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Milky The Bunny

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Manufacturer: Flair / Type: Electronic Toy

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    1 Review
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      06.01.2012 09:17
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      Cute but very overpriced

      With my daughter's birthday the week before Christmas I have double the amount of presents to buy, and with her coming up to turning four I expected quite a long list of things she would like. However, to my surprise, there were simply three things that she asked for. The one thing she said over and over that she would like was Milky the Bunny which I had seen advertised but the price had put me off as it is quite expensive. I didn't want to let her down so my mum offered to buy it for her as her main Christmas present.

      Milky The Bunny is an interactive rabbit toy which is one of the emotion pets. Milky comes in a large cardboard box with various pictures of a young girl playing with the rabbit showing what to expect from the toy. At the bottom of the front of the box there is a large orange carrot with the name Milky going through it in large white writing so it really stands out. The main picture on the box shows a girl hugging Milky with a speech bubble coming out saying "So real, so loveable!". On the reverse of the box you will find details about Milky in six different languages.

      When my daughter opened Milky, the delight on her face was just so cute, she couldn't believe Father Christmas had actually remembered that she had asked for it! Immediately she wanted to get it out of the box to play and she just ignored the rest of her presents that were waiting to be opened. I started to unpack it from the box to find that it is so tightly packed in it took ages to get out! Milky is tied in with those little metal/plastic ties which were so tight it was really hard to remove them. Eventually I got Milky out of the box only to find I had no batteries - cue super Grandma to the rescue!

      Looking at Milky, it looks like a really cute soft cuddly bunny. It isn't! It is basically a fur covered robotic toy so it is not a toy that you can cuddle really which is really disappointing as it is meant to be like a pet. Milky is a large white bunny with pink ears and paws and is really gorgeous looking. She (i'll say she as its pink and white) has massive eyes with a large single black plastic eyelash. I think the eyes are gorgeous but other people have said that they are quite scary looking!

      To play with Milky you have to press the sensor in her paw and she will "come to life". As soon as she is turned on she will flap her ears and wiggle her feet and make little noises to indicate what she wants. Now, the noises are completely random, she makes one noise which I can only describe as like a pigeon cooing (?) and when she is eating her carrot she sounds like a galloping horse!! I am unsure what a rabbit should sound like when it wants something or is content but I am quite sure it doesn't sound like this! Other sounds include a car purr, a baby dinsosaur (thats the only way I can describe it - like off Jurassic Park!!) and a growl. When Milky is scared (when it hears loud noises) she will scream and she needs comforting, either by feeding or tickling her feet. After a few minutes of not being played with she will fall asleep and snore for a few seconds and then be silent.

      When "feeding" Milky her carrot it is super cute how her nose and mouth move up and down in a crunching and chewing motion and she will only eat as much as she wants as she gets angry if you try to keep feeding when she doesn't want to!

      My daughter does like Milky, but I think even she is a little disappointed in how little it actually does and she gets frustrated that she can't cuddle her like a teddy. However, she does like feeding her the carrot and enjoys scaring her - a little too much!! I would imagine that the fur will get quite dirty quickly as it is pure white and my daughter seems to like dragging her round by her ears rather than carry her as she is quite bulky but so far she still looks like brand new even though played with every day at some point.

      One thing I would say is that it would be a good idea to attach the carrot to Milky as we were forever looking for it after my daughter just dropped it on the floor somewhere rather than keep it in a safe place. I have now tied a ribbon round Milkys paw and attached the carrot to it that way so we always know where it is. It is good how Milky falls asleep when not in use as this really saves battery life as I have read other reviews which say the batteries need replacing very regular but so far we haven't had to change them.

      Milky the bunny is for children aged two plus which surprised me really with seeing a much older child on the packaging with the bunny. Batteries are not included with this toy so make sure you have four AA batteries on hand - unlike me who forgot! You can find Milky on Amazon for £41.99 which seems to be the average price. Would I recommend Milky? I am not sure, my daughter does say that she loves her very much and that she is one of her favourite presents but at the same time she is a little disappointed in the toy. I wouldn't want to pay that price for Milky had I known how little it actually does but as it was one of the only things my daughter asked for we did feel that we had to buy it.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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