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Paladone Shocking - Shock Ball

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Brand: Paladone / Age: 5 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      06.02.2012 21:50
      Very helpful
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      For daring people who like to have a laugh at their friends expense ;)

      The shock ball delivers random electric shocks to your friends, family or collegues! The idea is to throw it around in a hot potato-fashion until an individual gets a nasty but harmless... electric shock.

      Take 30 seconds look at a video I made of the shockball in action via the link below. Just copy and paste the link into your Browser above^^^^

      The Shock ball can be used for many things such as,
      Office fun
      A decision making tool
      A brave game for 1+ users
      Drinking games
      Dares etc

      I have played this game and it is great fun (and I'm 27!), even if I am seen to be screaming through out the whole game ;)

      This ball is hard wearing! So you will find it difficult to break which is great! as everyone loves things that can last! If only they made laptops as durable :'(

      I would give this product 8/10 as I have had fun with this and I still use it after three years.

      PLEASE NOTE!!!!
      *Keep it out of reach of children
      *Ages 14+ only
      *This product emits an electric shock
      *May interfere with electrical devices such as pacemakers
      *Do not use if you suffer from epilepsy or similar related illness
      *Requires 2 x AAA batteries, not included
      *1 x Shockball
      *Approximately 6.5cm (W) x 6.5cm (H) x 6.5cm (D).


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        18.07.2010 16:26
        Very helpful



        At £20 it's probably not worth it but if it was cheaper it's certainly a fun toy to have lying about

        What is a shockball? The shockball is a small round plastic ball with a number of small metal plates on the surface. When the shockball is turned on these metal plates emit a small, but noticeable, electric shock from time to time. The shockball is mainly advertised as an alternative to hot potato but also is supposed to have 'hundreds' of other uses. We`ll see about that.......

        I bought one of these back for Christmas for £20 with £5 P&P. The only place at the time that was selling them was Argos. I searched well over a dozen stores and they were all sold out. It was still available in the USA however I wasn't going to fork out extra money for one of these. I'm assuming the limited availability was due to increased Christmas demand. They are easier to get hold of now. Currently they are available for £18 on Amazon brand new.

        The shockball requires 2 AAA batteries to work. It comes packaged with a handy plastic poking device (No other name for it!) which is used to turn it on and off. You will however need a very small screw driver, or a useful alternative, to undo and tighten the screw on the battery pack. The plastic poking device is small and annoyingly doesn't fit onto the ball for transport so it's quite likely you will lose it (As I have done). However anything small will do the job fine

        So is it any fun? So far I've only ever used this as already suggested; a new way of playing hot potato. To be fair it is one heck of a lot of fun playing with it in this way. It's very tense and nervy when passing it between friends. The shock will only affect your hands/arms; it will feel like a little sting but certainly will cause you no harm. The shock is about the right strength. It can cause you to drop it when caught off guard but 'tough' people will be able to survive it. The timing of the shock has also been programmed right. When turned on a small red light will shine inside. When the ball is sending an electric shock through the metal plates the light becomes bigger and brighter and flashes. There is a period of about 20 seconds of nothing and then it will shock 3 times in about a space of 5 seconds before repeating the cycle. It is predictable; the timing never changes, however in the heat of the moment trying to count/remember the cycle will never happen.

        The ball is relatively heavy for its size. This means you can't just throw it about aimlessly. It has the potential to break anything delicate in your room and would most definitely leave a dent in your wall. This also means you have to be careful when passing it between friends as it could seriously hurt if it hit you in the head. This does restrict its fun a fair bit. You need an open space without anything important lying about and can't just throw it about for fun between friends. However on the plus side of being heavy it is very sturdy. As you can imagine you're going to drop it a lot. I've dropped it countless times on a solid wooden floor and there is no sign of even a scratch mark on it. It's built to last and you'd really have to throw it hard to even come close to breaking it.

        The real key here is the longevity of it. In short 15-20 minutes it's a lot of fun but sadly that's about it. There's little reason to come back to it time and time again. Once you've had a few rounds of hot potato there's little more to do with it. The packaging said 'hundreds of uses' but that's a big fat lie to be honest. Apart form hot potato I've yet to use (Or even think of) a different use for it. It can be thrown between friends casually but that makes it just a lazy man's hot potato. Being a student I have tried incorporating a drinking game into it which to be fair can work but again it's not appropriate as you're likely to have bottles/cups/glasses about which are bound to be knocked over

        Overall its fun for a while. The shock is at the right strength and the timing works well. It's tough so won't be broken but isn't appropriate in most bedrooms/living rooms. The fun doesn't last long and there aren't many uses for it. If anyone has come up with any other clever uses for it please leave a comment and let me know! Btw I apologise for the terrible headline!


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      • Product Details

        Pick up Shock Ball and enter a brave new world of ball games. Paladone's Shock Ball emits random electric shocks and can be used in an infinite number of ways - the only limit is your imagination! Shock ball is battery powered

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