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Radio Controlled Dalek

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    1 Review
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      11.12.2003 15:16
      Very helpful



      My youngest son is obsessed with Daleks, he doesn't particularly like watching Dr Who but he loves his Daleks. Personally they used to scare me rigid when I was 7, not to hiding the behind the settee stage, but enough to make me have occasional nightmares and reach for Big Ted to save me! If you don't know what a Dalek is, it is a giant pepperpot shaped robot (a bit smaller than an average height man (almost put human then.. But lets not get too carried away). They are transportation units for a mutated creature that live inside them. And they are power mad dictators that want to take over the universe and exterminate anything that isn't a Dalek or is of no use to them. Pleasant aren't they (Although some have been seen in Kit-Kat adverts wanting to give everyone a hug!) :oP Well that is what they are in the Dr Who world anyway... In my house they seem to be the things that are slowly invading my front room! And if you don't know what Dr Who is, well it was a BBC programme about a Timelord, that went around in the Tardis... (I could go on, but I don't want to bore you)....It used to be on after the football scores on a Saturday afternoon when I was a nipper, but now can only be seen as repeats on UK Gold, or on many video's and DVD's across the world! We seem to have a collection of small ones on wheels called roll-a-matics, in every colour that they could be in, and a few colours that they shouldn't be! A cute little see-though rollikin one, a talking one that used to sit on my TV, but he has had to move and he kept falling off! And now we have a 30cm tall, remote controlled one that scared the life out of me the first time it was switched on! This delightful thing has to sit on the floor next to the settee as there just isn't the room for him on the shelf.... I banished all Daleks to a shelf, to keep them out of the way and to keep my talking cyberman company! Excellent! But enough about t
      hem..... The Radio Command Dalek ********************** Look ***** The box it comes in is massive...... Covered in pictures of hovering Daleks attacking the Tardis and a strange futuristic city which I assume is their city on Skaro, but I could be mistaken. You can see the Dalek inside so you will know what colour you are getting. It also states on the box that is for ages 8+, this must be due to the fact that if forced arms and stuff could break, but my son loves Daleks so he was lucky enough to get it a few months earlier than he should! Once out of the box and all those twisty bits of plastic wire have been removed, it looks just like a Dalek, even down to having the right number of little balls on it and the right amount of panels around its neck bit! Don't ask how I know, I just do :oP It has a sink plunger arm and a gun arm, everything it needs to take over the universe. Or a front room! Ours is a black one with silver balls, there is probably a proper term for this as it seems most colours have a different meaning in Dalek world, but I am not that much of an anorak that I actually know! Sorry! They are also available in Command Red with Black spots or Silver with blue spots. Control ****** The controller is Blue and a very odd shape, sort of 60's retro kind of radio shape, but with a big silver Dalek in the middle of the two buttons. The buttons are quite simple, left one makes him spin left, right one right, press both together forward to make him go forward, both back to make him go back. It says it is 40 MHz, I personally have no idea what this means, but it can work the Dalek when it is in the hall from the front room, so it must be good! What he does ********** Well besides from moving about the floor chasing the cat! He also talks, and moves his head from side to side and his eyes light up when he talks! I wasn't expecting all this
      to h appen the first time he was used, and as my son so nicely aimed him at me, he suddenly started saying "Exterminate, Destroy the Doctor, and something about a Timelord being detected in the area!" In all it says 7 different sayings..... Each in that authentic Dalek voice (shame it doesn't say "Peace and Love give Us a hug!") The only thing he didn't do was wave his gun arm at me! My childhood all came flooding back and I wanted to run upstairs and get Big Ted to protect me! Luckily just like the real ones, these can't climb stairs, so at least I know I will be safe from it somewhere! Yes I know there are floating ones... but I am not even going there! :oP Price ***** This is the nastiest bit...... Nearly £70! £69.99 might be a lot of money to spend on a toy, but this is one mega-cool toy. And when it isn't trying to scare me, it looks really good as a model. Unfortunately it also take quite a few batteries, 6 AA's for the actual Dalek and a 9v for the remote handset.... And these aren't included it the price, so it works out to be more if you actually want it to move! Where to get them ************** We are lucky enough (or unlucky if you are looking at it from the point of view of my bank account) to live near two Dr Who shops, one in East Ham, London or The 10th Planet in Barking, Essex (which is where this one came from). There are other specialist toy shops that stock them, but not many, so the best bet if you really must have one and you don't fancy traipsing about is got get one on-line. There are a few sites about but the better (and cheapest) ones are either 10th Planet, www.tenthplanet.co.uk (in stock) or the manufacturers, www.productenterprise.com (but they have sold out until 2004!) Both sell them for £69.99. **************** We have had this about for quite a while now and it still works the same as when it was bought, altho
      ugh I will admit to it needing a new set of batteries in the dalek part, so it is still costing me money! So if you want to scare the cat, or your 30 something mother, or even if you have always wanted a Dalek in your house but haven't the room for a full sized Dalek (I am so glad I have a small house) Then this is the one for you. I know it is expensive, but it is one of those things that is just so cool it needs to be housed somewhere. It lost a star due only to the fact that it is so expensive. Thanks for reading Sarah :o) P.S. It say's 8 years and up on the box, it might be alright for younger children if they aren't they kind to try and takes things apart.


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