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Paladone Shocking - Shocking Tanks

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Brand: Paladone / Age: 3 Years+

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    1 Review
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      18.11.2008 14:40
      Very helpful



      One of my best Christmas presents ever!!!

      Being a 29 year old male, I need toys for Christmas!!! Last year my lovely and very understanding girlfriend got my a great selection of toys, including these Shocking Tanks.

      On a previous birthday, she had got me something called Shocking Dual, which was basically two joystick like handles, each with metal plates in the handle. Each player gripped one of the handles and the game began. The game was simple, who could hold on for the longest as the electric shock being dealt to your hand, via the metal plates in the handle, grew increasingly stronger and lastest for longer and longer. It was quite scary as you didn't know what the next shock was going to feel like. It was also great fun!

      When she saw Shocking Tanks, she thought it was just the kind of thing I would like, and as ever, she was right.

      The pack contains two tanks and two controllers, so you can have some great two player fun straight out of the box (once batteries were added). The tanks are really nice looking devices and are very well made and have decent weight to them. They have a track on each side to drive on and to steer with and the centre section houses an infra-red gun and infra-red sensors on the back and front. There are also a number of red LEDS, which indicate the number of lives you have left.

      The controllers have nice grips to hold onto, with metal plates sunk into them. There are forward and reverse controls for each of the tanks tracks, and fire buttons to fire the infra-red gun. There is also a wrist strap to stop you dropping the remote.

      Controlling the tanks is very easy and they really do handle very nicely as the track setup allows for on-the-spot rotation and great manouverability.

      The aim of the game is simple. Shoot your opponent and get rid of all their lives before they do the same to you. Each time your tank gets shot, you lose a life and get an electric shock through the controller. When your final life goes, your tank stops operating and you get a sustained and more powerful shock through your hands. You most certainly don't want to lose if you can help it!

      My girlfriend and I have had a lot of fun with these tanks, setting up obstacles to hide behind and to try to shelter from the onslaught of fire from the other tank. What I really like is the fact that unlike the dual game where you know when the next shock is coming, as there is a standard gap between shocks, you don't know when the shock is coming because you are concentrating on driving the tank and trying to get your opponent. When the shock does come, it is really quite surprising and makes you jump, which is really funny as it can make you almost drop the controller.

      For the slightly faint-hearted there is a setting switch which can be set to low or high for the shocks. We normally play on high setting as it's so funny seeing each other jump when the shocks come.

      I would highly recommend these to anyone who likes remote controlled toys. They are great fun and will have you laughing for ages. They are good value at about £30.

      Maybe not suitable for people wth heart conditions or pacemakers etc so make sure to check that out.


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    • Product Details

      Roll into battle with Shocking Tanks. Each time you score a hit your opponent receives a shock through their controller. Are you up to the challenge? Inclues two tanks and two radio controls with multiple shock settings.

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