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Lenoxx My First PC Tutor

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Lenoxx / Age: 3 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      17.07.2010 20:44
      Very helpful



      an okay toy

      ==Leonxx My first PC Tutor==

      This year for Christmas jack not only got one computer but he managed to get two! This is mainly because his nan (Himselfs mother) didn't think to check what we had bought Jack before going out and getting his gift.

      This Leonxx My First PC Tutor was one of her gifts to Jack and I am pleased to say that it seems he does prefer the one we bought him. This PC is a little more basic than the one we bought but it does still get played with from time to time (if jack can tear himself away from his knights and army men).

      I really don't know how much this little computer cost his Nana but I shouldn't think it was an overly expensive item as the general use and feel of the thing suggests that it would have been at least under £30. she tells be she got it from somewhere called BNM but I haven't the faintest idea where this store is or indeed what else this store sells.

      However the computer itself is an okay toy and does have a good amount of educational value to it. The age range for the toy is from 3 years to 7 years of which Jack just fits in to the bottom age group well and therefore should be able to play it with some ease.

      The computer is turned on with the green button and off with the red and this gives a good indication as to how much red means stop and green means go which Jack is already very familiar with. There is an LCD screen on the lift up lid of the computer which makes it feel just like a laptop. The screen is all black and grey and has no colour to it. It also has rather bad graphics in the way that everything that appears on the screen is rather boxy and sometimes not at all that clear although there is a contrast control feature which allows some change but not much.

      The computer has a variety of six activities that can be played by moving the slide button up and down on the left hand side. The dial shows pictures and words combined to allow for easy understanding which of the games has been selected. Some of the activities are a little harder for Jack to do than others but I guess this does need to be the case for the age range to be as broad as it is. His favourite one is the "Counting" activity as this is literally what it sounds like in the way that shapes appears across the LCD screen and the corresponding number button needs to be pressed in order to give an answer.

      The hardest one for Jack to do is the "Missing Letter" activity as he can't read or spell yet and this game involves identifying which letter is missing from the word displayed on the screen. The other games include "Where is it?" which involves finding the correct button which matches the picture on screen, "Words" which is another simple one where every letter button that is pressed gives out the name of a corresponding item. Then there is the "ABC" game and the "Music" game which teach both sounds and letters.

      The voice of the computer is not as bad as some other items that have an electronic voice but I still and not overly keen on it. Jack seems not to mind the voice but he looses interest in playing with the toy generally because I think he finds most of it still too difficult to do. I try to sit down with him and go through it with him and encourage him to try to learn these things but this lasts all of 10 minutes before he is wanting to do something a little more hands on.

      I think it is a good little toy with lots of learning potential but it is not the best computer out there for this age bracket and for that reason I feel a 3 out of 5 star rating is fair and somewhat of a recommendation. Perhaps when Jack is a little bigger, he will get more use from it but for now it remains in the toy box!

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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        10.07.2010 18:26
        Very helpful




        I bought this first laptop for my daughter for Christmas, having initially bought one from Toys R Us that was for her age range but i felt that it was a little too young for her as she is quite advanced for her age. I spotted this for sale while out shopping in Blackpool and there was a BM store (i think it was called) and having never seen one before we decided to pop in and have a look and there was a great range of toys that were really cheap!

        I've since never seen this for sale other than on mail order from the internet which is a great shame as it is a really fantastic little laptop. The laptop is bright yellow with a blue handle and a green "lock" to open the computer. When the computer is opened, there is a keyboard with the alphabet in capital letters spaced out and above each letter is a picture which corresponds to that letter, along with four shapes - star, heart, flower and traingle. At the left hand side there are several play modes which are put into play by sliding a bar up and down. At the bottom there is a red off switch and a green on switch, and a little keyboard with the numbers 1-10 and do re mi on the keys and next to the keyboard is a purple repeat button.

        There are six play modes -
        ABC - "Lets learn the letters, numbers and shapes!" When a button is pressed it tells you the letters and numbers and shapes.

        Words - "Lets learn the words" When the child presses a button either a little tune is played or animal sounds (or a sound that corresponds to the picture) and it says the name of the word.

        Where Is It? - "Where is it?" In this mode the computer asks where a picture is and the child has to locate it and when correctly pressed the computer praises them.

        Missing Letter - "Lets find the missing letter" This mode is where a word will come on the screen minus one of the letters and the computer will ask which letter is missing, and again when the correct one is pressed they are praised and it will spell the word out loud.

        Counting - "Lets count the shapes" The computer will ask how many of something there is on the screen and the child needs to count them and then press the correct answer on the numbers at the bottom of the keyboard.

        Music - "Lets play fun sounds and music" In this mode when a key is pressed it will make the noise of that picture, eg the F key is a frog so it croaks.

        I had looked at several laptops for my daughter, as she is always trying to play on mine so i was definately on a serious lookout for one, and of all the ones i have seen so far, this is by far the best. The age range of this laptop is set at 3-7 years which i don't think i agree with really, my daughter received it when she turned two and was able to play easily with it, the only one she hasn't been able to really appreciate is the spelling mode as she is obviously way too young for that, but i think by the time she is old enough for that she will be past some of the other modes.

        The voice on the laptop is a really friendly voice and is encouraging to children, and the tunes it plays are fun too. The lcd screen isn't very big and the graphics aren't great but i think it is fine for children, and there is contrast adjustment on the computer as well as volume control.

        All in all i think this has been a really good buy, my little girl plays regularly with it, usually sitting down after tea for a while to play with it, and the battery life is great so far. There is so much educational value in this laptop and i would recommend everyone to buy this if they get the chance, it has taught my daughter words that maybe she wouldn't have learnt with some of the standard toys such as ant, robot, x ray and zoo. I can't praise it enough at all!

        I paid £12.99 for this laptop, but the only place i have located it online is on ebay or a mail order site and the price there is $39.95, i don't think this is a bad price


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