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My Little Pony Butterfly Island Adventure

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3 Reviews

Brand: My Little Pony

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    3 Reviews
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      25.10.2007 12:04
      Very helpful



      As an add on playset to Ponyville or Dream castel, this set is ace for the MLP fan

      My little girl is My Little Pony mad. For the past three years, she has had her interest in dolls and "playing house" type role playing fun wane in the face of the glamour that surrounds these little multi coloured Ponies with the brushable flowing locks and cutie marks on the rump. Every year sees yet another large play set and smaller play sets come out, so that your child can empty your bank account and recreate the magical world of Pony Land in your very own home! So far, we have gotten the beauty parlour stable, the Dream castle, the show stable, the stable carry case, and two parts of the Butter Fly island Amusement park. two? yes, two. Don't be fooled! The toy this review about is actually the SECOND component of the Butterfly Island series! The first was a pink confection that mainly featured a roller coaster. This second one is the beach play set, where the ponies can surf, play in the "sand", have a cold drink at the cabana, pretend to have one of their famous luaus, ride a waterfall, surf, and other seaside holiday fun.

      This, and most of the other play sets, takes up quite a chunk of space. It is roughly 1 foot wide, about the same again in height, roughly 8 inches in depth. The pieces all slot together, as do most of the other play sets, and so if this is an addition to a collection, you can easily dismantle the toy and stow it in a stackable toy crate, though afterwards, only a few ponies will fit in the large bucket with it.

      It comes completely disassembled, and in the sort of packaging that makes you grit your teeth and the air turn blue. Plastic coated steel ties twisted together and then knotted impossibly, plastic bags and cellotape that is made of space age miracle stuff that doesn't peel off, and cannot be cut unless you use a craft knife (resist using the power saw!). None of the stickers are applied, and no diagrams for the same are there, so you have to reply on the box to avoid the eagle eye of your child spotting that something is amiss from the way it is "supposed" to look. The cabana, butterfly musical twirly bit, batteries, palm tree, and other island features all have to be snapped into place, along with a couple bits of signage that provide information for those Pony tourists as to what apart of the island they are at. A "grass skirt, snorkel, and hoof shaped fins are also provided, along with a bucket and spade for the Ponies to play with. Under the waterfall that the ponies can surf down, is a hidden storage compartment providing storage for these small loose items.The butterfly twirly bit is also a swing type ride for the Ponies. It took us an hour to open the box, get the pieces separated, and construct, with only about 10-15 minutes of that being put together time and the rest being a police action scenario with the packaging.

      The batteries are there so that the party music is available to be played and the butterfly at the top can twirl about to the music. It plays a single chirpy song with a calypso beat that is also heard on the My Little Pony website when playing on the Butterfly Island game there.The battery compartment is not that easy to open, requiring a screw driver, and even then, careful attention needs to be paid so that you are opening it correctly, so smaller children are highly unlikely to be able to get to the batteries and harm themselves. I have to say that despite getting this last Christmas and being played with for hours practically every day since, the battery drain is very minimal even with the music on pretty nonstop as I ave only had to replace the batteries one since e have gotten it.

      I should mention here that the play set comes with an exclusive bonus pony. It is a baby Pegasus type pony. This particular little Pony is not available separately, but other Ponies are, with related Butterfly Island cutie marks and accessories (read hair brush, hair clip,etc). The ponies don't HVAE to be Butterfly island themed Ponies to fit in the plays et, but they do need to be current Generation 3 ponies (the current slender shape), rather than the older fatter shaped Ponies of the past, as the butterfly ride use clips that fit about the Ponies' waists and will not fit the older style Ponies.

      Would I recommend buying this et? Well, at the RRP of £40, I find that a bit steep, given its molded plastic construction. It is a very nice toy if your child is wild about MLP, but otherwise it would be an utter waste. I am not complaining however, as we shopped around, and found it at Pound Stretcher for £15, and they do pop up at this price at various similar type discount stores as it is not this year's current "big" playset.At £15, or even £20, this is a GREAT toy, given the many hours she has played with it and the many imaginary adventures she has gone on with her Ponies using it and the other play sets. This is where it excels, actually...as an accessory play set, used in conjunction with the other play sets. Get a Pony castle or Ponyville set of shops and houses first, then add this, otherwise its a one trick deal and not much scope for extra imaginary play, but its got quite catchy music....doo te doo te do, doo te doo te do..lalalalala...


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      12.03.2007 20:50



      Great toy for my little pony fans, they will have lots of fun .

      My daughter is a very big fan of my little pony, i bought her the my little pony butterfly island last year.
      I bought it at woolworths for around 30 pounds.
      I noticed in woolworths though that it is down in price
      it is now 19.99 which is a bargain.
      Toys r us have also got it and if you buy it online it is only 14.99 at the moment , instore it is 19.99.

      The box itself is very bright and colorful , on the box it shows you the island, it also got a pictures of 5 ponies on the island.
      The island itself though only comes with one pony its an
      exclusive pegasus baby.
      The pony comes with snorkel adventure gear !
      also 4 flippers, a grass skirt and a brush all for the pony.

