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Paul Lamond Mr Meatballs

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Manufacturer: Paul Lamond / Type: Game / Age: 6 Years+

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    1 Review
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      21.05.2010 22:13
      Very helpful



      Throw as much food as you can without upsetting the cleaner

      Everyone at some point in their life must have had a food fight, probably at school, which ended in either detention or a damn good laugh. Sadly the downside of a food fight is the cleaning up afterwards.
      But now there is a new way to have a food fight without having the hassle of scraping the walls free from the slime and gunk that you've launched at it. The mess free food fight way is a cracking game which is called... Mr Meatballs food fight, (imagine an Italian accent there).

      I recently came across this game, well my daughter did, and it was an instant hit in my household, especially for the wife who always hated it when we started throwing food at each other.

      This game is for 2 to 4 players and is aimed at those who are over 6 years of age, although I do believe that younger kids can play it, with supervision as all the game involves is throwing things at a funny looking target.

      It comes as a sort of flat pack, consisting of an Italian chef character named Alfredo, which is split into parts and has to be assemble, although this is simple to do and takes less than a minute. Each section of the 'chef has 'hook and eye' (Velcro), material attached to it so that the 'spaghetti' and 'meatballs' can stick to it.
      Then there are 12 'spaghetti' and 'meatballs', which are simply made of a blob of material with string of wool floating from them, each string of wool being one of four different colour, three 'spaghetti' and 'meatballs' per player.
      Then there are four forks which attach to napkin designed bases in order to be able to flick the 'food' at the Italian chef.

      ** Playing the game...

      Once Alfredo is set up and the 2 AA batteries, (not supplied), are installed in the base you're ready to begin the fun.
      Each player, up to four, are given three of the same coloured 'spaghetti' and 'meatballs' and a fork/napkin 'launcher'.
      Then one person presses the on switch in order to get Alfredo spinning.
      And finally it is a matter of each player taking it in turns to 'flick' their 'spaghetti' and 'meatballs' at the spinning Alfredo, using the fork and napkin flickers, until they have 'flicked' all of them.

      ** Winning the game...

      The aim of the game is to get as many of your 'spaghetti' and 'meatballs' to stick onto Alfredo, the winner being the person who gets the most.

      ** IN CONCLUSION...

      When I first looked at the box I thought this was going to be one of them games that would become boring in no time at all, with the stereotypical Italian chef on the front, but I set about getting it out of the box and putting it together regardless.
      I managed to set the figure up in a matter of seconds rather than minutes, slotting the arms and legs into positions and popping Alfredo onto his spinning plate of spaghetti bolognaise. In fact, the hardest part of putting this together was searching for a 'cross head' screw driver to unscrew the battery cover. Even slotting the forks into the napkin bases was as easy as buttering bread.

      So, once set up, and still a little sceptical about how good this game was going to be, my youngest pressed the button to get Alfredo spinning and we all took turns in firing our meatballs at the Italian spinning chef.

      At this point I realised that this game was in fact one of the funniest games I had played in a long while and the laughter really began.

      We took it in turns to fire our meatballs at Alfredo as he continuously spins, although not at a fast pace, but once he passes you by you won't be able to get the meatballs to stick to the 'velcro' which is attached to his arms and rather podgy belly, so you have to be quick.

      The fork and napkin meatball 'launcher' are a little stiff to use at first but once you get the hang of them, getting used to loading them and flicking them back, you'll soon be shooting the meatballs at Alfredo in no time at all. Although my youngest daughter did get a little frustrated with her 'launcher' and decided that throwing by hand was a bit quicker and more fun.

      Even though each game doesn't last long it is still crammed with some cracking fun and you can play game after game without injuries to anyone at all.
      In all this game is simply brilliant harmless fun for all the family, (unless you're an Italian chef called Alfredo who hates having food thrown at you), and a must for those who love food fights but hate the cleaning up afterwards.

      It is one of them games that anyone can play and I guarantee that it will bring hours of fun, plus a little frustration, for all those who play it.

      If you want to get hold of this family friendly and not so messy food throwing fight then you can get it from the likes of amazon for around the £15 mark, although do shop around as there's always a bargain to be had.


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