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Mattel Harry Potter 20Q

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2 Reviews

Brand: Mattel / Age: 6 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      11.07.2012 23:57



      Frustratingly fun!

      We had the original 20q - the generic one, and as we are a family of devoted Harry Potter fans, this was too much of a challenge to resist. On Christmas morning, we all thought up obscure Harry potter characters, determined to beat the machine - but we couldn't!

      The basic idea is that you think of a character, and then answer the on screen questions with yes or no answers, starting with the most basic - Is it a male/female, is it a student at hogwarts etc up to far more complicated and specific questions.

      It is supplied with batteries, and even with many hours of use, the batteries are still going strong. The design is based on the Golden Snitch from the aerial Quidditch game that features strongly in all of the books. It feels very good in the hand - it is spherical and comfortably fits in the palm. It is quite sturdy, has been used as a ball by a football mad 8 year old and is still fully functioning. My only complaint about its construction are the two 'wings' of the Golden Snitch - they do come off quite easily and could get lost.

      This is a novelty toy - when you first buy/receive it it is used constantly and then languishes in a box or drawer for months until rediscovered when the cycle starts over again. Its a good rainy day toy, for half an hour or so, but it made my children re-read the books to try and find a previously unthought of character to try and defeat the toy. They are still trying!!!


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      04.08.2010 17:16
      Very helpful
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      Great gift toy, lots of fun

      20Q is a fun little toy developed by Mattel as a sort of 20 Question robot. The idea behind the original one was you think of an object and it asks you twenty questions, to which you answer with the yes or no buttons. Then it takes a guess at what you're thinking and, wouldn't you believe it, it gets it right

      Quite a nifty toy, I remember thinking back then.

      Well, Mattel have developed another one, this time with the Harry Potter name attached to it. Again, like its traditional counterpart, the game is based on the 20 questions game - you think of something from the Harry Potter universe, it asks you a question, such as "is it a character", or something to that effect to which you simply answer "yes" or "no" (although "sometimes" and "unknown" are also options) and it guesses what you're thinking of.

      The game takes into account not only the films series (at the time of release, only the first five) but also all seven Harry Potter books, which is pretty cool.

      It's only about 4 inches tall, and built to look like a Golden Snitch - the small ball used in Quidditch to end the game and score the team 150 points. It has pretty cool looking removable wings and a stand, so it won't roll about everywhere. It also has a light and a rather useful "undo" button in case you end up changing your mind. It comes with 2 AAA batteries.

      All in all, it's a pretty neat toy and a good gift to the Harry Potter-mad kid in your life.


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    • Product Details

      Hold on to your wand! Harry Potter fans have met their match with the all-knowing 20Q, the hand-held trivia quiz console that has taken mind games to new levels. Fifty house points to you if you're able to out smart this A.I. wizard. Think of any Harry Potter topic, and 20Q will read your mind by asking you simple questions. You'll be amazed and dumbfounded how it knows the answer! The iconic Golden Snitch design of this special Harry Potter version, together with the built-in light for day or night play and trans-reflective screen, can make you feel like the Occlumency lessons have paid off! So it's up to you to find out if the mind of 20Q is faster than a Golden Snitch!

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