      Now i,ll explain whats on the island.
      there is a rainbow for the pony to slide down , at the bottom of the rainbow is a palm tree.

      There is a tasty drinks dispenser for the pony to have a drink from, the pony has got a magnet on the bottom of her foot if you put her foot on the heart by the drinks dispenser it will have a drink.

      There is also a waterfall ( pretend ) no water needed lol.
      the pony goes down the waterfall into water on to a surf board , You can spin the pony round and the dolphins will go up and down.and in and out.

      There is also a butterfly ride with a big butterfly in the middle and the things which come out of the butterflys head , you can attach two ponies to that , and there is a button to press , when you press it the ponies ride starts .
      It plays a tropical song when you press the button.

      The set was easy to put together but needs adult help, as i don,t think little children would do it .
      No tools are needed as it just fits together .
      It takes 2 AA batteries which aren,t included.
      its suitable for children over 3 years old.

      I,m sure if you know a my little pony fan, they would love it.
      so go and get the island have fun !
      thanks for reading .


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        08.01.2007 12:31
        Very helpful



        Bright and interesting toy which MLP lovers with love!

        Butterfly Island

        As well as a Barbie frenzy, we seem to be going through a My Little pony fest. This was one of the other toys Little Miss requested for Christmas, mainly I think so that her ponies (those with the gorgeous tangled locks) can fly round the room!

        ~~The Contents~~

        As well as the main bits and pieces, and also inside the big box are: one small pony (I think smaller than the norm, but this is a Pegasus pony), a palm tree, spinning rack, drink stand, 2 signs, flippers, snorkel and mask, grass skirt, brush and bucket.

        So, lots of bits and bobs to disappear up the hoover! However, look again- a good little bit of design here, because the front of the mountain does open, and the bits and pieces can be stored inside.


        So, once the obligatory huge box was unwrapped, mum had the job of putting together this island.

        Armed with the instructions, I set to, and, as ever, the first things to find were some batteries, this time, 2 x AA batteries, which have to be inserted in the base.

        The rest of the instructions were very easy to0 follow, through a series of pictures and writing, and because the thing was basically a snap into place product, I had it set up and ready for go in no time at all.

        ~~What is it~~

        It’s an island, shaped like a butterfly, presumably the place these delightful little creatures visit for rest and recuperation, away from the stresses and strains of their lives. When fully assembled, it is about 26” by 16” and 19” high, so does need a bit of space on the carpet.

        ~~What does it do?~~

        It does so much. There is a butterfly ride which has a knob which can be turned, and when the ponies are clipped on the ride, they fly round and round in circles. One pointer here- you do need the smaller versions of the My Little Pony series, because the big ones just don’t sit in. So, there are two clips for ponies but only one pony included in the box. To complete the ride, press down the heart button and some rather jazzy calypso type music can be played.

        There is also a boogie board- sit the pony on the board, pull the handle and watch the pony slide down the waterfall. The rainbow slide requires children to understand a bit about magnets- the magnetic foot has to be put on the heart and when the handles are pulled, then the pony gets a ride up the slide.

        The clever bit is the drinks counter, because when the pony’s magnetic foot is placed on the heart (heavy on the hearts here), the juice magically disappears. This is assuming the magic cups haven’t been lost.

        There are stands for the snorkels and masks, souvenir racks, and all it needs is a few ponies and a vivid imagination to make the holiday complete.

        ~~Who is it for?

        Children from the age of 3 years and up. The pieces are small so keep out of the way of any very young children.

        ~~Price and Availability~~

        Available from toy shops, this retails at about the £20 mark.

        ~~Thoughts on the product~~

        It is certainly very bright and cheerful, and sure to appeal to any fans of My Little Pony.

        There are plenty of little activities for little people to have a go at, and when they get the hang of it, they really can give the ponies a holiday. Little Miss has whole holiday scenes and even brings in the bigger ponies although they can’t ride the butterfly ride. However, some of the ponies have magnetic feet, so can get a drink and a ride up the rainbow.

        The bits and pieces are a bit fiddly, and the grass skirt certainly hasn’t been a hit, because the pony looks a bit ridiculous, but their appearance in the mask and snorkel hasn’t been questioned- they DO go diving!

        Once the thing has been set up, it is quite sturdy, and has withstood movement into other rooms as a whole. Although it is quite high, and looks a bit spindly, don’t be put off, it’s not as fragile as it looks.

        I do think they should have included two of the smaller sized ponies, so that the ride could be made full use of, but this doesn’t seem to have deterred Little Miss. For fans of these little creatures, this will be a hit. It’s bright, colourful and cheerful, and although the music may get irritating, it’s certainly very dance inspiring. Good little toy to encourage imaginative play.

        Thanks for reading.

        Daniela xx


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      • Product Details

        Discover the fun of Butterfly Island with this Island playset. Ride the waves on the boogie board and watch the dolphins jump by. Build sandcastles on the beach and when you get thirsty have a drink on the Tiki stand. Alternatively take a ride on the rainbow.