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Postman Pat SDS Phone

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Manufacturer: Character Options

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    2 Reviews
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      12.04.2012 10:59
      Very helpful



      Chunky Pat Phone!

      Postman Pat is one of Little Man's favourite characters, and like most toddlers he is fascinated by my phone, so when I saw this Postman Pat SDS phone in The Entertainer before Christmas for only a fiver I thought it would make a great stocking filler.

      The phone is a blue chunky affair - probably similar in size to my first mobile! It is about 10 cms long by 3 cm wide with a rubbery antenna on the top. It is bright blue with a yellow view screen at the top with the Postman Pat logo underneath. On the side is a red button which scrolls through the 3 characters in the view screen - Pat, Ted Glen and Ajay.

      Each character speaks 3 different phrases activated by pressing a button in either the top middle or bottom row. These are all common phrases from the television series.
      Pat - 'This is a job for the special delivery service van', Come on, we've got a special delivery to finish' and 'Special delivery service, Mission Accomplished!'
      Ted Glen - 'Here, Steady On!', Don't Worry, I've got a cracking idea' and 'Erm, Just needs a slight adjustment'
      Ajay - ' The Rocket is going well today', 'All aboard for the Greendale Rocket' and 'Next stop Greendale'
      If you press the 0 button then the phone plays and snippet of the Postman Pat theme - the same amount as you would get in a cut scene of the TV show

      Little Man really likes his Postman Pat phone. He loves to pretend he is chattering away to the characters and then making me talk to them. The red button on the side was initially quite stiff so he had trouble scrolling through the character but luckily this has loosened up with use. At first I was a bit disappointed that the phone only plays a snippet of the theme song, but as we already have a van and helicopter that plays the theme song I have come to see this as a good thing! The phone has low level volume so that it can be listened to next to the ear without damaging little eardrums, which also means it isn't too irritating when Little Man decides to press the same button over and over again.

      The phone is chunky and robust and has survived several temper tantrums and adventures in the garden without more than a few light surface scratches. It comes with a plastic holster so that it can be worn on clothes, but as it is quite large and rigid I found this restrictive on Little Man as he is so dinky, so we have not really used it. The phone requires 2 x AA batteries which go under a screwed on panel at the back. It comes with Try Me batteries, but ours are still going strong after 4 months so we have not yet changed them.

      For the price I think the phone is really good value and little man enjoys using it as part of pretend play. Yes it has limited functionality, and it still hasn't stopped him preferring Dad's Iphone, but it was still a great buy for us and I'd recommend it to any fans of Pat.


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      28.01.2012 21:45
      Very helpful



      not worth the money

      This Postman Pat SDS Phone is suitable for children over the age of 3. It requires 2 x AA batteries (supplied for try me purposes). The phone measures approx 13 x 7 cm.

      The phone has a few features. It is blue with red buttons (familiar Postman Pat colours) and has a yellow dial at the top. There are 3 different scenes in the dial which can be changed by pressing a red button on the side.

      The phone also has noise features. If your child presses the buttons on the keypad, they can hear character voices from the show. If '0' is pressed, the Special Delivery Service (SDS) theme tune is activated. The phone has a blue case which clips around the battery compartment.


      This phone is currently available from Amazon priced at £7.39. It can also be bought from www.kiddimax.co.uk for £7.89.

      ~Our Thoughts~

      My son received this phone as a gift for his 3rd birthday. It was well received as he is a huge Postman Pat fan (his Daddy is a postman). It came simply packaged and didn't need any assembly. We left the try me batteries in for a short while and then changed over to our own batteries. These were easy enough to insert (screw driver required) and have recently ran out after 7months of use.

      The phone is reasonably well designed. It is made from durable plastic and is very colourful. It has suffered at the hands of my toddler son though. The back of the phone is covered in scratches and the antenna bit at the top has completely snapped off. Now I can see why it is aimed at over 3years old as that would prove to be a choking hazzard. Luckily my son knows not to put things in his mouth (except food of course) and I was aware of it breaking almost instantly.

      The rest of the phone however is sturdy and quite weighty. We appear to have lost the blue cover at the back though this does not cause issues when using the phone. As a parent, I would say the phone is more walkie talkie style in appearance. The buttons are nice and chunky for a toddler to use easily and the overall appearance of the phone is basic but acceptable to my toddler son.

      ~The Opinion Of Boo~

      My son played with this phone occasionally for a good 6months before it was thrown in the toy box (when the batteries started to cause distortion and Mummy kept forgetting to buy more!). There is no volume control on the phone and the pre-set volume is actually quite low so my son needs to put the phone right up to his ear to hear it properly. I suppose this is good as it means I don't need to listen to it as much but as the phone has picture features, it would be been better if he could hear it and look at it at the same time!

      Boo can press the red button at the side very easily and the picture changes smoothly. There are 3 pictures for him to view (the Greendale Rocket, Pats Van and Ted Glen in his tractor). There is an additional feature which my son has never been interested in. If the phone is tilted upwards, the picture changes - not sure what you call that effect but it is rather boring to be honest. The pictures are crammed into a small space on the dial and look very smaller and distorted. They could have made better use of the dial space and opened it up a bit more.

      My sons favourite aspect of this phone is hearing his favourite characters voices. Despite not being very loud, the voices are clear. One website says that the phone should have 3 phrases for each character though doesn't state which characters. I would expect it to be Pat, Ajay (driving the train) and Ted Glen. My son was rather disappointed that all of the voices sound like Ajay and none of the other characters.

      Pressing 1, 2 or 3 - "The rockets going well today".
      Pressing 4, 5 or 6 - "All aboard for the Greendale Rocket"
      Pressing 7, 8 or 9 - "Next stop Greendale!"
      The SDS tune isn't much better and lasts a whole 5 seconds.


      The novelty of this being a Postman Pat phone has worn off hence why it was thrown to the bottom of the toy box. It has limited appeal and my son would expected a mix of character voices and not just Ajay. Even if Pat had been included, it would have made him want to play with the phone much more. It simply isn't as interactive as it should be and even at £7.89 I find it to be overpriced. I can see it heading for the bin during our next clearout.

      Thanks for reading :)


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