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IMC Toys Spiderman Radio Alarm Clock Figure

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Brand: IMC

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    1 Review
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      28.03.2013 13:32
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      An ok product, but not an ok price.

      For better or worse, my son and daughter are being dragged into the world of superheroes, due mainly to their amazingly huge interest....or the fact their dad is giving them no choice. Can't remember which...
      As a consequence of this, family and friends are buying things along those lines, and one of these was the Spiderman Radio Alarm Clock Figure, from IMC Toys. It seems to retail around the £30 mark, though this was bought on sale for half that price.
      So what is it? Well, to be brutally honest, it is an average looking clock radio, with a cheapish looking Spider-Man figure slapped on top and some spider transfers slapped on the buttons. When we unboxed it we were slightly underwhelmed, but maybe our expectations were a little unrealistic in this price range!

      The clock itself is in the base of the figure, and is a standard led display clock radio. The display itself allows the time to be displayed, along with the date and day. I think you can tinker a bit to change these around, we have just kept these standard settings as they suit us fine. The display is nice and bright, and the letters and figures can be seen very easily. There are six buttons on the base, which control all the functions. The buttons are all clearly marked, so you know which one you need, and again are all pretty standard - Time Select, Alarm, Set Button, Snooze, Radio - and to the side is an obvious volume 'wheel' button. The clock-radio can be plugged into the mains, or runs on batteries; we are running it on batteries, just because of where it is, but it does eat up the cheaper batteries very fast, so be warned! (2 x AA's by the way).

      Instructions do come with the clock-radio as well, so you don't need to fumble around trying to work out what to do...which is what I did for 15 minutes, before taking my wife's advice and actually reading the instructions. Hey, it looked deceptively easy! The alarm function has the (again, standard) choice of radio or buzzer, and obviously volume control of either. Radio reception is fine, and the speaker is again built into the base,behind Spidey's legs. As you've probably picked up, this item just screams 'average'; it is average quality all over, on clock-radio's you pay a lot less for. So is the Spider-Man theming worth it?

      In a word, no. The Spider-Man figure, at 27 cm high (8 inches), is pretty eye catching size wise and looks nice enough, the costume is captured pretty well and the plastic 'web' from his hand to the base is a nice touch, yet still looks a little cheap to me. The base has the Spider-Man logo, the buttons have spiders emblazoned on them, and webbing goes around the outside of the base. What you do get, which my son loves, is a handful of Spider-Man sound effects, which are great fun.

      All in all, this is an ok product, but is a very overpriced one when paying around the £30 mark. It works perfectly fine, and looks ok, but the clock/radio itself is no better than the ones you get in cheap units, so you are overpaying for the Spidey theming. There are nicer Spider-Man clocks and radios out there.

      If you buy, buy cheap.


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    • Product Details

      Recommended age group: 3 years and up, Manufacturer: IMC Toys

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