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Paladone Shocking Lasers

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Brand: Paladone / Age: 6 Years+

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2010 00:10
      Very helpful




      When I was a youngster, I went with the local youth club to laserquest . It was brilliant, ducking and diving for any shelter available while mercilessly slaughtering my opponents . So, a few years back when I saw these Shocking Laser Guns in my local Gadget Shop, I decided these would be the perfect tool to recreate the experience .

      What you get is essentially two plastic breastplates to wear, each of which is wired up to a gun . Each gun has a couple of metal patches - one on the trigger itself, and a larger one along the back of the handle .

      The breastplates, which are easily fitted and adjusted thanks to stretchy black straps, are also the targets. At the start of each round, players aim and shoot at the partners breastplate, which lights up a series of LED lights indicating the number of lives left. Each player gets six lives at the start of the game, with a light being extinguished each time a player takes a direct hit in the breastplate .

      There are two difficulty levels - you can elect to play on easy mode which means you will have a shorter shock when you take a hit, but that you will only take away one life from an opponent per hit . On the harder (at least in terms of shock mode) you take a longer shock each time you are hit, but each hit you score off an opponent costs him two lives .

      This is a great game - the guns are pretty accurate, and make some great shooting sci-fi noises. It can be played in the daytime of nightime, and is loads of fun running about, trying to find shelter and hide. I really like the reload feature - after five shots, you need to reload the gun by cocking it upwards, at which point you can't fire for 30 seconds - this adds a little extra difficulty to the game and discourages firing willy nilly, as you become vulnerable during the resting period.

      The shocks when they come are quite intense - so it's handy that the guns have wrist straps to stop you losing them in the dark if playing at night . They don't hurt too much, but there are certainly a few swear words flying about whenever my friends and I use these. These run on 6 AAA batteries, which are included when you first buy this . They don't last that long though -presumably the electric shocks use them up .

      This is a great game, it's a shame the kit only provides two plates and guns, but games are quite short, so everyone can take a turn fairly quickly. These are a great little toy that can be used in all kinds of environments - I particularly like using these in the dark, with only the LED lights showing me my target .

      4 stars - one off for fast battery usage.


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    • Product Details

      There's simply no better way to describe this fantastic new game other than 'absolutely electrifying'! It's definitely the best shooting game we've ever come across and it's exclusive to gadgetshop. It doesn't matter whether you're male or female, old or young you're simply not going to be able to resist having a shot of Laser Shock. The concept is simple but the futuristic technology is supreme. Playing Laser Shock is a bit like getting to be Bruce Willis out of Diehard starring on the set of Star Wars!

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