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Peppa Pig Guess with Peppa

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Manufacturer: Inspiration Works / Type: Electronic Toys

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    3 Reviews
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      01.02.2014 10:44
      Very helpful



      Good toy if bought at the right price

      Before Christmas 2013, I had a very clear idea of what presents I was going to buy my children. Both children within the 12 month period from the previous Christmas have grown up so much, and their likes and dislikes seem clearly cemented. I wasn't really in the lookout for any other gifts towards the end of the year as most things had been bought months earlier, but I saw this online while completing my Tesco grocery order for half price, at a cost of £10.00.

      Why did I buy this?

      My daughter was, and still is a fan of Peppa Pig. She's had soft toys, clothing, and afew other items that are based on this character, but nothing that was electronic and interactive. I thought this was priced well, seemed age appropriate and most importantly looked fun.

      What is it?

      It's a battery based electronic games toy. Interactive cards placed in the main unit, provides different games based on colours, observation and more. Suitable for age 3 plus.

      How does it look?

      The main unit-

      Almost circular in shape, but with a flat bottom to allow this to stand up unaided. Height is 8 inches, width just under 8.5 inches and depth is 3 inches (this includes the base ), and the rest of the unit is 1.5 inches in depth.

      The central area of this toy is mainly yellow, with a circular section close to the top which has the Peppa Pig logo on it along with a picture of Peppa . Above the logo and picture is the toy name, which is ' Guess with Peppa '. At either side of the logo, there are small holes in the toy itself, which I guess you could call the speakers, as this is where the sound comes from. At the bottom of this section, the toy protrudes, and this is where the base is. Not only allowing the toy to stand, but also the area where you place the interactive cards to use via a slot at the top of the base. On the front of the base is a small on and off switch on the right hand side, red in colour, and requires to be pushed upwards or downwards for relevant function. Taking up most of the space on the front of the base, is an upside semi circular shaped sticker, which at the bottom going around the edge of it, three different coloured circles with the following symbols- tick, in a green circle, a curved arrow pointing down to the left in a yellow circle, and a cross in the middle of a red circle. Above these symbols are four sections which have the numbers 1-4 in them, and a picture of Peppa Pig, Susie Sheep, George pig and Rebecca Rabbit. When the interactive cards aren't in use, there's a little figure of Peppa ( flat on the back but 3 D in shape on the front ) that can be slotted into the slot, so this area doesn't remain too bare in look.

      The outside of the toy, blue in colour, provides more stability for this toy, as you can push the yellow middle section up, leaving this to stand erect, and the blue section being a foot.

      Turning the unit around to the back, right at the bottom is where you place 2 AAA batteries.

      At the back of the yellow middle section, at the top, is a section where you place the interactive cards for storage to keep them safe and all in one place.

      The interactive cards-

      8 are included if my memory is correct. Cards are double sided. Each pair are different in colour e.g purple, green, yellow. And on each side there's a picture of a character performing some form of activity e.g Pedro Pony making a greetings card, Granny Pig reading a book, Madame Gazelle playing the piano etc. Each card measures just under 4.5 inches in height and just under 3.5 inches in width.

      How to use

      Take plastic Peppa out of the front section. Turn the toy on and a short section of the Peppa theme tune will kick in. It will then ask to insert a card. When placed in the slot, it will tell you what the character is doing. Once it's mentioned what the actual picture is about, it will ask for another card. I assume this particular game is the default game numbered 1 on the base.

      Press number 2 and it will ask you to find a particular character. Another thing it asks is after playing a short audio of a character, it will ask who is this and you have to slot in the relevant card.

      Press number 3 and it will ask you to find specific items and mentions it's colours e.g ' Find the red dinosaur '.

      Press number 4 and it will ask you who is doing what action e.g who is riding the bike.

      If you get the questions right and place the correct card into the toy, Peppa showers you with praise. If wrong she will ask you to try again.

      We haven't used the tick, arrow and cross function yet which I can only assume when pressed means yes and no, so can't comment how this is incorporated within the game or games.

      What does my daughter think?

      As soon as she saw this it was love at first sight! A huge Peppa fan, this ticked all the boxes for her. In regards to toys that have the interactive element to it, it's her brother that seems to get them all the time and she plays with them. On this occasion this was her very own which she loved.

      She found out how to use this quite quickly e.g placing the cards in the slot. A little jiggling around to start off with, but she figured out how to get them in and out after awhile.

