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Mattel Uno Blitzo

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Brand: Mattel / Age: 7 Years+

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2008 22:51
      Very helpful



      Great for a family night in.

      If you look back over my reviews you will realise that I own Uno cards, Uno extreme and Uno Blitzo, is it that I have no imagination or is it that Uno and its offshoots are such good games that we keep on buying them as each new one comes out!!! It's the latter.

      Uno has been around for many years and has been enjoyed by many families on journeys, at home down in the caravan, this latest version wouldn't be just as portable as although not much larger than a soup bowl it isn't going to fit into your jacket pocket or your handbag.

      The game unit itself is very colourful and has four legs coming out from the centre, on each leg you will find the four light up card buttons with the pass card switches built into the sides. As there are four legs it is suitable for upto four people to play although it can be played by two or three as well. If you wish to play in solo mode you play against the computer.

      - - Object of the Game - -

      You start with all four lights lit and you try to extinguish them through play, first one to turn out all their lights wins that round.

      - - How to Play - -

      Insert 3 x AA batteries into the unit, be aware if you are considering this as a present that these are not included in the box.

      Choose the number of players

      Choose the level of play

      Level 1 - slow with no penalties for wrong or slow moves - good for beginners but you'll soon get bored of it.

      Level 2 - Slow with penalties for wrong or slow moves - You will probably play this level for a few games

      Level 3 - Fast with penalties for wrong or slow moves - This is where the fun begins and its fast and enjoyable

      Level 4 - Fast with penalties and the introduction of the instant uno sound. This is always something strange like diddlebo, or a dog barking, if you hit the button in the middle when this sounds you get some of your lights turned off but if you panic due to the fast pace and hit it on the wrong sound you get lights turned on.

      Once the options have been selected you press the Uno button to start the game. A player will be selected and a direction is announced:-

      Colour - hit that colour
      Number - hit the number
      skip command - Pass to another player
      Draw - You can pass 1 - 3 cards to the player left or right of you, this is where the fun and nastiness kicks in.
      Reverse - Pass in the opposite direction of play
      Wild - Hit whichever button helps you most

      - - Recommendation - -

      The game is very fast and is enjoyed by adults or kids over seven or a mix of both. Lots of opportunities for winding up the other players during game play when you cause them to light up more buttons when they are just about to finish.

      Each game lasts anywhere between four and eight minutes and you need to win four games to be the grand winner. This is a nice simple family game which we have enjoyed many times although I wouldn't say we have played this version as much as the Uno cards or Uno extreme but it certainly hasn't been put away and ignored.

      The fact we keep buying Uno games means that we rate the versions of this family game very highly. I think this would make a great family game over Christmas but wouldn't advise that you pay more than £9.99 for it as although its good it doesn't have the staying power of the original Uno.


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