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Silverlit Picoo Z DX-1 Helicopter

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Brand: Silverlit / Age: 3 Years+ / Type: Radio Controlled

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    1 Review
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      09.01.2010 23:16
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      I am not a model aircraft expert or even enthusiast so don't expect a in-depth technical review that will help a modal helicopter buff decide if this is one to buy, i got this as a present and i am reviewing it as a gadget/toy and i hope this review will help anybody else thinking of buying one as a fun gadget.

      The packaging
      This is a big box for a little helicopter, it's a bright black and red box with plastic windows in the front so you can see the remote and helicopter, the box it's self is easy enough to get open but the helicopter is then packed in that impossible to open plastic, this really makes things difficult as the helicopter rotor and tail are quite delicate so care is needed to unpack it.

      The contents
      The Remote
      Once you get it all out of the box you will have a little helicopter a remote, spare propeller and instructions, i will start with the remote, the first thing i found out which was not mentioned on the box is the remote takes 6 x AA pencil batteries, luckily i had a couple of packs of duracell spare, the remote is large, about 5" x 3" but it sits in your hands quite comfortably and it's not to heavy, on the left you have a accelerator/fly stick, on the right it's the left/right directional stick, and on the front(like Play station/Xbox360 shoulder buttons) you have forward and fast forward buttons, in the middle you have a couple of LED's and an on/off button a channel selector and the "trim" control this only need to be adjusted once to stop the copter spinning instead of the rotor spinning, finally you have a little slide open bit which reveals a wire to plug into the helicopter to charge it.

      The Helicopter
      This tiny little helicopter's as light as a feather, it seems well made and has enough detail to make it look like a miniature version of a real one, it has a nice red, black and white paint job and it's made of plastic, the rotor and tail blades are a softer semi flexible plastic, underneath you will find a small socket to plug the charger into and an on/off switch, a little fin near the back propeller slides up toward the main body to adjust speed sensitivity so the closer to the main body this fin is the slower the helicopter moves.

      The Instructions
      You get the usual multilingual booklet which has a couple of large pages in English with a few diagrams and pictures, most of it is quite well explained and easy to follow, and i would suggest for anyone who has not flown one before this is a must read before you fly!

      Pre-flight Preparation
      I opened the little slot on the remote to reveal the charge cable and plugged it into the helicopter, this is a tiny plug so a bit of care is needed here, once plugged in i switched the remote on, the "on" and "charge" lights both lit up, after about 30 mins the charge light went off so i unplugged it switched the helicopter switch to "on" and sat it on a table,

      Up Up And Away
      Everything double checked so i pushed the accelerator up, the helicopter shot up and hit the roof then came down with a crash bouncing about all over, test #2 being a bit more careful i accelerated about 50% and i was airborne, the body was spining a bit so i used the "trim" button to adjust that till it stopped spinning, the left/right buttons don't seem to do much, and the forward buttons have little effect too, but i am hovering about the front room with "some" control over this thing! after about 8-10 minutes it started to struggle to take off and was spinning a lot so i allowed it to cool (as recommended in instructions) then recharged and i was flying again, after several flights i am a competent pilot and i would say i have about 90% control of it, as it takes practice to land i have had a few crash landings but cant see any damage to the helicopter and it still flies ok, I am still on my first set of batteries but only getting about 5 mins flight time now so i recommend rechargeable.

      Good points
      Soo...... much good fun!!
      Well made product, has crashed loads without damage.
      Good learning curve keeps you coming back for more.
      Everybody loves it and they all want a go, great party piece!

      Bad points
      The helicopter charges from the remote batteries, a separate mains charger would be better.
      You only get 5-10 minutes fly time from full 30min charge ( this is pretty much standard with all RC helicopters but it's still a bad point!)
      Everybody wants a go!

      Little kids could find it tricky to fly and get bored with charging it up all the time but older kids will love it, i think it's a toy/gadget for big big kids like me! as i said i received this as a present and i love it but if i had paid the Amazon price for it would i be happy? Yes i would, i love it, and it can be a good stress relief toy, but if you keep crashing it you might just get more stressed! The novelty might wear off a bit but i don't think this will be going to the gadget graveyard with the foot spa.

      Some spec
      Product Dimensions: Main Rotor Diameter 130mm (5.25").
      Length 165mm (6.5") excluding rotors. Rear Rotor diameter 30mm (1.25").
      Product Weight: Only 17g including rechargeable Flight Battery.
      Flight Battery: 3.7v 3.2w 50mAh Lithium Polymer Pack.
      Charger: Integral Transmitter/Charger supplied with LED indicator/Auto shut off.
      Simply plug in Helicopter and charge, with easy to use connections.
      Charging Time: 20-30 minutes for full charge.
      Flight Duration: 5-10 minutes between charges.
      Batteries Required: 6 x 1.5v AA Alkaline Batteries for Transmitter/Charger.
      Control Specification: Supplied completely assembled and charged ready to fly, with pre-installed 3 Channel Digital Proportional Infra Red Control System.***


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