      This is one of those toys, to be played properly, I would have to sit with her. Asking questions about specific items and colours ( she doesn't know them all yet ), means a bit of Mummy guidance. She can identify the characters fine but to be honest, I think she just likes the fact she makes this toy talk and sound like Peppa and the action of inserting the interactive cards. As you can imagine her brother ( 4.5 years old ) uses this in its true state and can be left alone with it, which he has. But he no longer likes Peppa ( he says she's rubbish! ), so won't sit with this long.

      My daughter gets quite lost with the blue section of the toy, and sometimes pulls it in the wrong direction, so it won't lie down flat nor will it stand out. This can cause alittle frustration on her part.

      What do I think?

      Lookwise, the colouring is very easy on the eye, and is completely unisex. Bright without being bold, and pictures of the characters stay true to the TV show.

      The size, chunkiness and feel of this is perfect for young children. It's quite robust and the majority of the surface area of the toy, if it required cleaning, could easily be done so with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Due to the size of this toy, it's not huge or bulky, so very easy to store away flat in a cupboard, toy box. Size also means that little fingers should find this easy enough to use and hold.

      Although we haven't had this for long, it feels and appears to decent in quality, and quite practical in regards to layout e.g where the interactive cards are placed, how the toy opens up to stand up, the size of the cards and where they're placed to actually start playing with the toy etc.

      Having the interactive cards double sided was a good thing, and not a huge issue. It wasn't something I noticed myself but my daughter did. She was telling me one character name and I said no it wasn't, without realising the card consisted of 2! Hard to solve? Turn it round.

      I think this type of toy really needed a built in handle so it's easier to carry around for young children, rather than holding it with one hand or with two.

      I've read some very mixed reviews in regards to this toy. Some don't feel this is very educational, poor quality, kids get easily bored with it etc. My view point is I bought this because of the character, not for educational purposes. One of the big things that nurseries and schools will tell the parents of young children is that it may appear children are just spending all day playing, but they're actually learning as well. Learning needs to be fun, or at least for the younger ones more specifically! So when I buy my children toys, I have to ask myself will they like and use it, and then ask for what purpose am I buying it. I bought my son a space tablet for Christmas because I knew he would like it as I could connect his obsession with Doctor Who with it, but he would learn from it. And learn he is! I bought him a soft toy TARDIS because I knew he would love it, and he would enjoy playing with it. Not to learn from it ( although he does a lot of role/pretend play with it, so that is a form of learning in regards to imagination and creativity ).So when I saw this toy, I thought of enjoyment, hopefully good quality and she will play with it and she does. It's rare children will be engrossed with the same toy for months, sometimes not even hours or minutes, especially as these days they have so much. But that's sometimes how it is and I except and expect that.

      I think it is educational in a simplistic form, because of the questions asking about objects and colours. It will get a child to think about the answer to the question, and it provides plenty of praise when the answer is right, and encouragement when wrong. Let's be honest, this toy is geared towards Peppa fans. It is repetitive, maybe alittle on the boring side for the older kids but is still basic fun.

      Would I buy this again?

      Yes I would, but only at the price I paid. Anything more than that I probably wouldn't as toys like this do have a lifespan, and this time next year, maybe my daughter would still like to play with it, but not in the same way as she will be closer to 4 years old. She may not even like Peppa then, so probably wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. Overall, it's a nice fun toy, decent quality and any Peppa fan will enjoy using it. But like most toys of this nature, it's the character that draws them in and potentially after awhile, like most toys, it will be put to one side.


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        09.06.2013 18:07
        Very helpful



        Worth buying if you want a few weeks entertainment

        I bought this toy for my 2 and a half year old daughter just after Christmas from Tesco for £19.99, although reading the other review on this product it looks like I could have got it cheaper! It looks like you can get it much cheaper second hand on ebay too for around half that price. The toy is made by inspiration works Ltd and requires 2AAA batteries, although these are supplied when you first buy the product.

        The toy has four games which are activated by pressing a key pad on the front of the toy. They are as follows:
        1. Pick a picture: your child picks a picture and peppa asks a series of questions to which the child answers yes or no (again by pressing a key on the front of the toy). Peppa then guesses who is on the card.
        2. Find a card: peppa asks the child to find a card eg 'Find Emily Elephant'
        3. Find a card with a certain colour on it eg 'Find the red balloons'
        4. Peppa asks who is doing an activity or about numbers eg 'Who is drawing'

        For games 1-3 the child inserts their chosen card into the front of the game and Peppa gives feedback eg 'Perfect!' or 'Try again'. There are 8 double sided cards to choose from so 16 pictures in total. The cards are all brightly coloured and of easily recognisable Peppa Pig characters such as daddy pig or Suzy Sheep.

