children dancing whilst singing

        The pink ribbon that you attach yourself and tie the bow I personally think is quite dangerous for under 4 years olds { recommended for 3 years and upwards } as it is long in length and is easily removable for children to hurt themselves if not supervised.

        On the base you can listen to two different beats at the press of a button , but is very monotonous after a few minutes whilst also being very annoying .

        ----Overall -------------

        For what this product does - More like does not do , My daughter does not even ask to play with it and I cannot see the point in getting it out of the box apart from to look at because she gets more fun out of a echo microphone that can be found in shops alot cheaper than this item ..


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      • Product Details

        Unique telescopic microphone with 2 different accompaniments sounds on the base. The stand-held microphone can be adjusted, volume control, a LINE IN input so you blend your favorite music with your voice, and input for main adaptors.

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