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Princess Celestia

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Brand: Hasbro

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    1 Review
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      29.03.2013 02:18
      Very helpful



      Possibly one of my worst purchases ever.

      I have a shameful confession, one that, for a thirty year old woman, is a little embarrassing. You see, I'm a huge fan of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. Luckily, I have a nine year old child who is also a fan, so I get to buy her presents I can also play with, which is what led me to purchase this Princess Celestia figurine.

      Now, this is where you'll want to be paying close attention. Look at the image above - I think we both agree that's a rather nice looking pony right there. Look at the vibrant colours, that lilac body with the darker purple accents on the feet and mane. That lovely little cutie mark of the sun on the pretty pony posterior. Look at those lovely aqua wings, that flowing (although rather course to the touch) mane, and that eye, looking at you coyly, almost flirtatiously. Not to mention the lovely little hair brush, and the additional rose and jewel shaped clips to help you style her mane.

      There are just a couple of small problems. You see, Princess Celestia is not supposed to be that lovely shade of Lilac. She's actually supposed to be white. The wings are also meant to be white, not that vibrant aqua blue. The cutie mark is actually correct, and I do love the facial expression, that slight glance upward and to the right. Until you realise that the eye on the other side is exactly symmetrical. This is absolutely fine if you're looking at it side on and only seeing the one eye, but look at it full frontal and it looks like it's having some kind of demonic possession fit, with it's (I can no longer refer to it as her) eyes rolling back into its head! The thing that really tickled me though, which sadly you can't see from the photo above, is that they actually had the correct coloured pony on the box!

      Although, what does the wrong colour matter, when the pony talks!With just the press of a button this pretty princess will talk to you, and she even provides her own batteries! Admittedly, she generally talks about how pretty she is ("I'm a princess, are you a princess too?" "My wings are so pretty!" "Isn't my mane gorgeous?") and comes across as somewhat conceited, but it's still a feature, right? And those free batteries also power the wings, which flap and flash- if you press the button, quickly down eight cans of lager, and squint into the sun, it almost looks like she is flying. This really is a shame, as on the show, Celestia is a kind, wise WHITE pony, who often talks about the importance of friendship, and the value of education. And I'm fairly sure her voice was never that sexual on the show.

      Now, my daughter is nine, and quite happy to have a new toy to play with. She doesn't mind that it is vain, has hair that feels dry and horrible, and doesn't look at all right. I mean, look at it, it's a pony with wings, which is awesome! However, having paid nearly £30 for this, I certainly wasn't happy at all. I took it back to Argos, and fair play to them, they did swap it - for another exactly the same. It seems every one they had was lilac. To give them their credit, they did give me my money back, and let me keep Princess Demonic Possession.

      Overall, I am very disappointed with this. You expect to be let down when you buy a cheap knock off from the pound shop, but not when you're paying £30, or very near that, for a toy from a reputable brand such as Hasbro. I expect the details to be right, and really, I'd also hope an interactive speaking toy would have something more to talk about than just looks. I certainly wouldn't recommend buying this for any MLP fans, you'll only be disappointed!


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