        Positive points: My daughter really loved this game at first and spent hours playing on it. It is a good toy for encouraging independant play and also play with other children. I think it has also been educational in teaching about numbers and colours although this wears off after a while once the child has played the game a few times.

        Negatives Points: I think after a few weeks the game loses its appeal- my daughter does still play with it but not all that often- I think she's got a bit bored with the same questions over and over again. Another negative point is that the sound is very loud and can't be turned down- not great if you want to use it on a long journey or public place! Also on a couple of questions Peppa's voice is quite hard to understand.

        Overall I think it's a good toy if you've got something coming up where you want maximum entertainment value for a few weeks eg birth of a sibling or moving house but not really a great toy for the long term. It is educational but only on a limited basis.


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        29.12.2012 21:02
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Not one I would buy again!

        Having a Peppa Pig obsessed three year old daughter, I knew that most of her birthday and christmas (as they are only a few weeks apart) presents would be Peppa related and I picked up "Peppa Pig - Guess With Peppa" in my local Tesco especially, priced £14.99. This seems to be a fairly standard price, though the closer you buy to Christmas, the more expensive you may find it! (Don't you just love it when they hike up the prices late November, then in January they announce a 'half price' sale, despite the fact that the 'half price' is the price the toy actually is for 11 months out of the year!!)

        Guess With Peppa is made by Inspiration Works, a well known educational toy brand. It comes in a simple box with plastic packaging which is relatively easy to remove, although it did require scissors (why do they package toys so much when they know how keen kids are to open them?!). The toy itself is yellow with a blue base. The base is a blue ring which folds for easy storage but also acts as a stand for the main part of the toy. The cards fit into the back of the unit for storage. It requires 2 AA batteries which are not supplied. The recommended age is 3-5 years, though after using it with my daughter I would say that it is better suited to the lower age group of that bracket, possibly even better for 1-3 year olds.

        The aim of the game is to teach the child about colours, quantities, observation and logic. There are five games to choose from - four which involve discovering colours, quantities, etc. and one which involves guessing. There are 8 double sided picture cards that feature the well known characters from the Peppa Pig show, and there is a plastic Peppa Pig that sits in the game when not in use and also for the guessing part.

        When I opened the game, I was annoyed to discover that the cards are held together in a plastic band (not elastic band, a plastic sleeve type thing) which was fine, apart from the fact that when the factory was sellotaping the band together, they ended up taping onto one of the cards. Thus when I tried to remove the tape, it ended up ripping part of the picture of the card off, and that was with the most gentle removal! Not a good start!

        The games are basically Peppa asking you to insert specific cards into the console, for example "who is riding on a bike?" the child then selects the card with a picture of Emily Elephant riding a bike and puts it into the console. Peppa sounds encouragement such as "well done", "fantastic" etc. The problem with this is that the cards are double sided and it isn't immediately clear which side is supposed to face Peppa, so when you insert the card sometimes Peppa will say you're wrong when in fact it is the right card but facing in the wrong direction. An easy mistake for adults to make let alone a frustrated toddler. There are buttons on the console for repeat, yes or no which are used in the game. For example, when Peppa is "guessing" the child can press yes or no to continue the game and help her to guess. The other games involve the child searching for a specific colour ("who wears an orange dress?") or number (how many xxxx are there" etc). There is a slide button to select the games.

        The cards are accurate depictions of the characters as are the voices so children will love it.

        The games themselves are very simple, much too simple for my three year old who was bored within a couple of minutes - this is why I feel the game is probably best suited for younger children, perhaps age 1-3, as the games are easy enough for them and they will probably get more enjoyment and excitement from it.

        Herein lies another problem - the educational value of the toy. As we all know, when children love a programme they tend to know a lot about it. If I asked my daughter randomly what colour dress Mummy Pig wears, she would answer correctly. Likewise she knows which characters like what. So when Peppa asks a question, is the child searching for the answer or just knowing it from memory? In addition, once the game has been played once or twice, the child knows the answers anyway. Within a couple of minutes my daughter was no longer even looking at the cards, when Peppa asked who was riding a bike, she simply said "where's the emily card?"

        I suppose it is a fun toy for the pictures and sounds, but the educational value is somewhat lacking, and the age range is definitely wrong. 1-3 years at a maximum would be more suitable.


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